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Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory Episodes

1. Zero Hour  
Tessa and Leonard Testerossa meet over their parents' graves and declare in no uncertain terms that they will continue to oppose each other. Back in Tokyo, Leonard appears in Chidori's apartment and gives them fair warning that his organization Amalgam has grown impatient and will become more aggressive if she continues to refuse to cooperate. Sosuke contacts Tessa at Mithril to get them both out of there but Amalgam soon launches attacks on Mithril bases all over the world. With Mithril's resources tied up in defensive measures, Sosuke and Chidori have no choice but to go on the run themselves.
2. Damage Control  
Sosuke and Chidori lead their attackers throughout the city in a destructive firefight as they fight for their lives. Mithril is finally able to deploy Sosuke's Arbalest which he uses to handily defeat the remaining Amalgam forces in the city. Back at Mithril's Merida Island base, they must defend long enough to get the Tuatha de Danaan prepped for evacuation. After multiple cruise missiles make it through their defense system and cause massive damage, a mop up force including three Behemoths are sent to finish them off. Things turn bleak back in Tokyo as well when Chidori receives a call informing her that her entire class is being held hostage.
3. Big One Percent  
The behemoths continue to shell the base and though Weber destroys one with his sniper rifle, the assault resulted in heavy casualties. With Amalgam forces right on their doorstep, the Tuatha de Danaan is finally ready to launch.
4. On My Own  
Sosuke devises a plan to rescue their classmates by setting up a fake meeting to stall for time, jamming the bomb signal and using his mech as bait. The jamming succeeds and the students are evacuated while the bombs are disarmed. Kurama, who is leading the hostage operation, is bailed out by Leonard in person with his powerful custom Arms Slave. Easily defeating Sosuke and destroying the Arbalest, Chidori agrees to go with him in order to spare Sosuke's life.
5. Welcome to the Jungle  
Hiding out in Namsac, Sosuke falls in with a group of AS tournament fighters. Lead by a young girl named Nami, they are impressed by Sosuke's abilities that are unlike anything they have ever seen before. They are also joined by a foreign photographer named Michel Lemon whose financial resources prove invaluable to the rag-tag group.
6. Rotten Repose  
They complete the overhaul of their Arm Slave that they have nicknamed Crossbow. Sosuke continues fighting his way up the ranks while they continue to freeload at Lemon's hotel room. Sosuke and Lemon are arrested while shopping for equipment by the corrupt local police chief and are 'urged' to cooperate in the rigged tournament system. Sosuke instead asks to take part in the illegal underground arena, which are often battles to the death. As his true plan starts to take shape, Sosuke is one step closer to Amalgam. Nami is furious at the news they will be competing in the underground tournament and Sosuke tells her the truth about what he is doing.
7. Giant Killing  
Leaving for their first underground match, they are stopped by the corrupt police force and Sosuke is instructed to travel to the battle site in the mech alone. As it turns out, his opponent is battling a state of the art M9, far outclassing Sosuke's outdated Arms Slave. Sosuke expertly takes advantage of the environment and eventually collapses some ruins on them both. Using his mech's superior hydraulic power, he is able to break free of the rubble and stand victorious over his opponent. With him out of the way and Amalgam's compound nearby, Sosuke continues on foot.
8. One-Man Force  
Arriving at the compound, Sosuke is greeted by Kurama holding Nami hostage and with a large force who are clearly expecting him. Leon shoots Nami out without waiting for him to respond to his ultimatum in order to bait Sosuke out. Sosuke attacks and is soon joined by Lemon and his team of French operators who soon make quick work of the compound's mercenaries. Kurama flees and Sosuke pursues with his Savage, plowing through corrupt police and mercenary alike.
9. The Fallen Witch  
In San Francisco, a despondent Tessa is found walking around the streets and is brought in for psychiatric evaluation at a hospital. She tells Dr. Witt of how there was a mutiny aboard her ship after she had shot an insubordinate ringleader. Dumping her out on the streets, she had been wandering around until she was picked up by authorities. Obviously refusing to believe her tale about a high tech submarine and secret mercenary organization, Dr. Witt orders her to be transferred to a nearby mental institution. While being transferred, Amalgam ambushes them in order to capture Tessa. They soon find their fortunes reversed when Mithril forces launch their own ambush, revealing this entire facade was just a ruse in order to get Amalgam to reveal themselves.
10. Onward, Onward!  
Still recovering from his wounds, Sosuke wakes up 56 days after his fight with Kurama and must fight for his life alongside Lemon's mercenaries when they are suddenly attacked by Amalgam. Tessa returns to the Tuatha de Danaan and reiterates that their primary objective is still to capture Leonard alive. Sosuke decides to visit an old friend, Lieutenant Courtney, to help him get back into shape for his final assault on Amalgam.
11. Stormy Night  
From the wreckage of the Arbalest, a group of scientists in Alaska have recovered and repaired its AI system. In the services of his new employer Leonard, Kalinin seizes the AI and returns it to Amalgam's compound. As Sosuke begins his assault, he runs into Mao and Kurz who are just about to begin Mithil's operation there. Finally joining up with his old friends, they attack together against Amalgam's mercenaries.
12. Make My Day  
After losing his AS to a trap, Sosuke continues on foot while his friends hold off the three elite Amalgam Arm Slaves but arrives too late to stop Leonard. While Leonard escapes with Chidori aboard a cargo plane, he tests her defiance by giving her a loading gun and daring her to shoot. As he watches them fly away, Mithril is finally able to deploy Sosuke's Laevatein, with AI already installed on it. Using Laevatein, he easily fights through all remaining Amalgam forces. Back aboard the plane, Chidori commands Kalinin at gunpoint to contact Sosuke by radio. She tells him to rescue her no matter what the cost is. With a clear mission ahead, Sosuke rejoins his friends at Mithril aboard the Tuatha de Danaan.