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My Hero Academia
Season 3

1 Game Start  
my hero academia school campus hero class girls in swimsuits uraraka volleyball midoriya swimming race
2 Wild, Wild Pussycats  
hero class school trip beasts forest hero class in the beasts forest hero class girls in hotspring
3 Kota  
todoroki in barrel bath pussycats hero team midoriya and kota on the mountain toga in her mask
4 My Hero  
vlad king and eraserhead holed up in a classroom villain spinner villain muscular midoriya defending kota
5 Drive It Home, Iron Fist!!!  
villain dabi villain twice villain mustard using his gas attack tokoyami's dark shadow getting loose
6 Roaring Upheaval  
villain toga villain mr. compress with marbles todoroki ice attack spinner pinned down
7 What a Twist!  
vlad king defending students tsukauchi at the police station league of villains bar base midoriya in hospital bed
8 From Iida to Midoriya  
todoroki and kirishima rescue mission train yaoyorozu costume shop midoriya disguised as a yakuza
9 All For One  
reporters at u.a. the league of villains kamui woods breaking the wall with his roots mt lady giant sized
10 Symbol of Peace  
heroes fighting the nomu endeavor fighting the nomu in the city best jeanist wounded all for one appears
11 One For All  
shimura, allmight's mentor all for one powering up all might fighting all for one all might's united states of smash
12 End of the Beginning, Beginning of the End  
all might smash all might hugging midoriya bakugo's mom toshinori visiting midoriya's home
13 Moving into Dorms  
bakugo offering money moving into the hero class dorms midoriya's dorm room tsu apologizing to everyone
14 Create Those Ultimate Moves  
developing ultimate moves just like my japanese animes mei in the development studio midoriya's new shoot style
15 The Test  
shiketsu students ms joke from ketsubutsu academy yo shindo from ketsubutsu academy uraraka deflecting balls in the first examination
16 Shiketsu High Lurking  
inasa yoarashi's whirlwind camie pinning midoriya uraraka imposter todoroki vs seijin high
17 Class 1-A  
earphone jack disabled seiai academy students meatball quirk sisicross vs bakugo's group
18 RUSH!  
bakugo hit with meatball sisicross stunned by electrification chargebolt vs sisicross aoyama's navel laser used as a beacon
19 Rescue Exercises  
watching the examination results the help us company shiketsu high school students gang orca appears
20 Special Episode: Save the World with Love!  
flashback to all might's sidekick david shield robbery mystery all might playing a villain melissa shield in america
21 What's the Big Idea?  
rescuing the help us company deku saving grand from the flames todoroki down but not out yoarashi working with todoroki
22 A Talk about Your Quirk  
yoarashi exam results todoroki exam results midoriya's provisional hero license all for one imprisoned
23 Deku vs. Kacchan, Part 2  
midoriya and bakugo fight midoriya's shoot style vs bakugo midoriya and bakugo become proper rivals midoriya and bakugo punished by eraser head
24 A Season for Encounters  
bubaigawara looking into the city villain twice walking the city streets hero class 1-b midoriya and bakugo taking out the trash
25 Unrivaled  
big three of u.a. mirio's permeation quirk deku's shoot style vs mirio midoriya's room