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Dr. Stone

On a day just like any other, a strange green light covers the entire world. Rendering the entire human population into stone statues, 3700 years pass by before high school student Taiju Oki awakens from his petrified slumber. Greeted by his old classmate Senku Ishigami, he discovers all traces of their old world have been reclaimed by nature. Undaunted, Senku declares they are going to use the power of science to save every human still trapped in this Stone World.

1. Stone World  
As Taiju gathers his courage to confess his feelings to classmate Yuzuriha, he is interrupted by a bright light in the sky. Finding themselves petrified into living statues, thousands of years pass by unnoticed as cities crumble. One day, Taiju is able to break free from his stone prison and is greeted by his classmate Senku, a scientific genius. Combining Senku's knowledge with Taiju's muscle, the pair set out to survive in the brave new Stone World.
green light turning the world to stone stone statues in the city taiju awakening from his stone prison meeting senku in the stone world
2. King of the Stone World  
With their experiments developing the etching agent a success, Senku lets Taiju decide who they are going to revive first with the revival fluid. As they are about to revive Yuzuriha, they are interrupted by a group of hungry lions and are forced to flee through the forest. Seeing no choice, Senku uses the revival fluid on the statue they had discovered earlier, that of world's strongest primate high schooler - Tsukasa Shishio.

As far as brawn goes, Tsukasa completely eclipses Taiju and easily defeats the lions with his bare fists. Back at camp, their their new muscle is able to single handedly tackle the everyday difficulties of survival. However, disturbing opinion in Tsukasa is noticed one day when he asks Senku if he plans on reviving all of humanity. Tsukasa laments the return of the civilized world of adults with their corrupt predatory nature and sees the Stone World as an untainted paradise where the pure-hearted youth can create a new world free from the shackles of the old. Senku stops him from destroying another adult's statue and confirms he is going to use science to save everyone in the world.
yuzuriha petrified senku and taiju leaping from a cliff tsukasa fighting a lion senku's tree house
3. Weapons of Science  
Senku knows Tsukasa will be cooperative until he learns how to make the revival fluid himself. They finally revive Yuzuriha in secret with the last of the revival fluid. As they weigh their options on how to handle Tsukasa's murder spree, they are interrupted by Tsukasa himself. Not wanting to fight amongst themselves, Tsukasa tells them not to be concerned about the statues of strangers. Witnessing how ineffective his crossbow was against a beast like Tsukasa, Senku knows its a race against time using science to create a powerful enough weapon to stop him before Tsukasa realizes they will not side with him.
tsukasa smashing statues yuzuriha awakening tsukasa returning to senku's tree house senku and the others escaping on the river
4. Fire the Smoke Signal  
With their gathered sulfur from the hot springs at Hakone, they are now able to create gunpowder. When Taiju creates an unintended spark with the gunpowder, they see an unexpected response from the forest - a smoke signal. With the stunning realization they may not be alone in the Stone World, they attempt to make contact by lighting a fire in response. Yuzuriha is taken hostage by Tsukasa while out gathering firewood and he demands the recipe for Senku's revival fluid in exchange for her life.
stone world smoke signal tsukasa holding yuzuriha hostage senku science childhood flashback yuzuriha
5. Stone World The Beginning  
Witnessing Tsukasa strike down Senku, Taiju uses a boulder in combination with Yuzuriha throwing all of their black powder to create a distraction allowing them escape. Thinking back about Senku's abnormal behavior around Tsukasa, they examine him to discover some leftover petrification at the base of his neck. The importance of this is about to be revealed in a flashback of Senku first awakening into the Stone World.
tsukasa ready to fight senku in the science classroom senku awakening and examining the stone fragment senku in the new stone world
6. Two Nations of the Stone World  
Senku advances his situation with his scientific knowledge as the denizens of the Stone World watch in awe as this 'shiny monkey' creates miracles. Knowing he will need muscle to advance further, he digs up a statue near where he revived and discovers Taiju. Thinking back to the nature of his own revival, he knows the key must be somewhere in the nearby cave filled with bats. Using the nitric acid from their droppings, he is able to refine it through scientific method in order to create the etching agent - the revival fluid. Meanwhile at present, Senku awakens as revival fluid is poured over the petrified spot on his neck and Taiju marvels at the healing power of this Dr. Stone.

Senku lays out an ambitious plan where Taiju and Yuzuriha are to return to the 'Tsukasa Empire' and confirm to him that Senku is indeed dead. Meanwhile, Senku will venture out to make contact with whoever created the smoke signal and recruit them into his Kingdom of Science.
bat cave senku creating the etching agent two nations of the stone world meeting kohaku
7. Where Two Million Years Have Gone  
Senku makes first contact in the forest with Kohaku, a native of the Stone World. Returning home with her, he discovers an entire village full of similar primitives. The bridge guards Kinro and Ginro will not allow an outsider to enter so Senku attempts to distract them with soap bubbles. His display is interrupted by Chrome, a fellow 'sorcerer' who challenges him to a duel. Senku sees through his simple parlour tricks but is impressed that he was able to discover and create these things in such a primitive world. Setting his sights on Chromes workshop outside the village, Senku decides he will found his Kingdom of Science here.
kohaku's village kohaku and the bridge guards senku's partnership with chrome kohaku and her sister ruri
8. Stone Road  
To save Ruri and win over the villagers, Senku lays out his road map to create the antibiotic - the ultimate medicine of science. They are able to gain the help of Suika, a strange girl wearing a melon helmet. Knowing they need more manpower to refine their gathered materials, Senku sends Suika on a mission to gather intel on how to entice the villagers. Hearing about the sad state of stone world cooking, Senku sets out to create the world's most delicious dish.
senku's roadmap to the sulfa drug meeting suika suika gathering intel in the village senku's ramen cart
9. Let There Be the Light of Science  
Senku is pleased his ramen bribes are going over well with his new steel melting army. A pre Stone World mentalist named Gen comes to the village and after seeing the miracles Senku has created, comes clean about his mission from Tsukasa. Impressing him further, Senku declares they are going to build a generator powered by magnets.
magician asagiri gen gold spear lightning rod kohaku holding the magnet senku lights up the night
10. A Flimsy Alliance  
Gen is struck down one night by a mysterious assailant. Ever the deceptive magician, Gen had equipped himself with false blood bags which fooled his attacker. Kohaku explains Magma did this to gain an edge in the upcoming (rescheduled) Grand Bout, a once per generation tournament to choose the next village chief. Kohaku sabotaged the last one as a surprise entry to keep Magma from winning as he would also gain Ruri's hand in marriage. Knowing that if a man from the Kingdom of Science wins the tournament it will solve everything. They soon set their sights on bridge guards Kinro and Ginro to this end.
gen injured by magma kohaku defeating magma in the grand bout chrome and ruri childhood kingdom of science
11. Clear World  
Senku learns of Suika's 'fuzzy sickness' and creates glasses for her made from a base of quartz sand. Creation of more complex glass instruments are beyond his current skill level so they abduct the village craftsman Kaseki. Intentionally aggravating him by displaying his own fumbling craftsmanship, Kaseki is able to properly shape the glass despite never having worked with it before.
suika without her helmet on
12. Buddies Back to Back  
Senku takes Ginro and his shiny new silver spear along to the hot springs. Unknown to Ginro, he is actually a sensor to detect deadly sulfur dioxide which will turn silver black when it come into contact. They eventually discover a pool of sulfuric acid which Senku needs to gather for his antibiotic. To survive doing this, Senku will need to succeed in another ambitious creation - the gas mask.
ginro's silver spear kohaku senku's gas mask sulfuric acid lake
13. Masked Warrior  
Drawing ever closer to creating an antibiotic for Ruri, they need alcohol to create the next three chemicals. Incidentally, one of the prizes for tomorrow's Grand Bout is wine so even Senku enters the contest to give the Nation of Science a greater chance of winning. To give his team an extra edge, Senku creates a rudimentary energy drink which are all immediately consumed by Ginro. Before anyone can stop her, Suika runs off to gather more ingredients. Capitalizing on this development, Magma's henchman Mantle devises a plan to remove Kohaku from the tournament. As their strongest fighter Kinro faces off against Magma in the very first round, Suika returns just time time to recognize the same symptoms of the fuzzy sickness she is afflicted with.
ingredients at chrome's lab grand bout match lottery senku face kinro vs magma in the grand bout
14. Master of Flame  
While his back is turned speaking to the referee, Kinro is unsurprisingly struck down by Magma. The next round has Chrome and Mantle face off. The two amateurs flail wildly at one another until Magma spots Kohaku returning to the village and commands Mantle to throw the fight to get her disqualified before she can cross the bridge. As round three begins, Ginro believes himself to be invincible after the consumption of the energy drinks and manages to win through sheer delusion and determination. Next up is the final four with Chrome vs Magma. For his chance to save Ruri and the village, Chrome will have to use everything he has learned from working with Senku.
ginro's self image in victory chrome and ruri asagiri gen parlour trick chrome igniting magma
15. The Culmination of Two Million Years  
In a surprise victory by Chrome, all that remains is for Ginro and Senku to throw their matches. Ginro's perverted aspirations gets the best of him once again but learns from Senku the power of leverage. Senku gets ready to forfeit to Chrome but he is still passed out, making Senku the winner of the Grand Bout tournament. With his prized alcohol in hand, Senku runs off with it after immediately divorcing Ruri. After six months and twenty five steps later, they finally have their sulfa drug in hand.
ginro giving into temptation senku declared winner of the grand bout senku running off with the final ingredients ruri taking the medicine
16. A Tale for the Ages  
Senku discovers Ruri has known about him for a long time, as explained in the village's lore: The Hundred Tales. In a flashback to Senku's childhood, his passion for science was supported by his father Byakuya. Senku's determination over the years convinced Byakuya to successfully become an astronaut and five years later, he launched to the International Space Station. One day while viewing the Earth from space, the crew witnesses a strange green light cover the entire planet as their communications go silent.
senku's father byakuya lillian looking at earth shamil witnessing the green light crew aboard the space station
17. A Hundred Nights and a Thousand Skies  
The flashback continues as Byakuya intends to return to Earth to determine if it is safe. Shamil, Connie and Lillian volunteer in his stead but their capsule lands in a way that cannot be opened without sinking. Byakuya and the last two astronauts return to Earth and settle on an island after retrieving the capsule. Three years pass and Byakuya feels in his gut that Senku is still alive. Knowing that when Senku awakens he will need friends and he hopes the descendants of their new village will be there to help him. Back at present, Ruri takes Senku to the grave sites of the founders where he receives a message from Byakuya.
survivors returning to the stone world byakuya and the other survivors byakuya at the graveyard senku visiting byakuya's grave
18. Stone Wars  
Members of Tsukasa's army led by the expert spear martial artist Hyoga arrive at the village to investigate if Senku is truly dead. Fooled by Senku's bluff that they have created firearms, Gen convinces his 'allies' to retreat temporarily and attack in a few days time when a rainstorm will render their firearms useless. Working against the clock, Senku sets out to create a new weapon for Kohaku and the battle team.
kinro and ginro defending the bridge hyoga senku's gun stone world katanas
19. To Modernity  
As Hyoga attacks the bridge, Senku and the others discover he is merely a distraction so Homura could swim in undetected and torch the village. Discovering Hyoga's plan to abduct one of the villagers to be used as a hostage, Suika chooses to use herself as a decoy to lure them away. Unknowingly, she leads them up the mountain to the deadly lake of sulfuric acid.
tsukasa's base kohaku and suika using the gas masks senku's cellphone roadmap tsukasa
20. The Age of Energy  
Senku's ambitious project to create a cell phone begins with the construction of a cotton candy machine. A creation of a gear using Kohaku's shield allows the machine to be used for its true purpose - spinning gold wire. After seeing what a gear can to, Chrome runs off with the craftsman Kaseki. Several days later, Chrome shows senku the water wheel they had built at the river. Impressed by is ingenuity, Senku applies the generator they had build earlier to create their hydroelectric power plant.
homura watching the village homura with cotton candy kohaku's shield chrome's water wheel
21. Spartan Craft Club  
The waterwheel frees up the villagers to gather resources for winter while he focuses on the creation of vacuum tubes. The expansion of the bamboo filament under heat keeps causing the bulbs to crack and for the first time Senku feels like he is stuck. Examining a rock Suika is carrying, he discovers it is scheelite and realizes tungsten and its incredible heat resistance is the answer he is searching for.
hydroelectric power plant ishigami villagers harvesting grapes senku's vacuum tube magma
22. The Treasure  
To gather more tungsten, Senku takes Chrome and Magma into the cave where it was discovered. Stepping on the brittle cave floor, Senku and Magma fall in and are unable to climb out with the fragile walls made of mica. Senku instructs Chrome on the construction of a primitive siphon and impresses Magma with the power of a scientific mind. Arriving at a rich deposit of gemstones, they gather a collection of needed materials, including their prized tungsten.
chrome holding a scheelite gemstone senku mining magma mining senku's stone world telescope
23. Wave of Science  
Senku leaves Chrome in charge of developing a pinpoint heating mechanism that will be able to melt the tungsten within a glass tube. No easy task, they eventually throw everything they have developed at it. Envious of their camaraderie, Kaseki is given blueprints from Senku for the construction of a complex Hickman Pump. As spring nears, the components are completed by the villagers and come together just in time to complete Senku's phone.
senku and chrome team pinpoint heating of tungsten senku's tungsten wire senku's phone
24. Voices over Infinite Distance  
They will need a second phone for two way communication but Senku effectively dazzles the villagers by sending a message from Chrome's lab all the way to the Chief's hut. Hearing the 14th story from the Hundred Takes about a bee who can hear the voices of the dead by poking a gravestone with its needle, Senku immediately goes to Byakuya's grave. He discovers a glass disk within and constructs a simple record player. Eager to hear the voices of the founders from thousands of years ago, the villagers gather around and hear a message from Byakuya as well as a surprise song from Lillian and the others. Kohaku lets Senku know that he succeeded what he set out to do at the beginning - to found a Nation of Science right here in the village.
byakuya's glass record senku and byakuya lillian's recorded song taiju and yuzuriha in tsukasa's empire