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Fall 2018



Sword Art Online - Alicization

Kirito is recruited by Rath, a company that is developing  the next generation of Full-Drive machines that aims to interface with the user's soul instead of merely the mind. Using this device, Kirito is able to spend what feels like years in a matter of days within the fantasy world Rath has created. A mysterious organization gets wind of this operation and attempts to seize it for themselves, revealing to Kirito and the others what Rath's ultimate plan is for the next generation AI they have developed.

1. Underworld  
July 18th, year 372. Kirito and Uegeo have been working diligently at the foot of the great Gigas Cedar. Tasked with felling the mighty tree, they are the seventh generation of wood cutters to have lived out their Calling there. After enjoying a picnic lunch with their friend Alice, Kirito gets the idea to go on an adventure into the End Mountains to retrieve some ice to aid in keeping their food cold in the future. After finding a cave up the mountain path, they come to a great chamber and the site where the legendary hero Bercouli once tried to steal the Blue Rose Sword out from under the nose of a great White Dragon.

Having been turned around in the confusing chamber, they discover they are on the wrong path when they exit on the other side of the End Mountains into the Dark Territory. Entering this territory is strictly forbidden and is once of the greatest of offences for those who follow the Taboo Index. Having been distracted by a great battle being waged between dragon riders, Alice wavers and falls into the Dark Territory for not much more than a brief moment. Returning to the village with their prized ice in tow, the trio prepare to resume their peaceful daily lives. This comes to an abrupt end however when the next morning, an Integrity Knight arrives in the village to take Alice away for breaking the Taboo Index.

After a quick round in Gun Gale Online, Kirito and Asuna meet Sinon in a Cafe to catch up. Kirito's new part time job involves testing the next generation of Full-Drive machines for a company called Rath. Unlike previous machines that would interface with the mind, the new machines integrate directly with what could be considered a person's soul. The soul, or Fluctlight, is able to host a seemingly much more realistic and powerful experience than previous Full-Drives could ever achieve. Upon leaving the cafe, Kirito is confronted by a figure from the old days of Sword Art Online.
kirito, uegeo and alice have a picnic under the gigas tree end mountains white dragon bones in ice cave dark territory cave entrance
village entrance at sunset dragon knight kirito asuna gun gale online agil's cafe meetup
2. The Demon Tree  
Though he can't remember exactly what happened after leaving Agil's, he awakens in what appears to be a game world. Many things seem familiar but his earlier memories in this world have been completely erased. Meeting Uegeo for the first time once again at the foot of the Gigas Cedar, they become fast friends once more. Having a familiar lunch at the tree, Kirito hears about how Uegeo's childhood friend Alice was dragged away by an Integrity Knight - a memory unbeknownst to them both that has altered to exclude Kirito's presence from that time. Returning to Rulid Village, Uegeo asks what Kirito's calling is and he attempts to call upon his past experiences in other games as a swordsman.
game world virtual reality gigas tree village road uegeo sword skill display
3. The End Mountains  
Kirito is staying at the church and learns that Selka, the girl apprenticing there, is Alice's younger sister. Everything hasn't been all sunshine and rainbows since Kirito's forgotten past in Rulid - creatures from the Dark Territory have become more bold, making their way through the End Mountains and even abducting people on the south roads in addition to a plague had claimed many of the residents just a few years ago. Back at the tree, Kirito asks Uegeo if he has anything stronger than the old axe he is using and is presented with the enormously heavy Blue Rose Sword taken from the End Mountains all those years ago. One morning, Selka goes missing and Kirito believes she has ventured into the End Mountains after talking to her about Alice's banishment. Along with Uegeo, Kirito ventures once again to the End Mountains to bring Selka safely back home.
selka church with children bercouli sword stuck in gigas cedar system call light spell on plant goblin camp in ice cave
4. Departure  
After losing the element of surprise, Kirito chooses to attack before the goblins can find their exact location. Against the goblin leader, Kirito finds himself outmatched and while Uegeo holds the rest of the goblins at bay with the illuminated reed, their chances of survival are rapidly diminishing. They are able to win with great sacrifice on Uegeo's part and Selka attempts a high level Sacred Arts spell through what is called a System Call to save his life.

Back at the Gigas Cedar, Kirito notices his Object Control stat has exceeded that of the Blue Rose Sword's due to his experience in the goblin cave. With a single strike, he takes more HP from the Demon Tree than had been done in several generations worth of chopping. Amazed, Uegeo begs Kirito to teach him how to use the sword, in part because of his regret about being too weak to save Alice from being taken. Their training progresses at the tree until one day Uegeo steps forward to take the final strike. With a thunderous crash, the Gigas Cedar has been felled and Uegeo's Calling has been fulfilled. At that night's celebration in Rulid Village, Uegeo declares his next calling will be as a Swordsman, following in Kirito's footsteps.
eugeo wounded gigas cedar sword practice gigas cedar felled departure from rulid village
5. Ocean Turtle  
Back in real life, Kirito is in critical condition and it is unclear if he will be able to recover since his heart has stopped for over 5 minutes. A man named Kikuoka approaches Kirito's family and Asuna about transferring him to a new facility that may be able to save him. They soon find however that they are unable to visit Kirito at this new facility due to its tough security. Asuna decides she will have to play detective with the help of her friends to find out where Kirito is really being held.
cg helicopter asuna's disguise
6. Project Alicization  
Arriving at the Ocean Turtle along with Rinko, Asuna confronts Kikuoka about where Kirito is really being held. He explains that Kirito has suffered damage to his brain that no modern medicines could ever treat and that their Full-Drive machine, the Soul Translator, has the ability to repair and create new neural networks. He also explains the origins of the game world and how it has sprung forward from the original 16 soul archetypes to the present. 340 years have passed in the game world up to the present but it has only been in operation for about one month in real life time. The Axiom Church was an unintended surprise for the developers at Rath and their true purpose is to test the AI to see if they will disobey their own Taboo Index.
ocean turtle control room meeting in game in alfheim kayaba's cabin kirito in the soul translator
7. Swordcraft Academy  
It has been two years since Kirito and Uegeo have left Rulid Village for the capital city of North Centoria to attend the Imperial Sword Mastery Academy. As mere pages, Kirito is studying under Liena and Uegeo under Golgorosso. Liena is one of the best students in the Academy, second only to Volo Levantein. One day, Kirito's new sword from the blacksmith is competed - crafted from wood taken from the Gigas Cedar. While out practicing with it in the Academy yard, he is confronted by Volo and challenged with a sparring match - using their real swords.
north centoria city academy classroom blacksmith new sword swordsman academy
8. Swordsman's Pride  
Liena warns Kirito about Levantein's family ability to add a swordsman's ability to their own by drawing out their blood in battle, which is why he insisted on using real swords for their match. Levantein may be the rising star of North Centoria Imperial Sword Mastery Academy but Kirito is the legendary swordsman of Sword Art Online and to everyone's astonishment, he is able to withstand his attacks. During the graduation ceremony, Liena is also able to test her skill against Levantein for the honor of being best in class. Having passed their own advancement exams, Kirito receive pages of their own.
levantein duel liena swordsman academy graduation ronie and tiese
9. Nobleman's Responsibilities  
Kirito and Uegeo are now advanced students at the Academy with their pages Ronye and Tiese. Uegeo has a minor conflict with their snobby noble classmates Humbert and Raios after being goaded into a duel with them. They later learn that Frenica, a classmate of Ronye and Tiese, is being abused as a page by none other than Humbert. Kirito and Uegeo confront Humbert and Raios but despite clearly taking advantage of Frenica, they are still within their lawful rights as part of this world's nobility.
kirito and uegeo at the dorms picnic nobles humbert and raios tiese on bed
10. Taboo Index  
Ronye and Tiese are late for their work so Kirito and Uegeo leave in search for them. Finding them tied up by Humbert and Reise, they declare it was done in retaliation for trying to ruin their good name and declare it is within their rights under the Taboo Index and thus Imperial Law. Uegeo is literally restricted by the confines of the Taboo Index to take action against them. His force of will prompts a repeat of the System Alert glitch in his eye from six years ago and he lands a devastating blow against Humbert. Raios is about to execute him for the trespass but Kirito steps in and lands an equally lethal strike on him. Though they have saved their pages, the appearance of the mysterious blue face for breaking the Taboo Index does not bode well for their future. The next morning, instructor Azurica escorts them to the tower where they are reunited by a figure from their shared past.
kirito going through the window ronie and tiese tied up fight with humbert uegeo's eyes
11. Central Cathedral  
Though Uegeo recognizes her, Alice has no recollection of her past and coldly strikes him down when approached. In an event similar to her own abduction, Alice brings the pair to the Central Tower where they are promptly imprisoned. It hasn't even been one full day and Kirito is already preparing a prison break, cleverly using the chains' identical priority class stat against one another. In the tower's garden, they make the decision not to flee and to find Alice at all costs. They are soon greeted by their first obstacle - Eldrie Synthesis Thirty One.
integrity knight alice higa's ichiemon robot kirito and uegeo prison break central tower
12. The Sage of the Library  
As Alice's subordinate, Eldrie is no slouch and fends both of them off. Uegeo recognizes him as Eldrie Woolsburg, the winner of the recent Four Empire Unification Tournament. This revelation triggers an odd reaction in Eldrie and Uegeo continues trying to break his apparent mind control. Uegeo's efforts are interrupted by another dragon rider and the pair escape into a mysterious portal that appears. They are then introduced to the Cardinal System who explains the origins of this world, the foundation of the Axiom Church, and the appearance of Administrator.
synthesis knight eldrie perfect weapon release kirito jumping though a portal cardinal system first village in the game world
13. Ruler and Mediator  
Cardinal explains that 70 years after Quinella became Administrator through the discovery of the System Command List, she became aware that her own soul was at capacity for preserving her memories. Her cruel plan was concocted to steal other NPC souls and make them her own but it had one major oversight. By fusing souls with the young girl, it momentarily set her authority equal to that of Administrator's and the Cardinal System was able to take her over instead. Cardinal has been biding her time for the last 200 years since that day while Administrator's Axiom Church continued to grow. Cardinal also explains she believes the day of Rath's final load test draws near, which is intended to prompt an invasion by creatures from the Dark Territory, effectively bringing an end to the world.
administrator cardinal's library realm synthesis ritual crystal cardinal
14. The Crimson Knight  
As Kirito and Uegeo begin their Ascent up the Central Tower, they find the armory and their swords within. Upon exiting, they are confronted by the red armored Integrity Knight Deusolbert. Armed with his powerful Conflagration Bow, Deusolbert summons a blazing inferno but Uegeo's ice magic is able to hold him at bay long enough for Kirito to take him down. Recognizing their skill with the sword, Deusolbert warns them of the perils awaiting them further up the tower and Uegeo finally recognizes him as the Integrity Knight who kidnapped Alice all those years ago.
central tower's armory deusolbert synthesis seven's conflagration bow blue rose sword reflection fizel and linel on the central tower's staircase
15. The Relentless Knight  
The two girls they met on the stairs are Fizel and Linel, Axiom Church sisters-in-training. It turns out they aren't as innocent and curious as they appear and easily neutralize Kirito and Uegeo with paralysis daggers, revealing themselves to be Integrity Knights. They are dragged all of the way up to the 50th floor in an effort for Fizel and Linel to impress their superiors for full admission into knighthood. Kirito is no stranger to deception and seeing through their ruse, had prepared a defense against paralysis spell earlier and paralyses them both with their own daggers. With Uegeo still recovering from the paralysis, Kirito faces off against the Integrity Knight Fanatio and the four Whirling Blades.
fizel and linel paralysis daggers kirito heaven piercing blade fanatio duel blue rose sword perfect weapon control
16. The Osmanthus Knight  
With Fanatio defeated and seriously wounded from her own light attack, they use one of the special daggers to save her life by transporting her to Cardinal's domain. Continuing upwards, they meet a girl named Operator who takes them on an elevating platform up to the 80th floor where they discover a large garden. Following the path to a tree at the center, they are finally reunited with Alice. As one of the most powerful Integrity Knights in the Axiom Church, Kirito and Uegeo will have to survive Alice's attacks long enough to bring her back to her senses.
operator on tower lift platform alice's atrium alice under tree alice synthesis knight
17. Truce  
Kirito and Alice hang perilously outside of the Central Tower's after their raging battle destroyed the outside wall. With the wall mysteriously reconstructing itself, they find themselves needing to cooperate if they both want to survive. Alice informs Kirito the only way to get back within the tower is on the 95th floor at the Morning Star Lookout, which has open walls to the outside. As darkness falls, they find a ledge to rest upon but to their mutual surprise, the statues adorning the tower come alive as creatures from the Dark Territory when sun sets on the horizon.
alice and kirito hanging outside tower walls morning star lookout asuna and rinko on ocean turtle gargoyles from the dark territory
18. The Legendary Hero  
Uegeo continues his climb alone and at the 90th floor, he finds a large bath hall and an Integrity Knight within. The knight gives his name as Bercouli, leader of the Integrity Knights, and none other than the legendary hero of Rulid Village. His sword, fashioned from the artifact the System Clock, is able to hold the power of a sword strike in place like a deadly barrier. Uegeo uses the unconventional strategy of swapping his real sword with one made of ice during a barrage of magical attacks. When the ice sword shatters, Uegeo catches his Blue Rose Sword and unleashes a Perfect Weapon Control attack within Bercouli's defenses. With them both succumbing to the effects of the Ice Roses, prime senator Chudelkin arrives to gloat over Bercouli's impending defeat alongside Uegeo.
bercouli synthesis one bercouli's time slash blue rose sword thorns chudelkin appears
19. The Seal of the Right Eye  
Kirito tells Alice about her past as a human child at Rulid Village alongside Uegeo. Upon hearing the story, Alice gives him a final request - to take her to Rulid village before her memories are restored, before the current her ceases to exist. Kirito is optimistic that the invasion from the Dark Territory can be stopped by training and outfitting the peasants and lower nobles with the resources held by the Axiom Church. The only way that plan could go forward is for the Administrator and her Axiom Church to fall. Meanwhile, Uegeo awakens in a bedroom at the top floor of the Central Tower where he finds the Administrator herself, Quinella.
alice starry night alice system alert eye uegeo in administrator's bedroom administrator and uegeo
20. Synthesis  
Kirito carries Alice safely to the Morning Star Lookout and uses a Sacred Arts skill to detect the Blue Rose Sword on the floor below. In search of Uegeo, they only find a petrified Bercouli who encourages Alice to fight on with the last of his remaining energy. A further search of the floors above reveals the senators tasked with monitoring adherence to the Taboo Index are nothing more than humans trapped in pods mindlessly scying the land for violations. Still further up the tower, they find prime minister Chudelkin who manages to evade their attacks after his lengthy monologue. Continuing their advance upwards, they finally find Uegeo.
alice's eye patch blue rose sword sheath chudelkin's clown room uegeo 32nd synthesis knight
21. The 32nd Knight  
Though Uegeo has been synthesized, Alice reminds Kirito that he can still be saved, just as she was. Uegeo has gained the synthesis ability of Incarnate Arms which allows him to move objects with his willpower. Kirito attempts to bring Uegeo back to normal by reminding him of their dream of returning to Rulid with Alice but the synthesis appears to hold true and his Blue Rose Sword freezes them in place. Returning to Administrator's chamber, Uegeo reveals his memory truly was restored by Kirito and attempts to strike her with the dagger but she narrowly evades.
kirito and uegeo duel remove core protection quinella with crystal chudelkin's burning passion
22. Titan of the Sword  
Chudelkin's perverse motivation proves overwhelming for the trio and they realize the battle must be finished quickly. While Alice occupies his summoned fire Genie, Kirito slays Chudelkin with a sudden burst of power. This display is evidence to Administrator that Kirito is not of their virtual world, but rather from the real world which are truly the gods of this realm. Administrator reveals that she knows Rath will wipe this world after their load test and will not bow to the whims of a people that have created this world for fun and would simply destroy it in an instant. She then summons a terrifying automaton Sword Golem made of several weapons each with the priority level of a divine object. With no hope for victory, Cardinal instructs Uegeo to stab the dagger into the floor.
showdown with administrator quinella quinella sword golem cardinal system
23. Administrator  
Appearing from the newly created portal, Cardinal incapacitates the Sword Golem. Unphased, Administrator declares she has hundreds more waiting on her command, all from converted human subjects. She reveals she plans to convert over half of her subjects in the entire world into Sword Golems to counter Rath's load test. Knowing she can't harm human targets, Cardinal negotiates her life in exchange for the other three. Watching Administrator savor her victory, Uegeo uses the command Remove Core Protection on himself and asks Cardinal to use the last of her energy to convert him into a Sword Golem.
administrator quinella cardinal defeated uegeo sword transformation uegeo's sword broken
24. My Hero  
With Uegeo's sacrifice, Kirito is able to face Administrator one on one. Her strength is overwhelming since she knows every sword skill in the virtual world and knocks Kirito down by Uegeo. Hanging on to the last of his strength, Uegeo reveals to Kirito that their memories have been sealed just like the Integrity Knights. With a touch, Kirito remembers their shared memories growing up in Rulid village with Uegeo and Alice. With the Blue Rose Sword in hand, his dual wield command incapacitates her as she also strikes a devastating blow against him. Pulling up a stone administrator terminal, she promises they will meet again in his world. Before she can act, Chudelkin seizes the cheap opportunity claim his prize.

Kirito shares a final memory of Rulid village with Uegeo and says farewell as his best friend fades from this world. Kirito then notices an incoming call on the terminal from the outside world. Activating it sets the Fluctlight Acceleration back to 1.0 and can hear gunfire on the other end as Rath is clearly under siege from unknown attackers. Kikuoka tells Kirito that he must take Alice to a place called the World End Altar and they will revert the Fluctlight rate back to 1,000 to give him the time he needs. Kirito is told that if the enemies succeed in cutting the power, his own Fluctlight will be destroyed as well. The call is then suddenly cut short as the attackers cut power sooner than expected and Kirito's vision fades.
kirito's memories return uegeo says goodbye final fight with quinella final memory with uegeo

Season 2:
Sword Art Online - Alicization - War of Underworld

25. In the Far North 2019.10.12
Months after the fall of Administrator, Alice is caring for Kirito in their woodland home. Having suffered massive damage to his fluctlight, Kirito has been reduced to a mostly mindless state and sits unresponsive. One day Alice's old subordinate Eldrie stops by, hunting down nearby goblins as they become increasingly more brazen in their raids. Later that night, Alice awakens to see fire on the horizon where her home village of Rulid should be.
alice's cabin alice and selka walking with kirito in the woods kirito holding the blue rose sword alice sleeping next to kirito
26. Raids 2019.10.19
Alice leaps into action with her dragon Amayori to fight off the goblins attacking Rulid. Fearing further attacks from the Dark Territory, she departs with Kirito to join the other Integrity Knights. Back in the real world aboard the Ocean Turtle, power is finally restored in the backup control room and they surmise the attackers are really after the bottom-up AI A.L.I.C.E. If the attackers are able to eject her fluctlight cube to their control room, all would be lost. Their only hope remains in restoring Kirito so that he may recover Alice's fluctlight before them.
alice fighting off a goblin attack alice's dragon mount amayori rath control room rath control room cube console
27. Final Load Test 2019.10.26
Nine days before the Sea Turtle attack, Mr. Miller had been contacted by the NSA to capture Rath's soul translation technology. At present, the mission appears to be in jeopardy as they are unable to enter the sub-control room where Rath's staff has holed up in. Utilizing the command console, they realize they would be able to dive into the underworld themselves with high level administrative accounts to capture Alice along with her fluctlight. With this new plan in action, Mr. Miller dives in as none other than the leader of the Dark Territory, Emperor Vecta.
critter in the control room vision of alicia lipia emperor vecta
28. Dark Territory 2019.11.02
All of the dark territory rushes to the throne to present themselves before the newly emerged Emperor Vecta. His only command to them is to simply lay waste to the human empire. Not all of his generals are on board with his ambition as Vixur and Lipia share their fears for what may happen to the Dark Territory. When Lipia is slain while trying to assassinate Emperor Vecta, Vixur sees no choice but to follow his subordinate's lead.
generals of the dark territory dark territory throne room gabriel miller childhood flashback with alicia vixur attacking emperor vecta
29. The Night Before Battle 2019.11.09
Alice and Kirito arrive at camp where the human empire has begun to gather near the Eastern Corridor which leads to the Dark Territory. In their plans for the impending battle, they intend to take advantage of the disparity between those who are able to use Sacred Arts on either side. Alice is chosen to deplete all magical resources in the ravine before the two armies meet, rendering the Dark Territory mages useless. As the world prepares for its possible end, each army watches the gate as it crumbles to dust.
alicia and eldrie alicia and kirito human empire war council final load test
30. Battle of the Knights 2019.11.16
The armies clash and the first wave of goblins are no match for the human Integrity Knights. Eldrie's left flank begins to falter as his support Renly succumbs to fear and flees the battlefield. Meanwhile, Fanatio faces the giant's chief Sigurosig who also experiences fear for the first time and is able to paralyze her through her lightcube. Fanatio is narrowly saved by her friend Dakira, but at the cost of her own life. At the right flank Deusolbert finally runs out of arrows and is engaged by the goblin chief Shibori, but he has one last trick up his sleeve.
deusolbert fire arrows integrity knight fanatio sigurosig human knights fighting goblins
31. Stigma of the Disqualified 2019.11.23
Ronie and Tiese find Renly cowering in a supply tent while looking for a place to hide Kirito but are suddenly interrupted by a goblin raid on their camp. After witnessing their determination to protect Kirito, Renly faces off against the goblins and their captain Kosogi. Renly finally manages to use his Sacred Art, Double Wings, and defeats them easily. Joined by Linel and Fizel who had fought their way back to them, Renly rejoins the front lines. Flying units from the Dark Territory finally appear but fall victim to Bercouli's devastating Time Splitting Sword. As Dee Eye Ell moves her mages forward to counter attack, Alice completes her incantation to capture all magic from the ravine then releases it to engulf the land below in flame.
linel and fizel slaying goblins renly double wings dee eye ill dark mages sacred art
32. Blood and Life 2019.11.30
Having lost half of her army, Dee Eye Ell returns to Vecta who is amused by the human empire's plan and intends to play the same hand. To fuel the energy for this attack, orcs are rounded up and sacrificed en masse allowing Dee Eye Ell to summon her Deathworm Curse. Eldrie bravely acts as a decoy for the human army but is mortally wounded before the magic dissipates. Alice catches him and says a final goodbye before turning her attention to Dee Eye Ell's camp.
ogre chief furgr orc sacrifice dee eye ill unleashing death worm curse eldrie chased by death worms
33. Sword and Fist 2019.12.07
Priding themselves on their martial abilities, the Pugilist clan believes their fists to be stronger than anything else. Their leader Iskahn is about to meet his match in the Integrity Knight Sheyta, who was gifted a high priority sword from Administrator that is able to cut through anything. Elsewhere, Mr. Miller's second in command Vassago has also dived into the game world and is about to raid the human's supply wagons. Incidentally this is where Kirito has been hidden but when the situation looks hopeless for Ronnie and Tiese, the goddess Lady Stacia appears in the sky and swallows up the attackers into the earth below.
iskahn the champion of the pugilists sheyta attacking pugilist army vassago dark knight avatar ronie captured by vassago
34. Stacia, the Goddess of Creation 2019.12.14
The Goddess of Creation, Lady Stacia, is revealed to be none other than Asuna who is using a superuser account from Rath. At long last she is finally reunited with Kirito but is attacked by Alice who is shocked at seeing this stranger near him. They soon make peace with each other when Bercouli stops the fight and invites Asuna to their impromptu council. She shocks them by revealing the existence of the outside world and how their one and only target is Alice herself. By bringing Alice out into the real world through the World's End Altar, the attackers would be forced to abandon their plans in the underworld and the battle would quickly be over.
asuna as stacia, goddess of creation asuna reunited with kirito alice crossing blades with asuna alice and asuna
35. Heartless Choice 2019.12.21
Back on the Ocean Turtle, Critter succeeds in syncing the underworld and real world's times. Their dastardly plan unfolds as the "Underworld" is advertised as a new VRMMO in beta testing, allowing American gamers to dive in as Dark Territory characters. To counter this development, Sinon and Leafa reach out to their online friends to find support for Rath's side.
alice and asuna sleeping in kirito's room human empire cavalry charge american gamers yui in kirito's cabin
36. Ray of Light 2019.12.28
The new army dives in near the Eastern Corridor and attacks everything in sight, even the Dark Territory forces. Asuna uses her ability to create a mountain to temporarily protect the Dark Territory army. Witnessing this, Iskahn jumps the chasm and strikes a deal with Asuna - create a bridge across the canyon and his Pugilists will fight along side them. When the situation seems hopeless after being surrounded by the seemingly endless attackers, Sinon suddenly appears in the sky above.
red soldiers beta test alice sacred arts asuna with the human empire army sinon appears
37. The War of Underworld 2020.07.11
With Lady Solus as her avatar, Sinon makes quick work of the invading army. Meanwhile Leafa dives in near the Orc chieftain Lilpilin and agrees to be taken prisoner since it will bring her right to Vecta. They are interrupted by Dee Eye Ell who takes the opportunity to use a System Call to transfer Leafa's durability to herself. Enraged by See Eye Ell's disregard for his clan's sacrifice, Lilpilin attacks her, allowing Leafa to break free and strike her down.
sinon with kirito leafa held by tentacles lilpilin error code asuna fighting at the eastern corridor in the dark territory
38. End to Eternity 2020.07.18
The cavalry finally arrives as the rest of their online friends dive in around Asuna. Back on the Ocean Turtle, Higa realizes they may be able to restore Kirito by tapping into the memories of him found within all of his friends who are now within the Underworld. The only problem is that they will need to access everyone's fluctlights which can only be done from the main control room. As the Human Empire holds their ground, Bercouli faces off against Vecta in a seemingly hopeless battle. Though the old warrior is outmatched, he prepares an all or nothing attack to save Alice from being captured.
kirito's allies vecta and bercouli duel bercouli's time splitter sword bercouli's spirit with administrator
39. Instigation 2020.07.25
As Vecta returns to Underworld with his alternate character, Sinon remains behind to give Alice time to reach the World End Altar. Unfortunately for Sinon, that character happens to be Subtilizer who she recognizes as a legendary player from Gun Gale Online. Meanwhile, the red army is dwindling as Vassago runs out of players so the same ploy is used to lure Korean and Chinese gamers into the Underworld. Among them are online friends Moonphase and Mei Mei who realize something seems a bit off about the situation.
kirito's friend klein sheyta and iskahn subtilizer of laughing coffin moonphase
40. Code 871 2020.08.01
As Higa is about to hack into the system, Yanai reveals his true colors as the mole within Rath and the creator of Code 871. Back within Underworld, Siune makes a desperate plea to the newly arrived players within the red army that they are being misled to attack the legitimate players of this world. Moonphase and Mei Mei are convinced but Vassago extends his influence to force her words to fall on deaf ears.
yanai betraying hida sibtilizer and sinon siune pleading with moonphase and the red soldiers PoH - prince of hell
41. Prince of Hell 2020.08.08
As the ex guild leader of Laughing Coffin, Vassago aka PoH is thrilled to finally have his victory over Kirito. His joy quickly turns to disapointment when he discovers Kirito's incapacitated state. In an attempt to awaken him he plans to slaughter all of his friends but is stopped by Eiji, a veteran player from the original Sword Art Online. Assisted by the singer Yuna, they are able to hold PoH back long enough for Higa to complete his transfer back in real life aboard the Ocean Turtle.
leafa holding off the red soldiers eiji aka nautilus yuna singing rath computer expert higa
42. Memories 2020.08.15
PoH has used his influence to whip the red army into a frenzy and is continually absorbing their life force with his cleaver to remain effectively unstoppable. In his dreamlike world, Kirito wanders in despair as he is forced to relive memories from his first guild back in Sword Art Online. As the memories of Asuna, Sinon and Leafa struggle to reach him, an old friend from this world reaches out to finally allow Kirito to awaken.
kirito's dream world within underworld yuna vs PoH kirito's first guild kirito awakening
43. Awakening 2020.08.22
Knowing Kirito's turmoil over having to kill Laughing Coffin Members back in SAO, PoH challenges him to kill the frozen red soldiers that are keeping him invincible. Instead of succumbing to his taunts, he uses Release Recollection to log out all of the enemy players and faces off against PoH one on one.
eugeo's spirit helping kirito kirito's friends and allies kirito transforming PoH into a tree asuna and kirito
44. The Night-Sky Blade 2020.08.29
alice climbing the stairs to the world's end altar gabriel miller kirito's spirit bomb kirito powerd up against miller
45. Beyond Time 2020.09.05
kirito and asuna at the world's end altar removing alice's fluctlight cube niemon robot saving the reactor from meltdown kirito and asuna flying off to spend their 200 years in underworld
46. Alice 2020.09.12
kikuoka and higa alice in the real world visiting kirito kirito in the hospital kirito and asuna during their 200 years in underworld
47. New World 2020.09.19
kirito hugging alice kirito's home logging into underworld in space sword art online spacecraft