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Astra Lost in Space

1. Planet Camp  
aries reflection over the city kanata apprehended by police bots space ship landing black sphere anomaly
transported into space kanata looking out of the space ship window aries stranded in space student crew of the astra
2. Wilderness  
planet vilavurs alien flora on vilavurs funicia's hair ornament aries taking a selfie
3. Meteor  
kanata and ulgar meeting aboard the ship aries and quitterie kanata working to repair the hull breach
4. Star of Hope  
candy plants of planet shummoor totem spore plant gruppies, the space chocobo yunhua and kanata
5. Paradise  
yunhua short hair beach episode boob hierarchy feast aboard the astra space ship
6. Secret  
ulgar taking revenge on luca ulgar caught in planetary wave ulgar and his brother's hat luca teasing ulgar
7. Past  
8. Lost and Found  
9. Revelation  
10. Culprit  
11. Confession  
12. Friend-Ship