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Excel Saga Episodes

1. The Koshi Rikdo Assassination Plot  
The ideological organization Across headed by the illustrious Lord Ilpalazzo seeks to end all corruption in the world, starting with... manga artists. Excel is sent out with this mission but as it turns out the manga artist she assassinated is the original creator of the series. Fortunately, the Great Will of the Macrocosm sets things straight once again (and it won't be the last) and Excel resumes working at one of her part time jobs. Migrant worker Pedro has his own problems being away from his dear son and sexy wife and Excel's criminal negligence on the job won't help matters.
2. The Woman from Mars  
Visitors from mars are attacking and they're just so...cute - terrifyingly cute that is. Unfortunately throughout this episode, Excel won't receive any help from the Will of the Great Macrocosm as she is a bit preoccupied. As the extreme weather seeks to destroy F City (and Across along with it), Excel returns to her part time job when she encounters one of the visitors from Mars. As the only person immune to their extreme cuteness, can Excel save the Earth from the Martian invaders? Will Nabeshin and Space Butler be able to escape the Mothership? And who is the girl in the capsule?
3. The Sacrificial Lamb of the Venomous Great Escape of Hell  
As Excel Saga is remade into a B-Movie action film, Excel is captured by a guerilla army and made a prisoner of war. Lord Ilpalazzo sends out Hyatt with the mission of finding her, though her weak health seems to be her biggest obstacle. After a not so successful attempt at escaping, Excel passes the time playing games with her fellow pit-mate. When Nabeshin suddenly shows up to rescue the prisoner in the mask, Excel may finally have her chance at escaping once and for all.
4. Love Puny  
As Excel Saga is transformed into a cheesy romantic comedy, Watanabe tries to get closer to Hyatt but his roommates are a constant thorn in his side. Ilpalazzo can't break away from his dating game and Nabeshin deals with another nemesis from his past. Excel has predictable results when trying to defuse a bomb but fortunately the Great Will of the Macrocosm is back on duty.
5. The Interesting Giant Tower  
Lord Ilpalazzo plans to infiltrate city hall and force them to resign so they won't be able to stand against him. Excel makes use of all her toilet cleaning experience and thanks to some scribbles on the bathroom wall, she is able to gain access to the most highly restricted files in their database. Watanabe begins his career in civil service but of course his roommates are working there now also. As all parties involved are about to discover, politics in F City is a dirty business.
6. The Cold is Winter! Snowed Under Episode  
In the spirit of the survival movie genre, Across needs resources so Excel goes off in the mountains to look for gold. While Excel is busy on the peak of the mountain trying to assemble a terrifying laser weapon, the public servant roommates are introduced to a new colleague: the beautiful Misaki Mitsuya. They are brought out for a training exercise and are given some cheap looking plastic guns but they are definitely no toys!
7. Melody of the Underground Passage  
Across gets its first intruders in a long time so Excel and Hyatt head to the control room to prepare some traps for the new victims. As a parody of horror movies, who knows what lies in store down there. It seems like these guys aren't the only ones breaking into the sewers...
8. Increase Ratings Week  
The ratings are down and there's only one thing that can save the show: fan service. Screen time will be restricted to beautiful women and cute things so what better place for this episode than the beach? Is Cosette really as cute and innocent as she appears though?
9. Bowling Girls  
10. Elegy to the Dogs  
11. Butt Out, Youth!  
12. Big City Part II  
13. The New Year's-End Party Hidden Talent Contest  
14. Prop  
15. More! Prop Memorial  
16. Take Back Love!  
17. Animation USA  
18. Municipal Force Daitenzin  
19. Menchi's Great Adventure 2: Around the World in 80 Hours  
20. The Best of Mr. Pedro  
21. Visually Appealing Type  
22. Invasion, Mother  
23. Legend of the End of the Century Conqueror  
24. For You, I Could Die  
25. We Will Not Be Held Responsible  
26. Going Too Far