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Zombie Land Saga

1. Good Morning SAGA 2018.10.04
In the year 2008, Sakura Minamoto is just beginning her second year of high school. In high spirits, she runs out of her front door only for her life to be tragically cut short by Truck-kun. Awakening ten years later in a scary old mansion, she finds herself in a horror situation surrounded by a group of zombie girls. The man responsible for this situation is Kotaro Tatsumi and has revived Sakura along with the other girls Saki, Junko, Yugiri, Lily, Ai and Tae in order to form an idol group that will be able to revitalize the Saga Prefecture.
truck-kun claims another victim spooky mansion on a rainy night manager plan room in prison cell saga idol first live concert
2. I ♡ Hip Hop SAGA 2018.10.11
The other girls, except for Tae, have finally awakened from their zombie stupor and their manager Kotaro wastes no time before booking another show at Saga Castle. Ai and Junko are unable to come to terms with being brought back to life as zombie idols so they sneak away from the mansion with Sakura following them. They encounter Sakura's old friend the policeman and after realizing the open world is too dangerous as zombies, they return to the mansion. As the show at Saga Castle is predictably a disaster for the mostly inexperienced idols, it's up to manager Kotaro to save the day.
sakura practicing dance moves ai mizuno escaping the mansion zombie girls scaring policeman again sakura rapping
3. Dead or Live SAGA 2018.10.18
Manager Kotaro sets their next goal as a guerilla live show, a surprise street performance, to be held at the Karatsu Station. During rehearsal, the girls finally decide on Franchouchou as a group name and elect Saki as their leader. As the only experienced idols, Ai and Junko have doubts on whether the group can actually succeed. When the day of the performance arrives, the ties between the members of Franchouchou will be tested.
tae eating a marker junko & ai franchouchou guerilla live policeman talking to saki
4. Warming Dead SAGA 2018.10.25
Kotaro announces that their funds have run dry so they are taking a gig as a substitute group for Hisanka Pharma's annual company trip. Despite the event being held at a hot springs resort, the girls are disappointed they won't be able to enjoy it since their makeup disguises will wash off. After a successful show, Saki, Junko and Sakura decide to treat themselves to a quick dip in the baths later that night.
manager prison cell motivational speech franchouchou field trip new outfits hiding in the hot springs
5. The Nice Bird SAGA in Your Heart 2018.11.01
Franchouchou's fame continues to rise as Kotaro manages to secure a commercial spot for a local "famous company", the Drive-In Tori. The girls are forced to attempt to capture the true chicken spirit in their dance until Tae decides to make a meal out of the company mascot. Next, Kotaro enrolls them all in the Gatalympics held at the mudflats at Kashima City. The ill conceived plan immediately nullifies their zombie makeup and the girls will all need to keep themselves covered in mud so as not to reveal themselves.
tae chicken commercial dance zombie huddle manager competing in the gatalympics tae muddy victory
6. Because it's Sentimental SAGA 2018.11.08
Manager Kotaro has come up with a new song with Junko and Ai as the highlight duet. He has also arranged a photo-op for Franchouchou, which leads to a falling out between Junko and Ai over how idols should interact with their fans. Having been an idol from the 80's, Junko isn't used to fans being able to approach her while Ai comes from the more recent idols that you can meet era and considers it to be completely normal. Kotaro announces they are going to be part of the newcomer lineup at this year's Saga Rock concert.
idol research on computer lily at photo op junko idol show on crt television ai final concert thunderstruck
7. But it's Zombiemental SAGA 2018.11.15
Junko has barricaded herself in her room for over a week while Ai continues to rehearse with Franchouchou. At the day of the concert, Junko is present but still won't perform with the group. The weather turns sour which concerns Ai since she had died to a lightning strike on stage. As their time to perform is up it begins to rain and when the thunder makes Ai break down on stage, Junko steps in and helps her recover. Lightning strikes Ai (and the group) a second time, impressing the crowd with their 'special effects'.
zombie dance practice spray on zombie disguise franchouchou thunderstruck mizuno ai glowing
8. Go Go Neverland SAGA 2018.11.22
At a fan meet and greet, Lily is approached by a giant of a man who seems to recognize her as an idol from seven years ago. It just so happens the man is Lily's dad who became her manager to help her achieve her dream of being on the television they both loved to watch. This dream was tragically cut short when combined with fatigue from her strenuous schedule, she dies of shock after noticing a hair growing out of her face. Franchouchou arranges a special concert so the man can see Lily perform a new song for him.
Ai and Junko performing on stage lily banging a drum lily at a fan meeting lily with her father
9. Though My Life May Have Ended Once by Some Twist of Fate I Have Risen, and if Song and Dance Are to Be My Fate, Then Carrying the Memories of My Comrades in my Heart as I Sally Forth Shall Be My SAGA 2018.11.29
After a dance event to increase their standing with their elderly fanbase, Sakura is confronted by some high school biker girls led by Maria. Saki chases them off but recognizes their outfits are similar to the one she wore in her old biker gang, Dorami. As it turns out, Maria is the daughter of Reiko, Saki's friend from the old Dorami gang back in 1997. Maria is confronted by the rival biker gang Korosuke and challenged to a duel on bikes at Kagamiyama, the place where Saki had died. In order to save her best friend's daughter, Saki shows up ready to give a repeat performance of her legendary demise.
saki in the dorami biker gang maria biker girl saki intense face motorcycle chicken race
10. No Zombie No Idol SAGA 2018.12.06
Manager Kotaro wants to put on a concert for over 500 people at Arpino featuring Franchouchou all by themselves. To prepare them for this, he drops them off alone in the mountains so they can engage in some training montage he has likely imagined. They seem more occupied with just trying to survive and Sakura is growing more concerned they won't be ready for the concert. The final straw comes when Sakura is dismembered by the boar the other girls are hunting. Back at practice at the mansion, Sakura is out of sync with everyone, thinking she needs to put in more effort to make up for their lost time. Taking time to reflect, she realizes she is the only one out of sync and rejoins the group as part of Franchouchou again. With renewed spirits, Sakura runs out from the mansion one bright and sunny morning ready to take the world by storm.
ai hunting a boar franchouchou out in the snow boar face to face with sakura sakura sunny morning
11. A One-of-a-Kind SAGA 2018.12.13
After being reacquainted with Truck-kun, Sakura isn't able to remember anything since becoming a zombie. She even recognizes Ai from Iron Frill but isn't able to perform with Franchouchou since she lacks all confidence due to her experiences in her living life. With a rare heart to heart, Kotaro talks to Sakura to get her to come to terms with her true feelings and dreams.
sakura surrounded by zombie girls sakura's childhood memories manager talking to sakura on the swingset sakura at the city overlook
12. Good Morning Again SAGA 2018.12.20
With only a handful of days left to go until the Arpino live, Franchouchou continues to practice hard, minus Sakura. Tae oddly enough is really concerned with getting her involved and after breaking in her room and dragging her downstairs, Sakura realizes Tae is trying to show her the dance moves that Sakura helped her with from earlier when she was having trouble. A storm arrives on the day of the concert but there is a big turnout despite the weather. As Franchouchou performs their opening song, the weight of the snow on the stadium eventually collapses the roof right onto the stage. While manager Kotaro supports them with a slow clap, the girls including Sakura, band together to perform with no backing music until the crew gets it up and running again. After a small celebration back in the dressing room, Franchouchou returns to the stage to give their fans an encore performance.
franchouchou rehearsal franchouchou arpino live concert sakura singing zombie land saga ending

Zombie Land Saga Revenge

1. Good Morning Returns SAGA 2021.04.08
zombie idol mansion manager kotaro in drunken despair sakura angry at kotaro franchouchou taking the stage once again