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Spring 2017



Attack on Titan: Season 2

26 Beast Titan 2017.04.01
After the battle with Annie, the damaged wall begins to crumble and reveals a crystallized Titan within. This incredible discovery draws out a man named Pastor Nick who frantically begs the Scouts to cover it before sunlight can reach. Before the wall can be investigated more, Erwin gets word that Titans have breached Wall Rose. Twelve hours earlier, Miche and his Scouts from the 104th Regiment evacuate the surrounding villages after sighting a group of advancing Titans. A bizarre abnormal beast covered in fur appears among them and for the first time ever the Scouts encounter a Titan that can speak.
27 I'm Home 2017.04.08
Erwin leads the Scouts to conduct rescue efforts while Hange discovers the walls of the city are completely filled with hibernating crystallized Titans. Conny arrives at his home village of Ragako only to discover it has already been destroyed by Titans.
28 Southwestward 2017.04.15
The Scouts leave Ragako in search of the breach in the wall and hold onto hope they can still find survivors since there were no bodies in the village. A full patrol of Wall Rose reveals it is entirely intact and the Titans were brought within somehow. While camping at the abandoned Castle Utgard, Hange suggests that Eren may be able to seal the wall using the same crystallization ability Annie used. As the Scouts settle in for the night, they are suddenly attacked by more Titans led by the Beast Titan on top of Wall Rose.
29 Soldier 2017.04.22
The veteran Scouts of the 104th are able to stop most of the Titans outside but some still manage to break into the castle where the rookies will have to fight them off. The Beast Titan begins to bombard the castle with rubble while calling in more Titan reinforcements. As all hope seems to be lost after making their final stand within a crumbling tower, Ymir leaps over the edge and to everyone's astonishment transforms into a Titan.
30 Historia 2017.04.29
Back when they were cadets, Ymir and Christa were caught in a blizzard with a wounded man named Daz. In her reckless attempts to save him, Ymir accuses Christa of wanting to die. Ymir is aware of a secret Christa has been guarding and sends her back alone with the promise to be true to herself from now on. Ymir is then able to transform into her Titan form to quickly bring Daz down the mountain without being seen.

Back at present , Ymir fights off the attacking Titans and attempts to carry everyone to safety. Due to their sheer numbers she is quickly overwhelmed and is about to be devoured before Hange brings in the cavalry. During the cleanup, Eren seizes on this opportunity to make his very first ODM kill of the entire series. As if the surprise with Ymir wasn't enough, Christa reveals to everyone her real name is Historia Reiss, the illegitimate daughter of the King.
31 Warrior 2017.05.06
The truth behind the attack on Wall Maria is finally revealed.
reiner and bertholdt revealed reiner and bertholdt attacked mikasa attacking with her blade armored titan's identity revealed
32 Close Combat 2017.05.13
A battle between Titans erupts as the Scouts attempt to take down the threat that nearly annihilated them all those years ago. The Colossal Titan succeeds in keeping his attackers at bay by emitting jets of steam but is unable to move while doing so. Eren faces off against the Armored Titan and recalls a move he had learned from Annie back when they were both recruits.
colossal titan's identity revealed scouts attaching the colossal titan with their odm gear colossal titan emitting steam eren grappling the armored titan
33 The Hunters 2017.05.22
The two enemy Titans make a desperate break, abducting both Eren and Ymir. The frustrated Scouts are in no condition to pursue as they had barely survived the encounter with the Colossus. Hours later Erwin and Hange arrive with reinforcements and supplies to launch a rescue operation to retrieve Eren at any cost.
colossal titan bombing the wall wounded scouts after the battle with the colossal and armored titans Mikasa with Eren's Scarf Hange planning the rescue operation of eren and ymir
34 Opening 2017.05.27
Reiner and Bertholdt rest up at the Forest of Giant Trees with their two hostages. Reiner's mental state seems to deteriorate as he comes to grips with the crimes they had committed against their friends. Reverting back to his personality as a Scout, for a moment he seems to completely forget about their mission as Titan Warriors. His daydream is soon brought to an end when they spot the Scout's signal flares on the horizon.
eren and ymir held hostage scouts riding on horseback reiner and bertholdt reiner spotting the scout's signal flares
35 Children 2017.06.03
Ymir comes to believe there is no future within the walls and her only concern is keeping Christa safe. When Ymir spots Christa among the pursuing scouts, she demands they take her with them. In a flashback, it is revealed that Ymir was revered as a figurehead within a cult during her childhood. The cult was violently disbanded and Ymir was injected with a serum that turned her into a mindless Pure Titan who spent the next sixty years wandering the earth. She eventually regains her human mind and form, deciding to start a new life within humanity's walls.
the forest of giant trees
36 Charge 2017.06.10
With the Scouts outpacing them on horseback, the Warrior Titans see no choice but to turn and fight their former friends. Reiner and Ymir succeed in defending against the Scouts until Erwin leads a horde of Pure Titans against the embattled Armored Titan. Though Reiner is able to break free while still holding Bertholdt, Eren and Christa are saved by the Scouts.
37 Scream 2017.06.17
In the middle of the battle, Eren spots the Titan that had eaten his mom during the fall of Wall Maria. Eren breaks down and unleashes a hidden power that causes all Titans to turn and attack that one single Titan. Reiner knows this ability as the Coordinate, the true objective of their mission. Eren's blind rage continues as he sends the Titan mass against Reiner, giving the Scouts the opportunity to escape with no further casualties. Back behind the walls, they learn that the Titans within Wall Rose were actually the transformed people of Ragako. Erwin vows to continue their mission in understanding the mysteries of this world and securing humanity's survival against the Titans.