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Magical Girl
Fall 2019
Winter 2021


Azur Lane

In the age of discovery, mankind vied for control over the seas only to be interrupted by the appearance of mystical enemies known as Sirens. Unified against this new threat, humanity formed Azur Lane, a combat force composed of girls who have the ability to control historical battleships. Though the Sirens were eventually defeated, Azur Lane was split into two main factions that seek to finish the war for the seas that began long ago.

sakura empire attacks azur lane battle azur lane enterprise azur lane royal navy

1. [ACTIVATION] The Girls Who Soar on the Seas 2019.10.03
2. [MELEE] Pulsing Waves, Steel Wings 2019.10.10
3. [ELEGANCE] Perchance, Like A Human 2019.10.17
4. [SAKURA] Cloak and Dagger 2019.10.24
5. [REUNION] Reaching Out To You 2019.10.31
6. [SHACKLES] Tying Bonds, Binding Hearts 2019.11.07
7. [DEADLINE] For Determination, For Love 2019.11.21
8. [INTERSECTION] Hold You, Never Let Go 2019.11.28
9. [HOPE] Light Shines Through The Darkness 2019.12.05
10. [ECHOES] Crimson Memories, Bleached 2019.12.12
11. [MONSTER] A War to Span Every Ocean 2020.03.13
12. [BLUE WATERS] May the Azure Lanes Bless You 2020.03.20

AzurLane: Slow Ahead!

1. Port and Starboard, Slow Ahead! 2021.01.12