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Those Who Hunt Elves Episode List

1. Those Who Hunt Elves Attack  
In a coastal village terrorized by monstrous shark-men pirates, the villagers are protecting the whereabouts of an elven wind priestess. The villagers have a legend about 3 warriors and their cannon of miracles who will one day appear and save the town from peril. It turns out they're not exactly the warriors of legend rather... those who hunt elves?!
2. An Invincible Team is Formed  
To return home, the group needs to find fragments of Celcia's miscast spell which will only be found on elves throughout the land. Since the high priestess of all elves can't be seen helping these offworlders who are going around stripping elves, Celcia disguises herself as a fortune telling dog named elizabeth to secretly guide them in the right direction. Things don't really go according to plan though and knowing she has been sold out, the bandit elf Gabriella confronts the elf hunters in town. There's just one problem with collecting the fragments though...
3. The Red One or the Blue One?  
In a town terrorized by a undead army, Junpei's poor fashion sense gets the group in trouble with the authorities. Dihal, an elf and the town's special forces officer, makes a bet with the group to see who can destroy the undead army the fastest. To turn the odds back in her favor, she steals Celcia's magic potions but they don't seem to have the effect she was looking for.
4. The Search for the 1000th Fighter  
An elf named Rapier is cursed with a mark on her back that seems to be a spell fragment - or is it? The mark will remain until she can defeat her 1000th opponent and when she crosses paths with the elf hunters, it seems Junpei is that opponent.
5. The Addition of the Fifth Fiend  
The tank runs out of gas and when the group heads to the nearby town to look for other transportation, they discover a giant stuffed animal possessed with the spirit of a cat wreaking havoc. Destroying the stuffed animal only releases the spirit but wait - they want to use the tank as a tomb?! Ritsuko falls overboard with the tank but is saved when it somehow drives out of the river. Just how did that tank move on its own anyway?
6. The Most Horrible Spell of All Time  
In the midst of elves of the land complaining to bet about the strangers from another land, Annette begins to lose faith in Celcia. Unfortunately, Celcia's crystal to track down elves was broken by a certain imbecile so the elf hunters are a bit out of luck. Annette decides to take matters into her own hands with Celcia's spell book and a powerful spell inside it.
7. Catch Me in a Field of Flowers  
Spending a night in a spooky abandoned mansion...what could go wrong? This is one garden you don't want to mess with!
8. To The End of This World and Beyond  
Catching a ghost elf requires the use of a spell that allows the group to leave their bodies. Things of course don't really go according to plan!
9. Let The Maiden Dance in Beauty  
The elf hunters take odd jobs around town to bring in some money and Airi meets a young woman who is intent on attending a ball held by the royals. When Junpei and the others crash the party, they interrupt a magical moment - or maybe not.
10. The Elf Who Couldn't Undress  
An elderly elf seeks out the elf hunters to help his granddaughter. Milliea's curse makes her unable to remove her armor but if there's one group that can strip her it's Those Who Hunt Elves! The old man promises them a wish granting potion but it doesn't really turn out as described...
11. No Tomorrows for The Captured  
Finding 2 spell fragments in the same place almost seems too good to be true. More and more items from the group's home world are appearing which may prove to be catastrophic if it continues at this rate. When the judge appears, Celcia has a choice to make about her friends.
12. And Yet Those Who Still Hunt Elves  
When the judge brings Those Who Hunt Elves before the court, they face several familiar elves they have stripped. With the last spell fragment nearer than anyone realizes, it seems the team is home free. Celcia couldn't possibly screw up twice could she?