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Outlaw Star Episodes

1. Outlaw World  
Gene Starwind and Jim Hawking run a company named Starwind and Hawking Enterprises on the backwater planet of Sentinel III. They do odd jobs to get by from bounty hunting to auto repair but Gene still has dreams of venturing back out into space. One day, a woman named Rachel hires them to be her bodyguard during her stay on the planet. When it turns out the Kei Pirates are after her, things get a little out of hand - but just wait until you see what the cargo is they are after!
2. World of Desires  
The girl, Melfina, awakens from her sleep but there's no time to get answers with the Kei Pirates laying siege to the warehouse. Jim and Hilda launch her pirate ship, Horus and after a narrow escape, they all make it up into space. Though Gene is enthusiastic about becoming a spacer, it seems he is something of a cherry. Arriving at the asteroid colony of Blue Heaven, the group takes a load off and meets up with some of Hilda's acquaintances. These are definitely not old friends though and things are about to get pretty rough.
3. Into Burning Space  
After dealing with Mccoy, Gene and the others make a hasty getaway off Blue Heaven. Departing while being chased by Mccoy's henchmen, they nearly collide with another ship under the command of Aisha Clanclan of the Ctarl-Ctarl Empire. In a fit of rage Aisha takes out the pursuers but Hilda manages to get away. After reaching the rendezvous point, they discover the wrecked ships of Hilda's friends. With Gene beginning to overcome his fear of space, they narrowly escape the ambush set up by the Kei Pirates, and the Horus now sets off for Farfallus.
4. When the Hot Ice Melts  
Arriving at Farfallus, the group docks at a storage facility disguised as an asteroid where they power up the pirate's secret mothballed ship. The ship, the XGP15A-II, is a blend of federation technology and pirate ingenuity - making it one of the most formidable ships in space. The kei pirates locate Farfallus as the ship is still being prepped but changing loyalties on the pirates' side throws things into disarray. The new ship comes at a heavy price and Gene has an appropriate name for it: The Outlaw Star.
5. The Beast Girl, Ready to Pounce!  
After returning to Blue Heaven, it turns out outfitting a spaceship isn't exactly cheap. After some haggling, the crew convinces Swanzo to equip the Outlaw Star with a registration ID and a new paint job as repayment for a past debt to Hilda. As the trio spends the night out on the town, they bump into a cloaked woman looking for Hilda - but this is no ordinary woman! Fighting an angry Ctarl-Ctarl is a good way to end up in an early grave but fortunately Aisha's stomach gets the better of her. Taking Aisha out to eat to make amends doesn't exactly work out so the crew has to leave Blue Heaven in a hurry once again - this time back to Sentinel III to finish outfitting the Outlaw Star.
6. The Beautiful Assassin  
Heading back to their homeworld of Sentinel III to pick up more equipment for the Outlaw Star, Gene gets in touch with an old friend, Fred Luo. Outfitting a grappler ship is very expensive - especially for a captain that has no money. Fortunately, a situation presents itself when Fred is targeted by the famed assassin, 'Twilight' Suzuka. Agreeing to be Fred's bodyguard in exchange for outfitting the ship, Gene will have to face off against an assassin that never misses her target.
7. Creeping Evil  
As Gene works on his piloting skills with Gillian II aboard the Outlaw Star, Jim resumes work as a mechanic and Melfina takes up cooking duties back at their home. This seemingly peaceful chapter is shattered when Gene is targeted by a pirate syndicate looking to capture the Outlaw Star. An unlikely helping hand from Suzuka may allow the crew to make it out of this predicament in one piece after all.
8. Forced Departure  
While Gene recovers from the assassin's attack, the others must fend off the pirates as the Outlaw Star prepares to launch. Getting into space won't get them out of this mess though as the pirates have grappler ships of their own. Gene will have his hands full as his piloting skills are put to the test for the first time.
9. A Journey of Adventure! Huh?  
Setting a course for Heifon to avoid the pirates, Gene decides to stop at a station along the way to make a little money and a name for himself. A local criminal named Zomba is worth a whopping 10,000 wong but when Gene and Jim turn in the bounty, they are in for some disappointing news. If they just brought down a cyborg decoy, then who was it that managed to get the real Zomba anyway?
10. Gathering for the Space Race  
Upon arriving in Heifon, Gene decides to enter the Heifon Annual Space Race to get more info on the El Dorado. With the jaw dropping entry fee, they are going to have to find a sponsor and who better to ask than Gene's old friend Fred Luo.
11. Adrift in Subspace  
Gene's risky gamble allows him to catch up to the El dorado at the space station checkpoint but the pilot is definitely not the man Gene is looking for. Responding to a distress call mid race, Gene brings a stranded racer onto the Outlaw Star but there's something fishy about this pilot. An ambush of a different variety hits the Outlaw Star while the crew is engaging the sub ether drive, sending them far off course. With two reactors out, Gene will have to take a gamble no normal ship could pull off.
12. Mortal Combat with the El Dorado  
Heading to the rendezvous point (at the Lione Lagrange Point) given by the El Dorado, Gene willingly walks into their trap to find out more about the MacDougall brothers and their involvement in his past. They may have the advantage on their home turf but if any crew can pull it off, it's the Outlaw Star's.
13. Advance Guard from Another World  
On Heifon, Gene and Jim have resumed their business. Waiting for a big job that doesn't seem to be coming, they turn down Aisha's job offering chump change. Jim jumps on a job from Fred Luo but Gene is still holding out for something better. These random jobs seem odd but could they be connected somehow? With giant bugs and mind controlling plants, it was probably tough to see this one coming.
14. Final Countdown  
During what seemed like a routine mission towing an ad ship, an unexpected trap is sprung. The People's Liberation Front announce their demands for the removal of the viceroy of Heifon, and total independence for Heifon. While Aisha and Suzuka investigate on Heifon, Gene will have to find a way to get out of the trap alive and settle the score with Crackerjack before time runs out.
15. The Seven Emerge  
The Anten Seven, an elite group of assassins summoned by Lord Hazanko, are given the mission of killing Gene Starwind. The first of the Seven, Leilong, is sent out first and challenges Gene to a duel.
16. Demon of the Water Planet  
Gene is contacted by an old man looking for a lost treasure. On Heifon 7, the water planet, a ship full of valuable Dragonite stones lies on the bottom of the sea floor. Sea monsters have prevented anyone from recovering them but the Outlaw Star's powerful grappler arms may just be enough to do it.
17. Between Life and Machine  
In the midst of their financial woes, Gene and Jim are contacted by a man who knows about the Galactic Leyline. Intrigued, Gene agrees to meet the man in person, who reveals himself to be none other than Ron MacDougall. It is revealed the Kei Pirates needed a specially equipped ship and navigation system in order to reach the Galactic Leyline - a ship none other than the Outlaw Star. While Gene is occupied, Harry pays Melfina a visit.
18. The Strongest Woman in the Universe  
As payment for a loan from Fred Luo, the crew agrees to enter the women's universal martial arts tournament in order to thwart Fred's fiancee from winning. Though Aisha is the obvious choice to compete, it's revealed that Ctarl-Ctarl are banned from the tournament. If Aisha can't enter then who...?
19. Law and Lawlessness  
While finishing up after a tussle with a pirate ship, the Outlaw Star is approached by security forces from a nearby space station. Assumed to also be pirates, they are brought aboard the station for questioning. While being held, the station is attacked by an entire pirate fleet. Taking the opportunity to escape, Gene pilots the Outlaw Star to fend off the attacking pirates and save the security forces.
20. Cats and Girls and Spaceships  
After being attacked by an unknown grappler ship, the Outlaw Star decides to take it easy at the nearby frontier space colony Symka 5. While Gene has some modifications done to the Outlaw Star to prepare it against the mysterious ship, Jim ends up meeting a girl. With their business concluded, the crew departs the station only to be ambushed soon after. Returning to Symka 5, Jim waits for the girl to return to their meeting spot but not every story has a happy ending.
21. Grave of Dragons  
Arriving on an abandoned planet once inhabited by an ancient race, the crew investigates the ancient Dragon Ruins which may hold they key for finding the Galactic Leyline. Unknown to the Outlaw Star, they have been followed by the MacDougall brothers who now have the element of surprise.
22. Gravity Jailbreak  
After being contacted by Khan at the Dragon Ruins, Gene is told there is a man named Saiyo Wong who knows the way to the Leyline. With his mission in hand, Gene heads to the prison planet Hecatoncheir. The harsh environment of the planet boasts a crushing 3g gravity at the equator where the prison lies and a brutal 10g gravity at the planet's poles. With a madman warden and his robotic guards, just surviving the prison will be a challenge - much less escaping from it!
23. Hot Springs Planet Tenrei  
Traveling to the hot springs planet Tenrei, Gene hopes to track down the fabled wizards who founded the planet to acquire rare caster shells. While the rest of the group enjoys some R&R, Gene in a surprising show of self control passes on the hordes of bikini clad women in search of the wizards. Finding his target, he is given a mission in exchange for their rare caster shells...
24. Cutting the Galactic Leyline  
Coordinates in hand, the Outlaw Star enters the Galactic Leyline. They soon discover they are not the only ones in search of the Leyline and must not only deal with the MacDougall brothers, but also the formidable ship Geomancer piloted by the mysterious Hazanko. At the heart of the Leyline, the Outlaw Star discovers something unexpected.
25. Maze of Despair  
Stepping into the Leyline, the group finds itself separated. Suzuka's past catches up with her and she has a score to settle. Gene gets to test out one of his new caster shells and Aisha and Jim take down Hazanko's third guardian. At their goal, Melfina is held captive by Hazanko.
26. Return to Space  
Stepping into the gate, Gene and the others are transported into cyberspace. With the strange power of the Galactic Leyline, everyone who enters has their wish granted. Hazanko, who wishes for unparalleled power, becomes a force to be reckoned with. Gene, who wishes for Melfina, escapes with her to the Outlaw Star. Using their combined strength, the crew of the Outlaw Star battle Hazanko to save the entire universe. After such an adventure, one can only imagine where the crew of outlaws will find themselves next.