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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind

1. Gold Experience  
In the city of Naples, located in southern Italy, Giorno Giovanna makes a living as a thief. Not simply out for personal gain, he fancies himself as a Robin Hood figure and uses his Stand, Gold Experience (Golden Wind), to root out corruption in order to make the city a better place. When Koichi arrives from Japan with a mission from Jotaro, Giorno picks the wrong mark. Not expecting another stand user, Giorno cuts his losses and escapes with Koichi's luggage. It isn't long before Giorno is confronted by 'Leaky Eye' Luca who demands money for operating on his turf but his impulsiveness proves to be his undoing. Hopping aboard a cable car, Giorno's day is about to get even more bizarre when he is approached by Bruno Bucciarati who is investigating Luca's death.
giorno on the streets of naples giorno taxi scam at airport with koichi leaky eye luca with spqr shovel bruno bucciarati
2. Bucciarati is Coming  
Bruno's stand, Sticky Fingers, is able to unzip any object or person. Giorno has never needed to use Gold Experience directly against another person before and to Bucciarati's surprise, he is able to overcome Sticky Fingers. Deciding to back off and reassess the situation against this powerful newcomer, Bucciarati makes his escape by using Sticky Fingers to hide himself in a random person at the bus station. Knowing this powerful stand will allow Bucciarati to attack at any time of his choosing to devastating effect, Giorno gives chase. He cleverly uses Gold Experience to turn one of Bruno's knocked out teeth from earlier into a fly which is now mindlessly trying to return to its owner.
giorno childhood bullies bruno's zipper attack sticky fingers stand golden wind stand
3. Meet the Gangster Behind the Wall  
After a heart to heart, Giorno and Bucciarati come to an understanding and begin working together. With their shared goal of taking over the criminal organization Passione, which holds the entire city in its hands, they set their sights on their first objective: getting Giorno into the organization. Nobody knows the identity of the mysterious figure heading Passione but the Capos who work under him are the ones who run the organization under his direction. Giorno goes to meet the Capo Polpo in a high security prison and given a simple yet surprisingly difficult mission - to keep a lighter's flame from going out for one full day until his return tomorrow.
giorno bruno plans gigantic polpo in prison cell lighter flame black sabbath soul kill
4. Joining the Gang  
With the lighter extinguished, Giorno is attacked by what appears to be Polpo's remote Stand, Black Sabbath. With his soul about to be pulled out though his shadow, Giorno barely counters with Gold Experience. Noticing Black Sabbath is restricted to places where shadows are cast, he realizes time is running out as the sun is about to set. Koichi, who is still tracking Giorno for his stolen Luggage, has also become a target and they both agree to work together. Black Sabbath is able to snare Giorno once again by moving under a flying crow's shadow but with Koichi's help, it is held at bay long enough for Giorno to wilt the tree overhead to remove its shadow and destroy Black Sabbath with direct sunlight. With the reignited lighter, Giorno is able to return to Polpo, who doesn't even realize his remote Stand was released, and welcomed into the Passione organization.
black sabbath arrow attack black sabbath stand exposing black sabbath to sun by destroying a tree passione gang badge
5. Find Polpo's Treasure  
With Polpo dead, his position and hoard of treasure are both up for grabs. Bucciarati takes Giorno to his restaurant to meet the rest of his team where they give Giorno a less than hospitable welcome. With their sights on Polpo's stash, Bucciarati takes his team to the island of Capri by boat. It turns out to be anything but smooth sailing when journey interrupted midway by other Stand users from Passione who are also seeking the treasure.
giorno in naples bucciarati's restaurant bucciarati's team on the boat soft machine stand
6. Moody Blues' Counter Attack  
Giorno is taken next by the strange attack and seemingly vanishes into the deck's drain. To get a clear picture on what transpired, Abbacchio uses Moody Blues to replay the moment when Narancia was taken. Seeing him deflate like a balloon and get pulled into a drain, Bucciarati believes their hidden enemy is moving through the boat's drain system but Sticky Fingers reveals nothing. When Abbacchio is the next to be taken, Bucciarati is left to unravel the mystery on his own.
abbacchio's flashback sticky fingers unzipping the boat soft machine stand talking fly!?
7. Sex Pistols Appears 1  
The enemy is revealed to be Mario Zucchero with the Stand Soft Machine. When their colorful interrogation technique bears no fruit, Abbacchio uses Moody Blues to discover Zucchero's partner Sale is already waiting for them on Capri. Giorno suggests sending out a small team ahead to take out Sale by surprise and Mista volunteers to go with him. Since they don't know what Sale looks like, Giorno calls in a fake radio call for him so Guido can take him out with his Stand, the Sex Pistols. The plan seems to fail when no one in the crowd responds to the call until Mista sees a figure has entered the booth without going through the door somehow. Wounding him with Sex Pistols, Mista gives chase out the back door only to find an empty street with a delivery truck that has begun to drive off.
interrogating mario zucchero narancia's dance mista sex pistols giorno doing recon
8. Sex Pistols Appears 2  
Hanging on to the moving truck, Mista finds Sale and takes aim for a perfect headshot. Sale's Stand, Kraftwerk, is unfortunately perfectly suited to take on Mista's Sex Pistols as it is able to affix people and objects into place, including bullets.
mista's flashback sex pistols stand kraftwerk stand mista with gun
9. The First Mission From the Boss  
With Sale out of the picture, Bucciarati takes the rest of his team to Capri. They are approached by a cleaning crew who turns out to be none other than Pericolo, a Capo of Passione. Bucciarati then recovers Polpo's fortune which has been zipped into a urinal in a public bathroom and is rewarded with the promotion to Capo by turning it over to Pericolo.
narancia making a good first impression with trish polpo's stash in the bathroom the capo pericolo trish una
10. Hitman Team  
The first member of the Hitman Team out to capture Trish finds Narancia out on an errand mission while everyone else hides out in a safe house at a nearby vineyard. Seemingly fending him off with his Stand Aerosmith, he realizes too late that Formaggio's Stand Little Feet is working its magic. Continuing to shrink, he realizes the culprit is hiding in his pocket but Little Feet also works in reverse and Formaggio returns a pen to its normal size as a distraction and hides again. Aerosmith continues to hunt Formaggio until he realizes the Stand is able to locate targets by their breathing. Taking advantage of a stampede of rats in the sewer, he attempts to escape Narancia's deadly Stand.
formaggio shrunken narancia's aerosmith stand narancia shrunken formaggio little feet
11. Narancia's Aerosmith  
Formaggio survives a volley from Aerosmith by using Little Feet to return to a normal size at the last moment and pins Narancia under his foot. He reveals the Hitman Team is after Trish because learning her Stand may be the key to finding the identity of the Boss. He puts Narancia in a bottle with a spider in an attempt to force him to reveal the location of the safe house. Narancia attempts to shoot the Spider with Aerosmith but it fails and he is pitted against it in a fight for his life. Noticing the map that was dropped earlier, he realizes it contains it shows the location of the vineyard and he doesn't need Narancia after all. He is in for a surprise however - Narancia wasn't shooting at the spider with Aerosmith, he was targeting the gas tank of the car right next to Formaggio.
narancia shrunken narancia in a bottle with a spider showdown with formaggio vineyard safe house
12. The Second Mission from the Boss  
Giorno, Abbacchio and Fugo are sent out to Pompeii to complete the Boss's second mission for the team - to retrieve a special key hidden under a mosaic of a dog. Looking around he archaeological site, Fugo notices a man approaching them in a mirror's reflection but when he turns around' there's nobody there. Giorno and Abbacchio suddenly disappear and when he notices everything appears to be in reverse, Fugo realizes that he has been pulled into the mirror world. His Stand Purple Haze is unable to manifest within the mirror but it appears outside beside Giorno and Abbacchio seemingly searching for a target. Illuso approaches Fugo alongside his Stand, Man in the Mirror, to find out what their objective is in Pompeii.
fugo reflection disappearing into the mirror world man in the mirror stand purple haze stand
13. Man in the Mirror and Purple Haze  
Abbacchio nears the mosaic for the key and Illuso leaves Fugo behind to investigate. He pulls Abbacchio inside his mirror realm only to discover that it was actually his Moody Blues Stand which can now stay in the mirror realm since it was invited in. Illuso is up against the ropes until he uses the broken mirror shards in the room to his advantage and fuses Abbacchio to his stand within and outside of the mirror realm. As the last man left, Giorno is also pulled inside of the mirror with one deadly trick up his sleeve - he has intentionally poisoned himself with Purple Haze's toxin.
abbacchio mirror reflection giorno in the mirror with the key illuso and purple haze
14. Express Train to Florence  
At the train station, Bucciarati attempts to use the key at the fountain but it clearly isn't meant for the lock there. Knowing they can't stay there long, he is about to leave when he spots a strange turtle with a key-shaped indent on its shell. Prosciutto and Pesci from the Hitman Team follow them onto the train but to their surprise, Bucciarati is nowhere to be found. Pesci's Stand, Beach Boy isn't able to detect them because the strange turtle has an even stranger ability. Possessing the Stand Mr. President, the turtle is able to allow passage to a large room within its shell while the key is inserted. Knowing Bucciarati's team has to be aboard the train somewhere, Prosciutto uses his Stand the Grateful Dead to rapidly age passengers aboard the train and within the turtle alike in an attempt to flush them out of wherever they are hiding.

Bucciarati knows that since Prosciutto wouldn't risk killing Trish, he must be intentionally targeting the male passengers aboard the train. He believes that since women have lower body temperatures than men, keeping themselves cool will slow the aging process. Armed with their supply of ice from within the turtle, Mista is sent out to put an end to the Grateful Dead effect with his Sex Pistols.
staring at trish's cleavage bucciarati with the key grateful dead stand aging narancia mista on the train
15. The Grateful Dead 1  
Mista isn't able to remove Pesci's Beach Boy line from his hand, even with bullets. With quick thinking, he fires multiple bullets to the front of the train to destroy Pesci's glass of ice and in a panic, he drops the rod and the Stand's effect along with it. With Pesci seemingly at his mercy, Mista is surprised when Prosciutto, disguised as one of the passengers, grabs him and gives him the full effect of the Grateful Dead. With Mista weakened, Prosciutto fires several shots into his head and leaves with Pesci to find the others. As they finally find the turtle hiding under the conductor seat, they prepare to attack in full force.
pesci's beach boy stand prosciutto shooting mista prosciutto and pesci finding the turtle bucciarati and prosciutto outside the train
16. The Grateful Dead 2  
Bucciarati's surprise attack with Sticky Fingers takes Prosciutto right outside of the train, leaving only Pesci to deal with. With all of his resolve, Pesci is determined to finish the job even though Prosciutto won't make it through. Bucciarati escapes the Beach Boy line and cleverly unzips himself into multiple parts to keep it from being able to detect him. Pesci panics, believing that his target has left the train somehow and uses the controls to bring it to a halt. Outside of the train, he finds Bucciarati between himself and the fatally wounded Prosciutto.
pesci's beach boy stand bucciarati unzipped into pieces arrivederci trish's stand
17. Baby Face  
Melone is the next member of the Hitman Team to come after Bucciarati. With the Stand Baby Face, he uses one of the female train passengers as host to create a remote Stand which he can communicate with through his computer. The team is out getting a new car after Mista causes the truck carrying the turtle to crash when Baby Face finds Giorno. Sneaking into the turtle, Trish and Bucciarati disappear right from under Giorno's nose. He attempts to call the others over when he realizes a part of his throat is now missing. When Gold Experience has limited effect against Baby Face, he realizes that this strange new Stand is very similar to his own. Where Baby Face is able to transform living objects into inanimate ones, Gold Experience is able to do exactly the opposite.
woman on the train ceiling giorno giorno missing an eye baby face stand
18. Head to Venice!  
Bucciarati receives another order from the Boss to use Abbacchio's Moody Blues to rewind time within the turtle by 14 hours. The Capo Pericolo appears to give them his final order - the location of a disc that contains instructions for the handover of Trish to the Boss. Ghiaccio, who was called in to help Melone, tracks down Giorno and Mista who are heading to the final objective alone. His Stand White Album is used to deadly effect on their car and Mista's bullets are unable to pierce his Stand's armor. With the freeze crawling in all around them, Giorno attempts to make use of the water below and drives the car off of the bridge into the canal.
melone di molto pericolo moody blues mista frozen in the car white album stand
19. White Album  
White Album is more powerful than Giorno anticipated but the waters still slow its effect enough for Mista to come up with a plan. Using Gold Experience to create grass from parts of the car, he gathers it in the shape of a snowboard as it freezes. He slides near the objective until Ghiaccio drops the freeze, plunging Mista into the water. Mista uses Sex Pistols to embed a piece of car shrapnel from the ruined board into Ghiaccio's helmet and shoot it through with a bullet. Giorno wants to get their objective and escape but Mista wants to finish him off. Diving under the water after him, he finds Ghiaccio is still very much alive but also discovers a potential flaw in his armor.
white album freezing giorno ghiaccio vs bullet ghiaccio's armor mista shot
20. The Final Mission From the Boss  
disembarking boat at capri bucciarati and giorno trish in the elevator king crimson stand
21. The Mystery of King Crimson  
giorno on the boat bucciarati with trish bucciarati dead bucciarati victory
22. The G in Guts  
clash stand shark in the bottle squalo and tiziano narancia under the talking head stand
23. Clash and Talking Head  
narancia vs shark in the kitchen squalo shot narancia's aerosmith bucciarati's crew leaving for sardinia
24. Notorious B.I.G.  
25. Spice Girl  
26. A Little Story From The Past - My Name Is Doppio  
27. King Crimson vs. Metallica  
28. Beneath a Sky on the Verge of Falling  
29. Get to the Roman Colosseum!  
30. Green Day and Oasis 1  
31. Green Day and Oasis 2  
32. Green Day and Oasis 3  
33. His Name Is Diavolo  
34. The Requiem Quietly Plays 1  
35. The Requiem Quietly Plays 2  
36. Diavolo Surfaces  
37. King of Kings  
38. Gold Experience Requiem  
39. The Sleeping Slave