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Summer 2018



Attack on Titan: Season 3

With their unknown enemies acting against them, the Scouts continue to fight a war that they cannot win. Every discovery only unveils more questions, leading Erwin to set his sights on the secrets kept in Eren's cellar. What they find will change the fate of every soul living within the walls.

38 Smoke Signal 2018.07.23
Levi's squad is now tasked with developing Eren's Titan hardening ability in the hopes that it can be used to block the breaches in Wall Maria. When Pastor Nick is suddenly assassinated and Commander Erwin is imprisoned, Levi realizes hidden forces within their own government are at work to keep the secret of the Titans hidden.
cleaning for levi titan hardening training trost district ambush nifa and levi
39 Pain 2018.07.30
With their ambush failed, Levi faces off against a figure from his past - Kenny the Ripper. As the leader of the central government's Interior Squad, Kenny has ensured his gunmen are equipped and trained for combat against other humans. In stark contrast, the members of the Scout regiment are at a great disadvantage due to their only combat experience being against Titans. Barely escaping with their lives, Levi leads the scouts on the offensive as outlaws. His search for Sannes will reveal not only the individual who assassinated Pastor Nick, but will also reveal the history of Lord Reiss and the identity of the true royal successor.
levi sword wagon ambush in trost levi trost rooftop ambush kenny the ripper
40 Old Story 2018.08.06
Historia recounts her childhood at the Reiss farm in the northern region of Wall Rose and how she received the identity of Krista Lenz after the death of her mother. Hange reveals to Erwin that Titan abilities may be transferred by eating another titan and that Eren's ability to control other Titans may be their true goal. Erwin's plan for a bloodless coup by revealing Historia as the true royal heir is temporarily halted as he is framed for the murder of the merchant leader Dimo Reeves. Hange leads the remaining Scouts in exile as the civil war with the Military Police unfolds for control over the city's government.
historia's childhood on the farm sanne in prison cell kenny dimo reeves murdered
41 Trust 2018.08.13
Marlo and Hitch of the Military Police seemingly get the drop on Armin at the creek but find themselves in the middle of a Scout ambush and are taken prisoner. Hitch blames the Scouts for the destruction of the Trost District but Marlo's strong sense of justice sympathizes with Levi's cause. Jean prepares a test of loyalty for them that ultimately leads to the successful capture of a government controlled outpost nearby and information on the location Eren and Historia are being held.

Meanwhile, Hange rescues Flegel Reeves from Military Police within the city. With his help, they lure corrupt Military Police members into an 'abandoned' section of the city where they begin to monologue about the truth behind the murder of Dimo Reeves in front of an infuriated crowd of hidden onlookers.
scout camp in the wilderness marlo and hitch hange in stohess district flegel reeves
42 Reply 2018.08.20
At the trial before the sitting King, Erwin makes the case for retaking Wall Maria. Explaining that food reserves are so low that without reclaiming that lost farmland, a bloody civil war over diminishing resources is inevitable. King Fritz remains unswayed but the trial is soon interrupted by news of the Colossal and Armored Titans breaking through Wall Rose. Concerned only with defending themselves, the royal cabinet orders all entrances be sealed to refugees and their Military Police leave the chamber. Premier Dahlis Zachary reveals the report was merely a ruse designed to show the Royal Family's true colors and to convince Pyxis to side with the Scouts over the Military Police. With their Coup a success, Erwin orders Levi to Lord Reiss's land in a search for Eren.
fake king dahlis zachary erwin's father teaching eren chained in the crystal cavern
43 Sin 2018.08.27
Eren awakens in a crystal cavern that seems familiar somehow. Lord Reiss commands Historia to lay her hands on Eren to awaken long forgotten memories sealed within him, back to the night that his father injected him with the Serum. In a flashback, Eren remembers his first transformation into a Titan - and his acquisition of the Coordinate power. This action also awakens Historia's memories of her half-sister Frieda Reiss. Back in the capital, Pyxis reveals that the Reiss family has the power to alter people's memories and has been using it to maintain control of all humans within the confines of the wall. Lord Reiss tells Historia that it was Grisha Yaeger, Eren's father, that was responsible for slaying and devouring Frieda and the rest of her family with his Attacking Titan form to acquire their Founding Titan ability. Back above ground, Levi's Scouts arrive at a dilapidated church as Kenny's mercenaries prepare themselves below.
grisha yaeger's glasses frieda reiss with historia scouts cart crystal cavern entrance
44 Wish 2018.09.03
Levi begins his assault and the Scouts break through the door. With the aid of barrel bombs to release smoke, the advantages of Kenny's ranged firearms are nullified and they are forced to fall back. Lord Reiss plans to inject Historia with his own Serum to transform her into a Titan so she can reclaim their family's Founding Titan power by eating him. Historia is told by Lord Reiss that she will be able to meet a part of Frieda that still lives on within Eren and she prepares to inject herself.

With the situation turning hopeless, Kenny enters the chamber in an effort to hijack the ritual, only to learn the Founding Titan's power can be passed on to members of the Reiss family. In frustration, he frees Eren so he can defend himself but refuses to do so, wracked by guilt over the actions of his father. Eren asks Historia to free humanity from the Titans in his place after he is eaten and resigns himself to his fate. Historia realizes that her father is only interested in recovering the Founding Titan to recover control over humans within the walls and smashes the Serum on the floor. In a last desperate bid to return control of humanity to his family, Lord Reiss licks up the Serum and begins to transform.
scouts charge into the crystal cavern lord reiss and the broken syringe rod reiss titan transformation
45 Outside the Walls of Orvud District 2018.09.10
The crystal chamber begins to collapse due to the sheer size of Lord Reiss's Abnormal Titan form. With some quick thinking, Eren is able to save everyone by holding up the ceiling with his hardening ability. The Reiss Titan gets above ground and the Scouts begin to trail it as it makes the long trek to the city's walls. Eren and the others are able to return to the city first where they learn of Erwin's intention to reveal Historia as the rightful inheritor of the throne.
crytal cave kenny's mercenaries eren's titan hardening scouts trailing the reiss titan erwin's battle plan
46 Ruler of the Walls 2018.09.17
The Reiss Titan approaches the Wall at the Orvud District and is able to survive the cannon barrage from the defending Garrison Regiment. The Scouts plan to have Eren put a barrel of explosives down the Reiss Titan's throat and allow the immense heat he is emitting to detonate it in order to destroy his body. Their plan succeeds and Historia is able to find the piece that contains Lord Reiss as it falls to the ground. With a single cut, she secures her place as a hero to the onlookers below - and as the true ruler within the walls. Meanwhile, Levi finds Kenny mortally wounded outside of the collapsed crystal cavern with another case containing the Titan Serum.
reiss titan bombarded by the garrison regiment reiss titan face historia slaying the reiss titan levi and kenny
47 Friends 2018.09.24
In a flashback, Kenny recalls his youth on the mean streets of the underground city. His partnership with Rod Reiss puts him in charge of the military's secret Anti-Personnel Squad, ironic since he had earned the name Kenny the Ripper from killing countless Military Police in years past. His first taste of power leaves him wanting more and Kenny soon considers seizing the power of the Titan for himself. At present, Kenny tells Levi why he has chosen not to inject himself with the Titan Serum and reveals himself as Levi's uncle that has always been watching over him.
collapsed crystal cavern underground city levi's childhood historia's coronation
48 Bystander 2018.10.08
Eren continues training his Titan Hardening ability while Hange has developed an effective Titan killing trap. Eren recalls Keith Shadis from his father's inherited memories and the Scouts pay him a visit. A flashback reveals how Keith met Grisha Yaeger, a doctor claiming to suffer from amnesia. Grisha used his amazing medical knowledge to combat the plague ravaging the city at the time. One of the people he saved was Carla, a woman that Keith was infatuated with, who later became Grisha's wife and Eren's mother.
historia's orphanage titan trap grisha and carla yaeger wedding carla with eren as a baby
49 Night of the Battle to Retake the Wall 2018.10.15
The disadvantage of not knowing anything about the outside world or the motivations of their hidden enemies weighs heavily on Erwin. Knowing only that there are Titans who want to destroy everyone living within the walls, he sets his sights on discovering what truths are hidden within the cellar in Eren's basement. With renewed determination, Eren commands the Scouts to retake Wall Maria.
tavern feast eren and jean brawl eren, mikasa and armin erwin and the scouts
50 The Town Where Everything Began 2019.04.29
The Scouts enter Shiganshina to find it strangely empty and Eren easily blocks the outer wall with his Titan Hardening ability as planned. Armin discovers signs of a recent camp and the Scouts disperse, looking for signs of an ambush. Following Armin's instinct, they begin searching the walls themselves, only to reveal Reiner who breaks out of his hiding spot as the Armored Titan. An army of Titans led by the Beast Titan somehow appears behind them in the secured region within Wall Maria. With this unforeseen development, the last of the Scouts are forced to make their last stand within the walls of Shiganshina.
eren biting transformation shinganshina district scouts searching the city reiner stabbed
51 Thunder Spears 2019.05.06
Erwin knows the Beast Titan's immediate goal will be to take out the horses, to make it impossible for any Scouts to escape. Reiner moves into position to strike but when he sees Eren transform, he decides they can't risk losing the Founding Titan. Knowing it's a trap Reiner fights Eren while Hange and the Scouts lie in wait with their new Thunder Spears. The Scouts spring into action and not even the Armored Titan is a match for their destructive power. With Reiner on the ropes, his former friends struggle to make the killing blow.
titan blockade line armored titan on the walls erwin's gaze thunder spears against the armored titan
52 Descent 2019.05.13
The Beast Titan unveils his own surprise by throwing a barrel containing Bertholdt into the city. He strangely doesn't transform into the Colossal Titan and Armin takes the opportunity to try and reason with him. Armin soon realizes he hasn't transformed because the resulting explosion would finish Reiner off. When Reiner regains enough strength to defend himself, Bertholdt finally transforms. With the Colossal Titan in striking range of their horses, Armin and the last of the Scouts have no choice but to take him down or die trying.
armin negotiating with bertholdt teleports behind you bracing against the colossal titan colossal titan raining fire on shinganshina
53 Perfect Game 2019.05.20
The Scouts on the other side of Wall Maria sit helplessly as they are bombarded with stones thrown by the Beast Titan. Erwin decides to sacrifice himself and the last of his men in a distraction cavalry charge to give Levi an opening in killing the Beast Titan. As he leads his men for the final time, Erwin is filled with regret that he will never be able to discover the truth hidden within Eren's cellar.
beast titan bombarding colossal titan erwin facing the fallen scouts erwin's final charge
54 Hero 2019.05.27
Erwin's sacrifice succeeds and Levi is able to strike down the Beast Titan. Refusing to make the final blow, Levi is playing for keeps and intends to allow any surviving Scout to inherit the Beast Titan with the Titan Serum. The Cart Titan is able to rescue Zeke before Levi can act, using the Pure Titans as a distraction. Back within Shiganshina, Armin devises a war of attrition against the Colossal Titan since it is consuming itself at a rapid pace with its steam attacks. With all of the Scouts blasted away and Eren out for the count, Armin sacrifices himself by anchoring his ODM gear to the Colossal Titan's teeth. With Armin losing all of his strength, Bertholdt finally notices that Eren's Titan form is nothing but an empty husk, just a moment too late.
Levi vs the Beast Titan Armored Titan hit by Thunder Spears Armin burnt by the Colossal Titan Eren using ODM gear against the Colossal Titan
55 Midnight Sun 2019.06.03
With Bertholdt cut out of the Colossal Titan, Eren approaches Armin to discover he is still barely alive. They are interrupted by the Cart Titan and Zeke promising that he will return one day to rescue Eren from Grisha's lie. With no choice but to leave Bertholdt, the Cart Titan snags Reiner from the exhausted Scouts and escapes over the wall. With the Titan Serum in hand, they prepare to inject Armin so that he can survive by inheriting the Colossal Titan. As Levi holds the syringe, Floch Forster, the sole survivor of the cavalry charge, arrives with a mortally wounded Erwin, forcing them to decide witch of the two will be saved. Remembering their final conversation, Levi allows his old friend to finally rest and injects Armin.
Armin burn to a crisp after fighting the Colossal Titan Zeke on the Cart Titan using the Titan Serum on Armin Bertholdt eaten by Armin
56 The Basement 2019.06.10
The last nine remaining members of the Scout Regiment walk down the reclaimed streets of Shiganshina to the ruins of Eren's house. Within the cellar, Grisha's journals describe an advanced civilization that lives beyond the walls. In a flashback, Grisha and his sister Fay watch in wonder as an airship lands in their city.
Eren hugging Armin Eren's house Eren's cellar Grisha and his sister Fay
57 That Day 2019.06.17
Grisha and his sister are Eldians, who live as second class citizens after being conquered by Marley. The Eldians are seen by the world as devils who are able to control the power of the Titan. In the Great Titan War that was fought 80 years ago, the Eldian King retreated to the island of Paradis where he erected three great walls that would shelter the last of his people and finally allow them to live in peace. When Fay is brutally murdered by their guards, Grisha joins the resistance movement and meets Dina Fritz, the last of the Eldian royal family outside of Paradis. Their objective is simple - to infiltrate Paradis, recover the Founding Titan, and use it to annihilate their Marleyan oppressors.

Grisha and Dina marry and she gives birth to a baby boy named Zeke. Marley is able to maintain control of 7 Titans through their conquered Eldian subjects. They plan for Zeke to inherent one of them by pretending to be loyal to Marley but he turns his parents in to the authorities instead. Grisha and the other restorationists are sent to Paradis where they will be injected with the Titan Serum, doomed to wander the earth as mindless Pure Titans. As Grisha is about to be fed to one of his transformed friends, one of the guard suddenly turns into a Titan and kills the Marleyan guards.
grisha and fay watching an airship grisha joining the eldian restorationists titans forming the walls of paradis grisha with dina and zeke
58 Attack Titan 2019.06.24
The Titan introduces himself as Eren Kruger and has a final mission for Grisha. To give Grisha the power to recover the Founding Titan, Kruger will sacrifice himself by passing down the Attack Titan. Back at present, the military council reveals their findings from Grisha's journal. All subjects within the walls, as well as the Pure Titans they have been fighting, are all Eldians who are able to inherit Titan powers. The rest of the known world fears the island of devils and will do anything to ensure they never use the power of the Titan to conquer again.
using the titan spinal fluid on eldians ymir and the founding titan queen historia
59 Beyond the Walls 2019.07.01
Six years after the Colossal Titan's attack, the Scouts have once again resumed expeditions outside the walls. Wall Maria is free of Titans, allowing people to finally rebuild their lives. Traveling further than they've ever been, Eren and the others look out over the sea for the first time. Eren had always believed there would be freedom on the other side of the sea but the truth is, there are only enemies there. In a question to the others, Eren wonders if they can finally be free by killing all of their enemies.
Queen Historia at the award ceremony Rebuilding Wall Maria Eren and the Scouts riding beyond the walls Armin looking out over the sea