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Grand Blue

1. Deep Blue  
Iori Kitihara: 20 years old and first year student, returns to a seaside town from his childhood in order to attend Izu University. Staying with his extended family at the Grand Blue shop, he quickly falls in with the Diving Club and their many antics which of course include excessive drinking, random nudity, and on occasion they actually go diving. The night of drinking results in Iori waking up the next morning in just his underwear in front of the orientation hall. Making a deal for some new clothes with the Diving Club seniors, Iori is tasked with brining another new person along to the freshmen welcome party they are about to hold. Finding an otaku named Kohei, Iori returns to the party where they are quickly roped into a drinking contest.
2. Underwater  
Returning to Grand Blue with Chisa, Iori finds out Diving Club seniors Tokita and Kotobuki are going out drinking with some girls from the nearby women's college and wants to go too. Nanaka, who is living at Grand Blue with Iori and Chisa isn't willing to let him go out because he hasn't spent a single night at home since he arrived over 3 days ago. He devises a plan to decorate his room as an adult to show Nanaka how mature he is but his new friends all have differing ideas on what 'adult' should look like. When Iori has trouble getting into diving during club activities, Nanaka takes him to the local aquarium to show him the world underwater.
3. A New World  
The Diving Club needs to raise funds and wants Iori and Kohei to enter the upcoming school beauty contest for the prize money. They are given the alternative of convincing Chisa to enter the women's contest instead. With the help of Azusa Hamaoka from the nearby Oumi Women's University, they convince Chisa to enter, on the condition Iori and Kohei also enter the men's contest.
4. The Male Beauty Pageant  
Izu's Spring Festival is underway and Iori and Kohei are manning a stall for the Diving Club. When the pageant begins, the Diving Club attends to support Chisa. Noticing she looks a bit on the angry side, they try various things to bring out her cute side on stage, leaving an even angrier Chisa seeing only Iori throwing super balls in an effort to lift up her dress. Iori and Kohei are approached by another girl in heavy makeup, 'Cakey', who wants help with the girl's joke category. At the male beauty pageant, they make use of the joke category to play a joke on the tennis club captain Kudo by disguising Iori as Azusa. Chisa is finally able to get her revenge the following day by pretending that Iori, who is passed out nearby, is her boyfriend - earning him the animosity of every man there.
5. Too Late  
Iori and Kohei are getting death stares in the classroom - either due to the fact they are both hung over in their underwear, or that Chisa told everyone that Iori is her boyfriend. Whatever the reason is, Iori distracts them by promising to plan a mixer. Seeking Asuza's help, she brings a freshman girl named Aina Yoshizawa, who turns out to be none other than Cakey from the beauty contest. Iori and the others plan a method for declaring which girl they plan on going for. Arriving at the mixer, they find Aina has donned her 'Cakey' attire along with all of her friends. Iori and everyone else wants to bail but one friend, Yamamoto, has put all of his hopes on landing a girlfriend at this mixer and nothing is going to stand in his way.
6. First Buddy  
Iori begs Chisa to help him cheat on his German test but when she refuses, he must figure out a way to cheat on his own. He creates some miniature copies of his notes and everyone attempts to hide them in their own way, each with varying levels of failure. Aina decides to join the Diving Club but soon sees first hand their unique activities during her welcome party.
7. Doubles  
The Tennis Club and the Diving Club battle it out on the tennis court in a series of doubles matches. The two senpais are off to a strong start but it appears they were slipped some strong drinks beforehand by their opponents. After their attempts to sober them up fail, Iori and the Diving Club simply resort to fighting fire with fire. Aina and Chisa's match actually resembles a tennis game at first. The Diving Club attempts to bring out her anger by reminding her of the beauty contest skirt flip, resulting in her being more concerned with holding down her own skirt during the match. In the deciding match, Iori turns out to be a very strong player but Kohei is totally awful. Iori's desperate strategy becomes simply knocking out the opponents with his serve - until kohei's head gets in the way.
8. Men's Cocktails  
With almost enough money for an Okinawa trip, Iori and Kohei pick up part time jobs but keep losing it all on drinking every night after work. At a gathering later, they all wonder why their mutual friend Mitarai hasn't been hanging out with them lately. Iori gives him a call, only to notice a woman's voice in the background. Being true friends, they decide the only thing for them to do is head over to his place to sabotage his new relationship.
9. Shopping  
After successfully breaking up Mitarai and his new girlfriend, they want Iori to throw another mixer. When the Diving Club decides to play a game of truth or dare at Grand Blue, Iori and Kohei see their opportunity to recruit Azusa's help once again. Their version of truth or dare is drawing numbered chopsticks, on imprinted with a king's crown, who is able to give orders to one other by calling out a number with the dare. Iori and Kohei have the chopsticks rigged by shape and unevenness so they have a 50% chance of guessing the number anyone has. With astoundingly bad luck, they manage to get their mixer - just not in the way they had planned.
10. Arrival at Okinawa  
They finally arrive in Okinawa, though things are a bit cramped as they have four people in a room meant for two. Later at the beach, Iori and Kohei decide the one who will have to sleep on the floor will be the one who falls of the banana boat first. Having all of the same ideas at sabotage, they both fall off at nearly the same time with Kohei winning by a nose. Since they have their diving license test soon and everyone will need a fill night's rest, Azusa and Nanaka suggests that Iori spend the night in their room. Iori is unsurprisingly unable to get any sleep lying between two beautiful women.
11. You Have the Wrong Idea  
Though Iori has the test down perfectly since he distracted himself the whole night studying, he is still uncomfortable being underwater. Even Chisa isn't able to help him overcome his fear. Iori attempts to put himself more at ease in the water by taking off his swimming trunks, only to see a police man patrolling around the hotel. Unable to leave the pool for fear of being seen nude, Iori is unable to leave the pool for the entire night. Having developed a cold from spending all night in the pool, Iori is unable to take the license test the next day.
12. Otori  
The group heads out to Miyakojima to go diving but Iori isn't able to go on the third dive because it's at a depth you need to be licensed for. Chisa sees Iori appearing to sulk around the ship because she assumes he is depressed about not being able to dive with the rest of them - only to find out he is simply just seasick. Later that night, they plan to hold their Otori (endless drinking) party. Drinking out of the same pot, everyone begins to add their own favorite drink, all of which have a high alcohol content. In order to survive, Iori and Kohei attempt to find a way to dilute it by adding water. On the flight home, they are left with many new memories, some more clear than others.