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Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online Episodes

1. Squad Jam  
In the VR MMORPG Gun Gale Online, a tournament is being held. This tournament, Squad Jam, pits GGO's best players against one another in a squad based battle royale. Not exactly favored to win, newcomer Llenn is competing as a duo with her partner, M. With M's tactical expertise and Llenn's agility, they survive until they meet a squad of players that M believes have actual military experience outside of the game. Recognizing a superior opponent, they take a risky gamble and move to the residential district to put M's plan into action.
2. GGO  
Flashback to earlier, university student Karen Kohiruimaki has a bit of a complex about her height. Often standing a full head over most other people she meets, she turns to playing Virtual Reality games as a means of momentary escapism. After trying a huge amount of games in which the player's avatar is randomly generated, Karen finally lucks out when she tries Gun Gale Online and finds herself as the diminutive Llenn. Not exactly the kind of game she is used to, Karen puts up with the intense atmosphere and eventually grows to love the world inside the game. She even eventually gains the reputation and name of the "Pink Devil" for her frequent player killings out in the Wasteland. This also leads her to meeting her first in game friend, Pito, an experienced player who was intrigued by the rumors of a terrifying player who was feared throughout the wastes.
3. Fan Letter  
Llenn is informed by Pito about an upcoming tournament called 'Squad Jam' and is urged to enter. Llenn is apprehensive since she will be joining with a stranger; as Pito will be unable to participate due to plans outside of the game. Pito however vouches for her friend M and after they meet, Llenn is taken to the training range to gauge her abilities before the tournament begins.
4. Death Game  
Flash forward back to the tournament, only 3 teams remain after their victory in the residential district. They don't have much time to celebrate however as they are immediately attacked by one if the remaining squads who are using hovercraft to quickly move around the battlefield. Though they survive due to M's skill as a sniper and his powerful shield, they are in rough shape and the final remaining team, SHINC, wisely makes their appearance. Taking one of the hovercraft, they are able to escape in order to regroup and come up with a plan.
5. Leave the Last Battle to Me  
Upon reading Pito's letter, M becomes fearful of her wrath outside of the game in the event that they end up dying in the tournament. In a strange twist, he attempts to shoot Llenn in order to gain leadership of the squad and simply surrender to avoid that scenario. Llenn is unwilling to give up and after dodging M, attacks SHINC on her own. Using the abilities she refined out in the Wastelands as the Pink Devil, she picks the squad off one at a time using her superior speed and small size to her advantage.
6. SAO Loser  
After losing her precious gun P-Chan in the Squad Jam tournament, Llenn's first stop is the game's gun store to pick up another. Back at her apartment outside of the game, Karen is visited by the Rhythm Athletics Club who are all the members of SHINC from the tournament. As she is preparing to take a trip home to Hokkaido, she is approached by yet another in game person, M. Turning out to be a somewhat handsome man named Goushi, he needs her help with Pito. She has grown unstable recently and has plans to commit suicide if she doesn't win the next tournament, turning it into a true 'death game' due to her obsession with the events that unfolded in Sword Art Online. Deciding to help Goushi by defeating Pito, Karen turns to one of her real live friends, Miyu.
7. Second Squad Jam  
Miyu logs in for the first time as Fukaziroh and lucks out with a character that is almost as small as Llenn. With a gift of 10 million credits from M, she purchases a pair of top of the line grenade launchers. On the day of the second Squad Jam tournament, they arrive at the meeting spot to meet up with Pito and M.
8. Booby Trap  
Their randomly generated starting positions unfortunately put Llenn and Pito on opposite sides of the battlefield. To make matters worse, Fukaziroh is incapacitated by an enemy trap but soon gets to see that Llenn is a force to be reckoned with when she holds off the attacking squad all on her own. As they hunker down waiting for Fukaziroh's legs to regenerate, the other squads continue to stalk each other out. At the next scan, Llenn decides to go on the offensive against the next nearest squad and make quick work of them with the grenade launcher's ability to hit without a direct line of sight. When the next scan reveals that 7 enemy squads are coordinating an attack against Pito's position, they realize they need to act quickly.
9. 10 Minute Massacre  
With amusement rather than fear at the idea of fighting 7 squads at once, Pito and company prepare a devastating ambush for the over confident attackers. Meanwhile, Llenn and Fukaziroh enter a dome with a savannah-like environment where a group of teams are similarly working to take them out as well.
10. Devil's Comeback  
Meeting her old adversaries from SHINC, they join forces to fight their way out of the dome and assault Pito's position. In the middle of the attack, one of the survivors of the earlier ambush gets in a devastating shot on Pito, forcing Llenn to act before someone other than her is able to take Pito out. Pito's squad retreats to make their last stand at a log cabin and as Llenn is about to press their attack, the fearsome MMTM squad arrives in humvees with guns blazing.
11. Mad Llenn  
With MTMM down, SHINC attack the cabin directly with less than favorable results. As Pito and M leave the cabin in a humvee, Llenn gives chase in one of her own. Their high speed battle eventually comes to a stop and the final showdown before Llenn and Pito is about to unfold.
12. Applause  
Pito and Llenn have their final battle and after being saved by P-Chan once again, Fukaziroh motivates her to finish the fight and her promise to save Pito by defeating her. In a somewhat savage display, Llenn does come out victorious but her celebration is short lived since the final remaining squad, T-S, shows up and wipes everyone out. With the second Squad Jam concluded, Goushi contacts Karen thanking her for her help in bringing Pito around. Goushi also invites Karen and Miyu to fly out and meet the real Pito in person.