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Angolmois: Genkou Kassenki

1. The Far End of Japan  
In the year 1274, the invading Mongol armies encroach upon the island of Tsushima. Ruled by the Sō Clan, the small island is hopelessly outnumbered by the advancing horde. When a storm brings a group of exiles, including the famed Samurai Kuchii Jinzaburō, Princess Teruhi of the Sō Clan makes an effort to have them join her cause by any means she can.
2. The War God of Sasu  
Kuchii is invited to the Sō Clan's strategy meeting and is unimpressed by their approach to the Mongol threat. After his gruff manner gets him forcibly removed, he meets an old friend. Shouni Kagesuke, who previously served with Kuchii under the Kamakura Shogunate, now commands the Shogun's army in the region. Promising to send reinforcements to the island, it appears all is not lost. When the first battle against the Mongols goes just as Kuchii predicts, the promise of Shouni's reinforcements becomes a recurring beacon of hope.
3. Time to Strike  
Donned in the Sō Clan's armor gifted to him by Sō Sukekuni himself, Kuchii leads the island defenders to stop the overstretched mongol pursuers dead in their tracks. With their leader slain, morale is low among the people of Tsushima and the exiles seem more willing to fight for the island than its native inhabitants. When news spreads that the exiles were surrounded by the Mongol army, they are assumed for dead. Kuchii and the others are able to cut their way through the Mongols - not to retreat but rather to slay the enemy commander himself. Not willing to relinquish their advantage, Kuchii prepares for a night raid as soon as he returns to camp.
4. Back to the Capital  
When one of the Sasu villagers betrays their position to the Mongols, Kuchii is forced to break off the raid before they are completely surrounded. Ryuu Fukukou, 2nd Marshal in command of the 30k strong of the Mongol's Eastern Expeditionary Force leads the camp's defense. Kuchii is soon joined by reinforcements from the mysterious Toibarai, lead by a man named Nagamine. Seizing upon this opportunity, Kuchii turns their retreat around to free the Sasu villagers being taken by the Mongols on the beach.
5. Resolve  
As the Capital burns on the horizon, it's clear the Mongols planned to raze it while the attack on Sasu village was commencing. The Mongols pursuing the Tsushima survivors are different than the Goryeo Mongols who attacked Sasu, meaning the Mongols have brought a variety of different peoples to seize the island. Kuchii plans to nullify the Mongols advantage in numbers by fighting them on the narrow mountain paths using a combination of arrow and spear. When Yajirou asks Kuchii why he is fighting so fiercely for a land that is not his own, Kuchii recalls his past in the service of the Houjou clan.
6. Where Death Leads  
The Mongols deploy new weaponry previously unheard of on Tsushima: bombs and firearms and force the defenders to retreat once again. To buy them some time, Kuchii plans to make use of the internal divisions within the Mongol hordes and leave a cache of treasure on the narrow mountain roads. When the two separate pursuing forces reach the treasure at the same time, a great brawl erupts and their infighting keeps Tsushima safe for another night.
7. Kanatanoki  
A mysterious old man finds Kuchii and leads him to the top of a mountain where he encounters the 81st Emperor, Antokutei. As Teruhi's grandfather, he requests Kuchii do his utmost to defend the island. Traveling to Aso Bay, which consists of maze-like inlets, they see a group of women being chased by Mongols. To their surprise, the women fiercely counterattack and are soon joined by the Toibarai to crush the remaining Mongols. Meeting with Nagamine once again, Teruhi hands him the gourd given by the Emperor himself, which contains orders for the Toibarai to defend the island. With their new allies, they depart to the Toibarai's hidden Kanatanoki Castle.
8. Betrayer's Strike  
Kuchii points out that the castle is too large for the amount of defenders they have and is a major liability because of this. Meanwhile one of the exiles, Shiraishi, is approached by another one of the exiles with a proposition to betray Tsushima with the promise of a reward from the Mongols. Unwilling to partner with him, Shiraishi kills him and approaches the Mongols himself with information on Kanatanoki Castle's vulnerabilities.
9. The Battle of the Mountain Castle  
The Toibarai decide on where to place their few defenders along the castle's extensive walls. Meanwhile, Kuchii leaves the castle to ambush the Mongols as a welcoming party. His retreat leads the Mongols right into the castle's heavily defended south gate. Over at a sparsely defended portion of the wall, Shiraishi convinces many of the defenders to leave, then helps the Mongols below to get over the wall. The Toibarai set fire to the forest within the castle to repel the Mongols within. Kuchii presses an all out attack against the Mongol Marshal himself, Uriyan Edei. After witnessing such resistance, Uriyan foregoes the castle siege, believing it will not be worth all of the men he will lose.
10. Bad Omen  
Confronting Shiraishi on the west wall, Kuchii is greeted with a somber opponent and is grateful he was able to defend the island with him earnestly before his betrayal. Witnessing corralled deer running through the woods as a telltale sign of a massive advancing army, all hope seems to be lost. When Onitakemaru and Zhang prepare to flee that night, they witness a fleet of ships on the horizon.
11. The Sun God of Tsushima  
The Mongol attack commences the next morning and the Toibarai collapse the gate to delay their advance. The Mongols blast their way through with their bombs and Nagamine makes a last stand at the gate with the remaining Toibarai. The survivors plan to flee the doomed castle and Kuchii opts to stay behind to buy them more time. He is soon joined by Onitakemaru just in time to assist against another encounter with the Mongol commander Ryuu Fukukou.
Princess Teruhi's forces are routed as she flees the castle and her personal guard Kano does what she must to keep the Princess safe. After being blown into the water, Kuchii reflects on his past with his daughter and wife. Deciding he is not out of the fight yet, Kuchii returns to shore to reunite with Teruhi and Tsushima's survivors.