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How Not to Summon a Demon Lord
Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu

1. The Demon Lord Act  

In the fantasy MMORPG Cross Reverie, legendary player Takuma Sakamoto reigns supreme from his own personal lair with his incredible gear and skill. While a feared demon lord named Diablo in game, he is a reclusive shut-in in real life. One moment he is in his room playing and in the next he suddenly finds himself at Skyfall Tower, a location within the game. The tower is a place that players can obtain rare summons at and it appears that the elf Shera and the pantherian Rem somehow brought him to this world.

When the standard enslavement command backfires due to Diablo's powerful magic resistance ring, the two girls are suddenly bound to him instead. Diablo quickly realizes his incredible level and gear advantage has transferred over, apparently making him one of the most powerful people in the game world. When Rem realizes this, she shares with him the reason that they underwent the Summoning Ceremony.

starfall tower arguing girls slave collars
2. Strongest Newcomer  
The trio decide to go to the city's adventurers guild so they can begin accepting quests. During a routine magical affinity assessment, Diablo scores off the chart prompting the guildmaster Sylvie to meet with them personally. She gives them a quest to slay a Madara Snake in the Man-Eating Woods for a much larger reward than the newbie quests would yield. Arriving at their destination, they are ambushed by elves who want to bring Shera home, who just happens to be the Princess of Greenwood.
guild hall elf fighters angry emote
3. Fallen Assault  
To make up for the last unfortunate quest, Sylvie offers the group an easy quest with an absurdly high reward - to simply deliver some food to a nearby bridge fort of Ulug. Upon leaving, they meet a pompous mid-level knight named Emile Bichel Berger, whom the two girls are already acquainted with. The situation at the bridge is gloom with a massive army of demons referred to as the Fallen headed that way. Diablo realizes the defense at the bridge is too pathetic to stop the Fallen army so in contrast to his adopted character, he decides to stay and help.
bridge siege edelgard demon girl
4. Point-Blank War Dance  

Back in the city of Faltra, trouble brews for Rem and Celes, the mage guild leader. Celes's former lackey, Galluk, was tricked into becoming an avatar for a Fallen after bitterly losing his battle against Diablo earlier. Just as they are about to be cornered, Emile swoops in to save them. Back at the Ulug Bridge, Diablo fights at a level that is astonishing to everyone - even the leader of the Fallen army, Edelgard. When Diablo hears that a fallen has infiltrated Faltra, he knows he must stop taking it easy on her so he unleashes a devastating White Nova to quickly put an end to their battle.

5. Imperial Knight  
6. Slave Market  
7. Change of Heart  
8. Hero's Charge  
9. Holy Knight Tale  
10. The Demon Lord's Resurrection  
11. The Young Girl Awakens  
12. Battle for Legitimacy