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Megalo Box

In a world with a clear division between those who have everything and those who have nothing, Megalo Boxer Junk Dog makes a living fighting in unsanctioned underground matches in the city slums. Fighting may be an overstatement however as the real money comes from throwing matches for profit, a scheme devised by his manager Nanbu and the mob boss Fujimaki. Frustrated with a life of losing to opponents well below his ability level, Junk Dog dreams of a life restricted only by his own abilities in the Megalo Boxing arena.

1. Buy or Die 2018.04.06
After a chance encounter with Yukiko, the head of the Megalonia Boxing organization and her bodyguard Yuri, Junk Dog decides he will no longer fight in matches with decided outcomes. The next match promises to show all he is worth when the Megalo Boxing Champ himself steps into the ring.
2. The Man Only Dies Once 2018.04.13
As the underground boxing ring's most exciting match ever unfolds, the champion Yuri toys with Junk Dog - fighting with only his left hand. Only when this scrappy no-name fighter's skill is revealed to be the real deal, does Yuri become serious as well. Though Junk Dog's ability and Gear are no match for Yuri, he still wants to continue fighting.

Being challenged to fight his way up to Yuri's ring at the Megalonia Boxing Championship, the crowd is left stunned during Junk Dog's next match where he soundly defeats his opponent for the first time in his underground boxing career. The mob boss Fujimaki is none too pleased about them not throwing the fight but decides to strike a different deal with them - to fight their way up to the Megalo Boxing Tournament. He even lets Junk Dog decide on his new name for the venture - Joe.
3. Gear is Dead 2018.04.20
Fighting with their antique junky Gear won't get them very far so a trip to the Goskino Factory is in order for an upgrade. Inside they meet Sachio and his group of friends making a living by selling stolen goods to the shop owner. When Sachio gets himself in trouble, a new team is formed with Joe and Nanbu.
4. Let's Dance with Death 2018.04.27
Joe's first match of the tournament is against Shark Samejima, a boxer notorious for fighting dirty. Nanbu comes up with a strategy to get Joe more attention: to fight gearless. The gimmick is incredibly risky and Joe is almost obliterated by Samejima's powerful strikes aided by his gear but with Nanbu's training focusing on mobility and speed, he may be able to hold his own after all. It is with this match the Megalonia Boxing sensation "Gearless Joe" is born.
5. The Man from Death 2018.05.04
Joe's next fight turns out to be a figure from Nanbu's past. A joyful reunion turns sour when Aragaki, Nanbu's former student, declares he will give his all to destroy Joe.
6. Until the Last Dog Dies 2018.05.11
In terms of skill, Aragaki is clearly on a different level and Nanbu wants to forfeit to spare Joe from injury. Joe however is full of surprises and is able to put what Nanbu has taught him to use against his former student.
7. The Road to Death 2018.05.18
Joe's next opponent is none other than Mikio Shirato, Yukiko's brother. Seemingly unstoppable, he uses the most advanced gear of all the Megalonia contenders. With an AI based system, it can predict and take action on its own based on the opponent's gear movements. Mikio has another card to play however, before Joe even enters the ring.
8. Deadline of the Dream 2018.05.25
Mikio's dirty trick wasn't just in an effort to gain an easy victory. It highlights a major weakness in his AI-based gear - it has no real advantage against an opponent who isn't wearing a gear, as it reads the actions of a boxer's gear. Knowing that Mikio hasn't released the info he holds against Joe, Nanbu shakes down Mikio's former gear engineer which leads him back to Yukiko to plead for a rematch. Joe takes action on his own though and crashes the finals ceremony to demand a fair match with Mikio.
9. A Dead Flower Shall Never Bloom 2018.06.01
Despite his apparent reliance on his gear, Mikio is no amateur and is easily the toughest opponent Joe has faced yet. Knowing that the gear can learn from a single action from its opponent, Joe is unable to use the same move twice. Knowing he is running out of time, Joe decides to use a totally unorthodox strategy the AI would have never seen before.
10. The Die is Cast 2018.06.08
Having made it to the finals, Joe finally learns the truth about what Nanbu and Fujimaki had planned all along. Joe rides off and ends up at the familiar repair shop near the slums. While Nanbu helps Sachio resolve his past connection to Yukiko, Joe eventually returns to Nowhere Gym.
11. A Deadmarch 2018.06.15
Fujimaki bets everything on Burroughs winning in the third round and "Gearless Joe" shows up to the match equipped with his old gear. The match is going just as it has been ordained until Sachio runs up to the ring demanding Joe not abandon his dream. With conflicted feelings, Nanbu also encourages Joe to win.
12. Leap Over the Edge of Death 2018.06.22
In preparation for their championship match, Yuri visits Mikio to have his gear removed in order to face Joe as an equal in the ring. The operation is not an easy one however and even Yukiko takes note of Yuri's conviction.
13. Born to Die 2018.06.29
As the Megalonia Championship match between Joe and Yuri begins, the two gearless fighters enter the ring for their first rematch since the underground ring in the slums. One year later, everyone gathers at the newly built Nowhere Gym near the same bridge where Joe and Nanbu trained to take the world of Megalonia by storm.

Megalo Box 2: Nomad

1. Los fantasmas tararean un requiem 2021.04.04
junk dog wandering as nomad in a bar joe vs chief joe confronting chief over throwing the match nanbu at joe's campfire