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Yu Yu Hakusho

1 Surprised to be Dead  
Yusuke's story begins and there's just one problem: he's dead! While saving a kid from getting run over by a car, Yusuke ends up getting hit in his place. His day started off strangely enough too - he actually showed up for school. After dealing with his childhood friend Keiko and some school faculty, he leaves in a bad mood. Fortunately his rival Kuwabara shows up and after a quick fight, Yusuke's spirits are lifted. While pondering the day's events up until the accident, Yusuke is greeted by Botan, a guide to the spirit world.
2 Kuwabara: A Promise Between Men   
Yusuke travels with Botan to the spirit world to meet Koenma, the son of King Yama. He tells Yusuke that in order to return to the land of the living, he needs to take care of a spirit egg that when hatched can return him to his body. Unfortunately Yusuke's body is being prepared for cremation and if he doesn't move fast, he won't have a body to return to. Yusuke can interact with the land of the living by possessing someone if their spirit affinity is high enough but why does it have to be Kuwabara of all people?!
3 The Red One or the Blue One?  
Kuwabara and his friends draw the ire of some of a few corrupt teachers who have it in for delinquents. They are all given a week long condition that if they get in any fights, Kuwabara's friend will be forced by the school to quit his part time job that his family depends on. Deciding to support his friends, Kuwabara agrees to the condition. Taking a beating from rival gangs is one thing but when the corrupt teacher adds that they all need to get a 50 or higher on the natural science test, Yusuke may have to help him out.
4 Requirements for Lovers  
Sayaka, an investigator from the spirit world makes an appearance to observe Yusuke. Keiko checks up on Yusuke's body and because of his mother's neglect in housekeeping, it's a good thing she is. Due to the heat wave, there have been house fires in the area recently. When a fire starts at his house, Yusuke is in danger of not having a body to return to!
5 Yusuke's Back  
In order for Yusuke to return, someone needs to donate some of their life energy. Unfortunately, this life energy can only be passed on through the lips by someone who wants him to return. Even worse, there is only a day long window of time before one opens up again in 53 years. Yusuke is allowed to visit 3 people in their dreams to tell them of the plan but let's hope Kuwabara isn't the only one to believe the dream! When Yusuke returns, he begins to notice some strange things...
6 Three Monsters  
Yusuke is appointed as a spirit detective and is given the duty of protecting the living world from demons and other monsters who stray from the spirit world. Koenma interrupts Yusuke's day and tells him three powerful artifacts have been stolen and brought to the living world. Each of the 3 fugitives that stole the artifacts are immensely powerful, making Yusuke's first week on the job potentially his last.
7 Gouki and Kurama  
Botan takes on a human form and gives Yusuke a few items that will help him out, including the demon compass, which can point out any disguised demons nearby. Kurama, the second fugitive, approaches Yusuke in his weakened state but instead of finishing him off, he has a proposition for him.
8 The Three Eyes of Hiei  
Hiei, the third fugitive, abducts Keiko in order to lure Yusuke in with the other 2 artifacts. His artifact is a sword that has the power to turn whoever it cuts into a demon so Yusuke must work against the clock against the most powerful opponent he has faced yet.
9 The Search Begins  
Genkai, powerful spirit master, is looking to pass on her powers. A competition draws out the most skilled fighters looking to learn her trademark Spirit Wave technique, but wait - what's Kuwabara doing here?! In order to keep Genkai's special technique from falling onto the wrong hands, Yusuke must win the competition and gain the power himself.
10 Kuwabara's Spirit Sword  
Genkai's tests continue and this time they fight completely in the dark, only being able to sense each other through spirit energy. Botan shows up and Kuwabara finally learns why Yusuke is competing in the tournament. When his turn is up, Kuwabara learns a surprising new trick against a stronger opponent. Yusuke has his own trouble when he squares off against Kibano on his first match.
11. Hard Fights for Yusuke  
Kibano's attacks seem to be taking their toll and how is Yusuke supposed to use his trump card if he can't even see him?
Next up, it's Yusuke again! Will Yusuke be able to survive Kazemaru's deadly shurinken seeking technique?
12 Rando Rises, Kuwabara Falls  
It's near the final round and Kuwabara is up. The little guy looks weak but there's definitely more than meets the eye. Yusuke has his turn and after a tough battle it seems he is victorious but there's no way it could be that easy.
13 Yusuke vs. Rando: 99 Attacks  
With Rando's true form revealed, Yusuke will need to use everything he has learned so far - and maybe even a little dumb luck too.
14 The Beasts of Maze Castle  
Yusuke is back from his training with Genkai but during his meetup with Keiko, be notices something strange is going on in the city. Yusuke has learned some new tricks, and this is a good opportunity to show them off. As it turns out, four Saint Beasts have escaped the spirit world and made their way to the world of the living. They have avoided capture by locking themselves in a booby trapped fortress and the city of ghosts and apparitions has formed around it. Right now, they are all trapped with the city by a barrier but it won't hold them for long. Yusuke must destroy the whistle controlling the mind possessing insects released from their city. Yusuke and Kuwabara are joined by 2 unlikely allies but before they can even enter the castle, will they be able to survive the Gate of Betrayal?
15 Genbu, the Stone Beast  
After the Gate of Betrayal, the group encounters Genbu, the first of the four Saint Beasts. He looks indestructible and can regenerate at will, but does Kurama really think there could be a weak point? After a more than slightly humorous reassembly, you will be able to see for yourself.
16 Byakko, the White Tiger  
Meanwhile on Earth, Boton continues to fight the Makai Insects sent to possess unsuspecting humans. When the Spirit Detectives come to the lair of Byakku, the second of the Saint Beasts, Kuwabara volunteers to take him on. Kuwabara is hopelessly outmatched and his attacks only seem to strengthen Byakko but could there be a strategy floating around somewhere in that thick skull of his?
17 Byakko's Lair  
It seems Byakko won't be as easy to defeat as Genbu was. Retreating back into his lair, the group follows only to quickly discover the lair may be just as dangerous as Byakko himself! Though Byakko's strategy on his home turf makes victory seem assured, Kuwabara has one more trick up his sleeve.
18 Seiryu, the Blue Dragon  
Moving on, the group comes to the doors of Seiryu, the third Saint Beast. Being much stronger than Byakku, he is clearly a formidable opponent but Hiei challenges him without hesitation. Meanwhile, Suzaku, the leader of the four Saint Beasts devises a plan to target Keiko back on Earth with his Makai insects after he learns of her connection to Yusuke.
19 Suzaku, Leader of the Beasts  
Coming to Suzaku's tower, the Spirit Detectives encounter an army of possessed humans. Working together, they manage to get Yusuke through alone. Suzaku is by far much stronger than the others and it will take everything Yusuke has just to stall him long enough for his friends to arrive.
20 Seven Ways to Die  
With Suzaku's minions closing in on Keiko and Boton, Yusuke is forced to act quickly to destroy the flute controlling the Makai insects. This proves to be easier said than done as Suzaku reveals a technique that makes him nearly invincible. Will Genkai's training prove to be enough against the leader of the Saint Beasts?
21 Yusuke's Sacrifice  
With nearly all of his spirit energy depleted, Yusuke will have to rely on his wits to retrieve the flute from Suzaku's pesky pet, Murugu. When Suzaku uses his technique once again, Yusuke will have to draw on the last of his life's energy to put an end to this fight and to save Keiko and the others back on Earth.