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Trigun Episodes

1 The $$60 Billion Man  
Vash the Stampede is a man with a 60 billion double dollar reward on his head. Some rumors describe him as a man in red, carrying a big gun and even the worst womanizer in the area. One thing is for certain though: no one is exactly sure what he looks like! Meryl and Milly work for the Bernardelli Insurance Agency and are sent out to find Vash for the headache he is causing the agency with all of the destroyed towns he leaves in his wake. They eventually run across a man that matches the description but that goofball couldn't really be the legendary Vash the Stampede - could it?
2 Truth of Mistake  
Meryl and Milly arrive in a recently abandoned town where the water has all dried up. Going on a rumor that Vash the Stampede is working as a bodyguard, they visit the mansion on the far end of town only to be greeted by the man they met before. Cliff Schezar, the owner of the mansion, controls the town's remaining water supply and it seems he has made some enemies. Concerned for the safety of Marianne, the granddaughter of the Standtall Federal Bureau, Vash was hired for protection during her stay. Deciding to cut their losses, Milly and Meryl spend the night but it is soon revealed what is really going on in the mansion.
3 Peace Maker  
Vash is in search of a legendary gunsmith to fix his gun in Warrens City. While walking the streets, be bumps into a drunk and is "convinced" to buy the man a drink. Trouble inevitably comes to town and the gunsmith, Frank Marlon, is revealed and is forced to face up to his past.
4 Love & Peace  
Meryl and Milly take a rest in a local bar that is soon taken over by a group of bandits to hold the mayor's daughter ransom. Vash unwittingly stumbles upon the situation but it seems these are no mere bandits.
5 Hard Puncher  
Inepril City is in dire need of money to get its power plant up and running again. When Vash is revealed by a group of bandits looking to collect on the bounty, the desperate townspeople decide its too much of an opportunity to resist. When the Nebraska Family is hired to help, the solution to the town's problems become worse than what they started with.
6 Lost July  
Using the bounty money from the captured Nebraska Family, the people of Impril City are able to afford to hire engineers to repair their power plant. Arriving by a giant sand-steamer, the engineering team is lead by a beautiful woman named Elizabeth who hires Vash as a bodyguard. A disaster occurs while making repairs but Vash is able to prevent a core meltdown through some miraculous ability.
7 B.D.N. (Brilliant Dynamite Neon)  
Booking passage on the departing sand-steamer, Vash leaves Inepril City behind to continue his journey. One of the operators tries to enlist Vash's help by mentioning a group of bandits calling themselves Brilliant Dynamite Neon which often terrorizes the area. Upon meeting a young stowaway and hearing his sad tale, Vash decides to help him but this kid has different plans.
8 And Between the Wasteland and Sky...  
The kid turns out to be the son of the sand-steamer's designer and using his knowledge of the ship's layout, Vash is able to take the fight to the bandits. Boss Neon figures out their little ruse and sets a trap for Vash. Using a duel to decide the ship's fate, Vash and Neon square off with everything hanging in the balance.
9 Murder Machine  
While taking a bus from the crashed sand-steamer, Vash notices a resting figure out in the wastes. The man, Nicholas D. Wolfwood, turns out to be a traveling priest. While stopping to stretch their legs, the bus is attacked by giant sentry robots. Going back for one of the missing passengers, Vash is accompanied by Wolfwood who seems to be more than just an ordinary man of the cloth. Just Vash's luck; after dispatching the remaining sentries, they both fall into an ancient facility full of them!
10 Quick Draw  
Vash stumbles upon Wolfwood who is helping a woman and her son with their restaurant after the father skipped town because of his debt. Hassled by collectors, Vash and Wolfwood enter the gun tournament being held in town to use the prize money to pay off her debts. However, once the organizer gets wind that the legendary Vash the Stampede is competing, the stakes are changed.
11 Escape from Pain  
Wolfwood and Milly bump into a young dancer who is looking to escape a group of armed pursuers. It turns out the young woman is looking to escape with the caravan leader's son, who happens to hold the key they need to trade with the nearby city. Vash is hired by the caravan leader himself to return the young man to him, making Vash and Wolfwood's paths about to collide
12 Diablo  
In a small peaceful town, Vash runs into a figure from his past. Framed for murder, Vash is thrown in prison where another person from his past, Monev the Gale has a little reunion in store for him. With part of the city in ruins, Vash has a drastic change in character in order to put an end to Monev's rampage.
13 Vash the Stampede  
With Monev the Gale put out of commission, Meryl and Milly write up a report looking back on everything that has happened since they ran into Vash the Stampede. The sheriff decides to release Vash just to get him out of the town and Meryl and Milly of course decide to follow him to continue with their assignment.
14 Little Arcadia  
In Promontory City, Meryl and Milly meet an elderly couple who are looking for a bodyguard. It seems they are in possession of something miraculous - a plot of fertile green land. This has made it become very valuable and a man named Morgan seeks to gain control of it through the coercion of their son. Milly and Meryl are surprisingly hired on as bodyguards over Vash but will they be able to handle Morgan's band of hired thugs including remaining members of the famed Nebraska Family?
15 Demon's Eye  
Vash gives Meryl and Milly a ride to the town of Jeneora Rock but when he goes to the local bar to lift his spirits, he finds what is left of a group of outlaws who had unwittingly clashed with members of the Gung-Ho Guns. As the gang finishes of the remainder of the outlaws, Vash faces off against Dominique the Cyclops and her dread technique: the "Demon's Eye".
16 Fifth Moon  
In a small rural bar, Vash is getting a plan together to face Legato when a messenger appears saying "he" is waiting in Augusta city. Vash quickly travels to Augusta and scares off all of the townspeople in preparation of the inevitable battle, just in time to face a member of the Gung-Ho Guns: E.G. Mine. The real challenge begins when another Gung-Ho Gun, Rei Dei shows up and Vash is forced to use a secret weapon he has kept locked away since July.
17 Rem Saverem  
Vash's past with Rem and Knives.
18 Goodbye for Now  
Two years after Augusta, Wolfwood travels to Kasted City to find Vash and bring him information about Knives. Going by the name Eriks, Vash has been living a peaceful life with a girl named Lina and her grandmother since the incident that left a hole in the fifth moon. When the bandits occupying the town kidnap Lina, Vash may have to draw his gun once again.
19 Hang Fire  
Meryl and Milly are put back on assignment to track down Vash due to his recent reappearance. While traveling by sand-steamer, a group of bandits hijack it and crash it into a town's satellite station. Vash enters the ship to stop the bandits but one of them has motives outside of a simple hijacking.
20 Flying Ship  
While Meryl and Milly are stuck in New Oregon due to the typhoon, Vash sneaks out to visit an old friend. Wolfwood and is in store for a miraculous sight: a still operational ship that first brought people to the planet! The isolated community is distrustful and hostile to outsiders but when some of Leonof's puppets shatter the peace, Wolfwood is the first to take action.
21 Out of Time  
With Leonof's puppets still on the loose, Vash and Wolfwood must work quickly to defend the ship. With the ship's power cores revealed as the true target things become even more desperate in the race to keep the ship from crashing down to the planet below.
22 Alternative  
Traveling the wastes, the group finds a town where they hope to rest up at but the cautious gate guard won't let anyone at all in. While talking with the guard, Vash catches a little boy stealing water from their car. Deciding to follow him, he leads them to a whole group of young children who were also not allowed to enter the town. When a pack of sand worms attack, Vash will have to find what is controlling them - and quick.
23 Paradise  
Wolfwood must decide between two paths when the Gung-Ho Guns set their sights on the group once again in Tonim town. While Vash squares off against the deadly sniper, Caine the Longshot, Wolfwood heads out alone. When Wolfwood meets up with his old teacher, he has the opportunity to truly show what he has learned over the years.
24 Sin  
In LR town, Vash takes a rest after leaving Meryl and Milly behind after telling them everything about his past. His thoughts in the peaceful town are interrupted when Midvalley the Hornfreak and Legato show up on Knive's order. The situation turns desperate and for the first time, Vash will have to consider going against what he learned from Rem.
25 Live Through  
Taking shelter in a small town near LR town, Vash recovers while Meryl and Milly take care of him. When the townspeople discover the legendary Vash the Stampede may really be staying in town, conflict inevitably ensues. Through Meryl, Vash is reminded of Rem and is finally able to understand her final words to him.
26 Under the Sky So Blue  
Vash finally faces Knives and what happened in the 130 years since landing on the planet is revealed.