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Chio's School Road

1. Because the School is There | Chio-chan and Hosokawa-san  
chio taking a shortcut on the roof to school rooftop path hosokawa waving chio falling into a pile of garbage
2. Bloody Butterfly Effect | Manana, Ootoro, and Me | Bump of Slave  
biker thug in alley girls kissing to hide from classmates chio school uniform schoolgirls taunting lying salaryman
3. Bloody Butterfly Effect 2 | The Kabaddic Four  
andou with blood on his face chio bloody butterfly chio using her computer chio sliding under hosokawa's legs
4. Smoke on the Sailor | Taking the Cherry Blossom in Your Hand | Manana's School Road  
chio posig for edgy pictures gotou sensei school gate andou's part-time job chio delivering newspapers
5. Thank You, George | Mananacchio  
chio in the men's bathroom chio stuck in a public bathroom window disciplinary commitee observing chio and manana shinozuka momo blushing
6. Everyone's Own Path | Chio-chan Eludes  
hit or miss i guess they never miss huh? kushitori camping in the city park with an old man to train at kabaddi chio sneaking along the bottom of a bridge most awkard save ever
7. Convenience Store Chio-chan | Chio-chan and the Duel | Remnants of that Day  
chio looking at a boys love magazine chio hiding embarrassing an magazine kancho two-handed kancho
8. Yuki-chan Doesn't Care | Chio Fisher | Momo-chan's Story  
revealing tracksuit hosokawa running start chio climbing between two buildings chio taking a victory selfie
9. Chio-chan Changes Her Image | Flat Cut  
praying for success at a shrine chio blonde makeover - what have we done? chio drawn to an appealing pipe manana's daydream nightmare about chio as a wealthy housewife
10. Shinozuka-san, Sugar, and the Press Conference | Thousand Spring | Andou and George  
momo eating sweets chiharu attacking her brother chio outside convenience store manana knocking andou out of the scene
11. Chio at Midnight | Apocri!|  
chio gaming chio dressed in underwear manana listening to the news in pajamas chio body odor check
12. Just one Masterful Method | Yuki-chan Bares It All  
chio's house dragged off manana and hosokawa going bare chio's school friends