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Neon Genesis Evangelion Episodes

1. Angel Attack  
In the year 2015, fifteen years after the mysterious beings known as Angels appeared in the Second Impact, which wiped out half of all people on Earth. To defend against this unprecedented threat, the United Nations has created NERV, an organization that has developed giant fighting mechas - the Evangelions. Shinji Ikari has been summoned by his father, NERV's director, to Tokyo-3. It seems due to a design issue of the Evangelions only 14 year olds can properly interface with the powerful fighting machines. Shinji has been selected to pilot Evangelion Unit 01 but this is a lot to take in for anyone, much less a 14 year old who hasn't seen his father in years. If Shinji doesn't step up, then Rei the other pilot, will have to go out even with her critical wounds.
2. The Beast  
Shinji's first time out in the Evangelion Unit 01 is a real trial by fire and he wakes up in a hospital bed with no memory of how he got there. As NERV does damage control, one thing is clear - the Angel is definitely gone. Shinji decides he doesn't want to live with his estranged father so Misato, the woman who picked him up, decides have him move in with her. Her place is a bit messy and a bit strange, but Shinji settles in where he recalls the events of his encounter with the Angel, who would have destroyed the entire city.
3. A Transfer  
Shinji tries to settle into everyday life in Tokyo-3 but when he is outted as an Evangelion pilot in front of his classmates, that becomes an impossible task. When another Angel attacks the city, Shinji is sent out once again. During the confrontation two of his classmates, Kensuke and Toji, are caught in the crossfire. Having no choice but to rescue them by bringing them inside Unit 01 with him. Shinji once again loses control and battles the angel in frantic hand to hand combat. Having witnessed the great stress Shinji bears in order to control the Evangelion, Toji resolves to forgive him for the injuries caused to his family in the previous battle.
4. Hedgehog's Dilemma  
Cracking under the pressure, Shinji attempts to run away and ends up encountering Kensuke, who he rescued in the last Angel attack, out camping in a field. Though he is soon recaptured by NERV, Misato believes he doesn't have the right attitude to pilot the Evangelion.
5. Rei I  
Rei's Unit 00 is finally reactivated after its last failed test run. As the new test seems to be a success, another Angel appears and Shinji is sent up in Unit 01 to stop it. As he arrives on the surface,the Angel launches a single devastating beam attack that disables Unit 01 and nearly kills Shinji.
6. Rei II  
With all opposition neutralized, the Angel begins drilling down into NERV HQ, a process that will take it approximately 10 hours. As Shinji recovers, the Angel is studied and a new plan is devised. Using Rei's Unit 00 as cover, Shinji will strike the Angel with a blast from a newly developed positron rifle that will draw power from across the entire nation of Japan.
7. A Human Work  
Misato departs for a conference where a new type of weapon is revealed to combat the Angels - one that runs completely by remote on nuclear power. Unlike the Evangelions which are restricted by their need to have a plugged in power source, the new war machine could operate independently for weeks. As the machine begins its public debut, it quickly loses control, marching right in to the city nearby. If its reactor isn't disabled, the machine will most certainly detonate. Springing into action, Misato orders Shinji to get her aboard using Unit 01.
8. Both of You, Dance Like You Want to Win!  
Misato takes Shinji and his friends along to the UN carrier group which is transporting Unit 02 to Japan. It is there that they meet the fiery Asuka Langley Soryu, its pilot, as well as Misato's old acquaintance Ryoji Kaji. When the first aquatic Angel makes an appearance, Asuka seizes the opportunity to show off - even going as far as dragging Shinji along for the ride.
9. Bowling Girls  
Soon after Asuka moves in with Shinji and Misato, another Angel attacks the city. Asuka is able to independently strike the Angel down but when it duplicates, their lack of teamwork hands them an embarrassing defeat. It is determined the only way to defeat the Angel is with a synchronized dual strike - so Shinji and Asuka have one week to learn to work together before the Angel regenerates enough to wreak havoc once again.
10. Magma Diver  
As their classmates enjoy a relaxing break in Okinawa, the Evangelion pilots ate forced to stay behind on standby. When a dormant Angel is found within the magma of an active volcano, the opportunity to capture a live specimen is too much for NERV to pass up. Asuka's specially equipped Unit 02 is sent down but when things go awry, the recovery mission may have to turn into a rescue mission.
11. The Day Tokyo-3 Stood Still  
When the power is cut off across the entire city in an apparent act of sabotage, all three Evangelion pilots are stranded above due to the disabled transportation. A bad situation is made worse when an Angel appears and begins using acid to get down into NERV HQ. Using the utility tunnels and air ducts to make their way down, Shinji and the others find themselves in a race against time to reach their Evangelions before the Angel does.
12. She said, 'Don't make others suffer for your personal hatred'  
A new Angel appears and begins bombarding toyo-3 from high in Earth's orbit, gradually zeroing in on NERV. When it begins its descent for a final devastating attack, all three pilots must work together to stop it at the point of impact.
13. Lilliputian Hitcher  
During a routine test, an Angel appears within NERV and is able to biologically infect the Magi super computers and initiate a self destruct sequence. With Shinji, Rei and Asuka out of commission, it's up to Misato and Ritsuko to work against the clock to stop this unconventional attack.
14. Weaving a Story  
Shinji enters Unit 00 during a synchronization test to determine the pilots' ability to use each other's Evas. In a repeat of Rei's earlier experience, the Eva goes berserk, seemingly trying to strike at Rei in the observation room.
15. Those Women Longed for the Touch of Other's Lips, and Thus Invited Their Kisses  
While attending a wedding with Ritsuko, Misato of course bumps into Kaji. After a light hearted evening, in an abrupt change of tone, Misato learns several dark secrets about NERV.
16. Splitting of the Breast  
A new Angel appears and due to a misjudgment of its capabilities, Shinji is enveloped in the Angel itself. While a conventional weapon strike is unleashed to destroy the Angel and possibly Unit 01 as well, Shinji loses himself within the Eva and meets a figure from his past as his life support system dwindles.
17. Fourth Child  
When NERV loses an entire facility in a mysterious destructive flash in Nevada, the American build Unit 03 is transported to Tokyo-3. A new pilot is found - whos identity seems to be known to everyone but Shinji.
18. Ambivalence  
During its first synchronization test, Unit 03 goes berserk and seems to become an Angel. After it breaks through both Unit 00 and Unit 02, Shinji is the last line of defense against the rampaging Angel. Unwilling to potentially kill the human pilot still trapped within Unit 03, Gendo commands the activation of the autopilot system - which begins the savage contest about to unfold.
19. Introjection  
With renewed certainty due to his father's betrayal, Shinji quits NERV once again. As he is leaving Tokyo-3, an Angel appears and handily defeats both Rei and Asuka. Unable to turn his back on those he cares about, Shinji returns to Pilot Unit 01. The powerful Angel heavily damages Shinji's Evangelion, revealing a dark and unforgivable secret.
20. Weaving a Story 2: Oral Stage  
As the battle concludes, Shinji achieves and impossible synchronization ratio with his Evangelion. When the unit is recovered an even more alarming occurrence is discovered - Shinji has completely vanished!
21. He was aware that he was still a child.  
The origins of NERV and Kaji's final mission.
22. Don't Be.  
Another Angel attacks and Asuka is struck down by a powerful psychological attack. Seeing no other choice, Gendo commands Rei to use the recently recovered artifact, the Lance of Longinus, to defeat the Angel.
23. Rei III  
Due to her string of defeats and the traumatizing prior battle, a demoralized Asuka is unable to achieve enough of a level to even more her Evangelion. When another Angel attacks, Rei is effectively left on her own. When the Angel attempts to invade her mind, Rei launches a devastating suicide attack that appears to destroy both the Angel and Unit 00.
24. The Beginning and the End, or 'Knockin' on Heaven's Door'  
The final Angel appears in a truly unconventional form and descends with Shinji all the way down to Terminal Dogma - where "Adam" is held.
25. Do you love me?  
The Human Instrumentality Project begins.
26. Take care of yourself  
The Human Instrumentality Project concludes.