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Goblin Slayer

1. The Fate of Particular Adventurers  
In the dangerous world of adventuring, fortune favors the prepared. A young Priestess departs on her first quest along with three other beginners from the Adventurer's Guild. At Porcelain Rank, they are not experienced enough to do much but leap at the chance to do some goblin slaying. The inexperienced party quickly finds themselves in an ambush upon entering the goblin den and as reality sets in and their grim fate a certainty, a mysterious figure appears.
newbie party priestess total party kill goblin slayer eye
2. Goblin Slayer  
Goblin Slayer returns to the farm he lives at with Cow Girl and her father. Having grown up there after losing his family, he is diligent in his patrols to ensure no goblins are in the area. Though Goblin Slayer is a high rank within the Adventures Guild, he always accepts goblin slaying requests exclusively. There is an abnormally large amount of requests lately and he accepts one to clear out a mountain castle that has been occupied by goblins. As he begins his attack on the castle, he tells the Priestess a bit about his childhood and a glimpse into his true hatred of goblins.
goblin slayer tracking guild hall guild receptionist fire arrows
3. Unexpected Visitors  
An Elf, a Dwarf and a Lizard walk into an Adventurer's Guild. They seem interested in meeting Goblin Slayer, who they refer to as Orcbolg or Beardcutter. As they leave to talk, other adventurers approach the Priestess to learn more about the mysterious Goblin Slayer. Meanwhile, the new trio explain to Goblin Slayer that the world is in peril due to the Demon Lord raising an army. Goblin Slayer is uninterested in any of that and declares that the world being in danger is no excuse to let the goblins live. To convince him to join their cause, they inform him of a nest of goblins occupying an area in the Elf lands that the army is unable to handle due to the war with the Demon Lord.
goblin slayer main party witch golbin guards at fortress scouting surprise attack
4. The Strong  
Entering the goblin infested fortress, the Elf is quick to spot a trap near the entrance. Normally this level of intelligence would suggest the presence of a Goblin Shaman, but Goblin Slayer is concerned since he noticed none of their telltale totems outside. Proceeding further, the find a captive victim of the goblins and free her. Soon after, they find the main goblin force has set up camp in the central area of the fortress. With a well coordinated plan of using Stupor and Silence on the goblins, the group is able to slay them at leisure while they lay helplessly. As they finish off the last of the goblins, the creature running the show makes an appearance and may prove more than the party is able to handle unless Goblin Slayer is able to pull another trick out of his sleeve.
elf detecting traps elf and goblin slayer close encounter sleeping goblin army ogre
5. Adventures and Daily Life  
While Goblin Slayer rests for well over two days back at the farm, two newbie adventurers are out clearing giant rats in the sewers below the city. They bite off a bit more than they can chew and though the escape with their lives, one loses his sword stuck within the body of a slain rat. They ask around the Guild Hall for help and Goblin Slayer suggests he use a club instead while the Witch gives them a Magic Candle from her private stash.

Before he can leave Goblin Slayer gets roped into being an observer for a promotion exam of another adventurer. During the exam, it's revealed that the adventurer, a Thief, has taken items from a chest for himself without the party's knowledge and suffers a demotion. Meanwhile, the newbies use Goblin Slayer's club suggestion to retrieve the lost sword. As the say draws to a close, the Adventurers guild receives a special request from the Sword Maiden of Water Town asking for Goblin Slayer specifically.
witch item stash wait don't go hunting giant sewer rats angry demoted thief on city streets
6. Goblin Slayer in the Water Town  
News reaches the Adventurer's Guild about a Hero and her party that has recently defeated some of the Demon Lord's high ranking lieutenants. Goblin Slayer is of course unconcerned with anything not directly related to killing goblins and departs for Water Town to meet with the Sword Maiden. Upon arriving, he begins the request of clearing out the goblins in the sewers below the city. These are no ordinary goblins though and are able to launch a surprise attack from boats on the sewer's channels. Unfortunately for them, a terrifying creature has also made its home in the murky waters of Water Town's sewers...
hero's party water town cathedral goblin shaman swamp dragon alligator
7. Onward Unto Death  
For their second foray into the sewers, Goblin Slayer brings along a canary to aid in detecting poison gas. This proves to be a wise decision as they find themselves trapped inside of a tomb with goblins pouring poison gas into it. In a desperate bid, they plug up any hole they can spot and wait for the goblin attack to come. Led by a Goblin Champion, the goblins still press their attack despite the ineffectiveness of the poison gas. On the verge of being overwhelmed when their protective spells falter, it's up to Goblin Slayer to turn the tide of battle through sheer tenacity.
priestess and sword maiden in bath goblin champion goblin slayer wounded coughing blood elf zerg swarmed by goblins
8. Whispers and Prayers and Chants  
Goblin Slayer makes a miraculous recovery thanks to the Priestess and her part in the Resurrection ritual. While Elf, Dwarf and Lizard continue to scout the sewers, Goblin Slayer and Priestess spend the day in town re-outfitting and having ice cream at the pier. They meet the Witch and Lancer who have delivered an item at Goblin Slayer's request that will soon prove invaluable for their next journey into the sewers.
goblin slayer without armor eating with helmet on priestess cute eye demon monster
9. There and Back Again  
The mysterious mirror guarded by the eye demon appears to be a gateway that allows travel between the Water Town sewers and the goblin's homeland of Green Moon. The goblins of course cannot afford to lose control of the mirror and are soon attacking the chamber's only door. The party barricades themselves within and strike at the goblins with ranged weapons while Lizard begins removing the mirror from the wall. With their overwhelming numbers, the party is on the verge of being overrun until the Dwarf uses his stone magic to collapse the chamber's roof upon the advancing goblins. With the mysteries of the mirror and swamp dragon in mind, Goblin Slayer confronts the Sword Maiden.
goblin camp magical mirror fighting goblins sword maiden
10. Dozing  
Goblin Slayer leaves the farm with Cow Girl to travel to the city in order to get his armor repaired. News soon reaches them of the Demon Lord's defeat at the hands of the Hero and her party. Goblin Slayer travels around town unrecognized by any of the other adventurers without his armor. While they all share a meal together later, Guild Girl reveals there may be a training hall opened within the city that would recruit veteran adventurers to teach. This idea appeals to Cow Girl since Goblin Slayer can't adventure forever and will need to settle down eventually.
goblin slayer childhood sister goblin slayer no armor adventurers sparring goblin slayer's workshop
11. Adventurer's Feast  
Goblin Slayer finds goblin tracks during his routine patrol of the farm and due to their immense numbers, he believes they may be led by the king of goblins, the Goblin Lord. With an imminent attack of well over 100 goblins, he has no choice but to make a desperate appeal to the members of the town's Adventurer's Guild.
cow girl cryinggoblin slayer asking for help at the Adventurer's GuildGoblin Army Goblin Slayer's red eye
12. The Fate of an Adventurer  
While the Adventurers use Goblin Slayer's tactics with stunning success at the farm, Goblin Slayer faces off against the Goblin Lord in the nearby forest. Though he is out of his element in the open, he has learned to depend on his allies and the Priestess comes through once again for him. Later back at the Adventurer's Guild, the experience inspires Goblin Slayer to become an adventurer while the Priestess requests a well deserved reward from him.
goblin lord and twin moons resting after battle priestess sleeping on goblin slayer goblin slayer reveals his face