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Darling in the Franxx

In a bleak distant future, the last remnants of human civilization are besieged by monolithic beasts called Klaxxosaurs. Taking refuge in massive mobile forces called Plantations, their only line of defense against these terrifying beasts are giant fighting robots called Franxx. Operated with a single boy-girl pair, each Franxx can wield a power dependent on the connection between both pilots. With no end in sight to the struggle for their very survival, the graduating class of Plantation 13 are about to embark on an adventure that will change the course of humanity forever.

List of Episodes

1. Alone and Lonesome  
On the eve of their graduation, an important delegation visits Plantation 13 with news of a powerful new Franxx, the Strelizia, to be tested out against the Klaxxosaurs. Dr. Franxx himself is among them, as well as a mysterious pink haired girl referred to only as Zero-Two. Among the students of Plantation 13 is Hiro, who has failed at becoming a pilot and is preparing to leave since he has no purpose there anymore. When a Klaxxosaur inevitably attacks, Zero-Two deploys and her fatal toll experienced by all of her now deceased co-pilots are revealed to everyone. With a final opportunity to make himself useful, Hiro volunteers to be her partner as the Klaxxosaur bears down upon Plantation 13 once again.
meeting zero two at the lake dr. franxx and nana klaxosaur attacking the plantation franxx fighting a klaxxosaur
2. What it Means to Connect  
Hiro returns to the orphanage with the other cadets and everyone conducts a test run of their new Franxx. Hiro is not officially recognized as Zero-Two's partner so he is unable to participate. Ichigo volunteers to be his temporary partner so he can take the exam. During the mock battle, they are able to connect momentarily but are unable to continue. Still wanting to help Hiro, Ichigo finds out first hand what happens when you try to pilot a Franxx solo.
ichigo and hiro outside the orphanage orphanage dining room zero two in the city of adults franxx pilot duel
3. Fighting Puppet  
The orphans are given their first real mission against a Klaxxosaur that is harassing a mine on the outskirts of a Plantation. As the operation unfolds, Mitsuru and Ikuno fall out of connection and the rest are forced to go without them. Upon arriving at the mines, there are more Klaxxosaur there than predicted and they find themselves surrounded. Zero-Two wants to go out again with Hiro but is denied. Seizing on the opportunity to prove he is truly superior to Hiro after all, Mitsuru volunteers to pilot the Strelizia with her. They are able to cut through the Klaxxosaur horde with ease and rescue everyone but upon returning to base, Mitsuru is revealed to be heavily wounded and barely responsive in the cockpit.
hiro's childhood orphanage living room nana in the control room strelizia slaying a klaxosaur
4. Flap Flap  
Mitsuru is still in recovery after surviving piloting the Strelizia with Zero-Two. Ichigo pleads with Hiro not to pilot that Franxx again so he doesn't end up like all of Zero-Two's other partners but he is still determined to make himself useful to everyone. Zero-Two is called back to the front lines by command but when another Klaxxosaur attacks the Plantation, Hiro pleads with her a final time to be his partner in the Strelizia.
papa in his control room franxx fighting a klaxosaur zero-two and hiro klaxosaur core
5. Your Thorn, My Badge  
Plantation 13 sets a course to Plantation 26 in order to dock in an operation referred to as 'kissing'. Everyone is excited for the ceremony thrown for them by the adults, but Hiro is hiding is rapidly deteriorating health as a result from being Zero-Two's partner. Unfortunately, the two connected Plantations make a prime target for the Klaxxosaurs and a massive group is headed right for them.
franxx in the plantation's dock battle plan in the control room zero-two with hiro at the lake
6. Darling in the Franxx  
A plan is devised to make use of Plantation 26's veteran pilots as the front line of defense and 13's rookies bringing up the rear. The first wave is defeated easily enough but the real threat is revealed as a massive Gutenburg class Klaxxosaur. Leaping into action, Zero-Two charges forward and fiercely attacks but fails to destroy its core. On the verge of losing consciousness, Hiro gives her the last bit of energy he has left so she can complete her mission.
hiro waving hiro suffering saurification zero-two going berserk wings of the strelizia
7. Shooting Star Moratorium  
As recognition of their achievements in saving both Plantations, Squad 13 is given some time off to spend at the nearby beach. After looking around a bit, they find a path leading to some weird old buildings that are revealed to be the ruins of an ancient city. The ancient society is confusing to them since they have never heard of humans living outside of Plantations but everyone is eager to explore.
franxx pilots at the beach finding ruins of the old surface city zero-two campfire at the beach ichigo and hiro looking at the stars
8. Boys x Girls  
On a seemingly routine mission, they end up defeating a Klaxxosaur that explodes into a clothing-dissolving liquid all over each Franxx. When most of the boys react as expected, the girls begin a feud that separates the orphanage house in two - with no boys allowed in their section. To her own amusement, Zero-Two tries to get the boys to walk in on the girls in the bath but when things cascade out of control, Nana steps in and puts an end to it all. Kokoro is still disturbed by the pregnancy book she discovered in the surface city and looking for a place to be alone from the chaos of the orphanage. Everyone joins in searching for her and they find an old room, not disturbed since its last occupant, before they all came to live there.
boys and girls dividing the orphanage feud between boys and girls zero-two up to no good battle of the baths
9. Triangle Bomb  
Facing off against another Gutenburg class Klaxxosaur, Goro and Ichigo's Delphinium is caught within its gelatinous body. Seeing no other choice, Goro ejects Ichigo from the Franxx so at least one of them will survive. Squad 13 must now race against time to rescue Goro before his life support runs out and he resorts to desperate measures to destroy the Klaxxosaur and himself along with it.
zero-two looking in the mirror gutenburg class klaxosaur goro trapped in the cockpit ichigo suited up
10. The City of Eternity  
For their continues success, the children of Squad 13 are invited to the city of adults for a medal ceremony. The ceremony is brief but everyone is excited to see the city for the first time. Zorome gets separated from the group looking around and ends up meeting an adult. Though she seems familiar, the adult woman seems like she is from a different world, sheltered away in this grand city.
looking at the city the city of adults zorome meeting an adult zorome being decontaminated
11. Partner Shuffle  
Squad 13 is out in the field running defense for a secret 'S-Planning' operation. Mitsuru collapses in the middle of a minor skirmish and Nana discovers it was due to a risky operation he had many years ago that allowed him to become a Parasite. She gives the rest of Squad 13 the option of changing partners and Kokoro wants to become Mitsuru's partner, much to Futoshi's disappointment. Ikuno wants to attempt a pistil-pistil connection with Ichigo but is unable to sync properly. Another Klaxxosaur appears, giving Kokoro a chance to test her connection to Mitsuru. Faltering at first, she talks him through it successfully and they enter a special 'Stampede Mode' state where a Franxx Pilot connection is in overdrive.
s-planning operation nana visiting mitsuru in the hospital klaxosaur attack kokoro in the franxx cockpit
12. The Garden Where it all Began  
Squad 13 is sent back to the Garden facility where they grew up and end up meeting the Nines, Zero-Two's former squad. Everyone is to be examined but Zero-Two is the obvious reason for them being here. Zero-Two has become increasingly obsessed with killing Klaxxosaurs, as part of Dr. Franxx's promise that doing so will bring her closer to being human. APE personnel are concerned she will begin Saurification at this rate and go completely out of control. Deploying to defend against yet another wave of Klaxxosaur, Zero-Two goes berserk in the cockpit and attacks Hiro. In that moment, Hiro is able to recall a past that has been hidden from him and the others.
nines squad of franxx pilots zero-two attacking garden pupil stampede mode
13. The Beast and the Prince  
14. Punishment and Confession  
15. Jian  
16. Days of Our Lives  
17. Eden  
18. When the Sakura Blooms  
19. Inhumanity  
20. A New World  
21. For You, My Love  
22. Stargazers  
23. Darling in the Franxx  
24. Never Let Me Go