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Isekai Quartet

1. Come Together! Quartet 2019.04.09
A mysterious red button appears in each of the main characters' worlds. Some are pressed through curiosity and others by accident but the result is all the same - a one way trip to a bizarre high school world. An isekai within an isekai brings characters from KonoSuba, Overlord, Re:Zero and Youjo Senki together as they begin their lives attending a Japanese high school.
mysterious red button megumin presses the red button transported to a new school world ainz in the classroom
2. Tension! Introductions 2019.04.16
Introductions are made between the new classmates though some natural tensions arise, such as Aqua attempting to purge Ainz with Sacred Turn Undead. In an effort to return to their respective worlds, all students will need to learn to get along to maintain relative harmony.
isekai classroom ainz hit with sacred turn undead kazuma slapping aqua aqua standing in the hall with water buckets
3. Deadlock! Classmates 2019.04.23
Despite being safe from the dangers of her own war-torn world, Tanya can't get over how strange this new world is - especially with General Rudersdorf serving as the School Principal. The class teacher Roswaal informs the students they will be holding a talent show so they can get to know one another.
tanya sitting in class re:zero having lunch beatrice enters the teachers lounge tanya talks to ainz
4. Encounter! Classmates 2019.04.30
Tanya makes first contact with Ainz and learn his situation is the same as hers. Albedo meanwhile seethes with jealousy after seeing another girl move in on her territory. Kazuma similarly learns that Subaru was also sent to another world. Their path to a quick friendship is interrupted by jealousy when Kazuma learns Subaru got to be surrounded by cute girls in his world while he only had a party of dysfunctional misfits.
tanya and ainz in the school park albedo spying with seething jealousy rem carrying subaru to school kazuma jealous of subaru's isekai
5. Explosion! Talent Show 2019.05.07
The talent show begins and students display their natural abilities. Some are impressive, some ...not so much. Darkness recruits Gantz to help her show off her durable body, resulting in him becoming the enemy of every girl in class. Megumin finishes off the show by demonstrating the only ability she knows.
teacher roswaal drawing for the talent show darkness whipping demonstration with grantz kazuma making fun of aqua's parlour trick megumin preparing explosion
6. Decision! Class Rep 2019.05.14
It's time to choose a class representative. Several volunteer but Emilia is chosen to lead with Ainz and Albedo serving under her. The rest of the students also receive their assignment to class duties in the cafeteria, library, gym, animal pen, nurse station, disciplinary committee, and making announcements.
emilia volunteering for class rep ainz volunteering for class rep aqua protesting undead class rep darkness fantasies in the gym committee
7. Carry Out! Class Rep 2019.05.21
emilia and puck rem with ball and chain megumin and gantz class reps
8. Prepare! Field Trip 2019.05.28
albedo's romantic fantasy shalltear mocking albedo's virtue albedo mocking shallter's padded bra tanya and viktoriya shopping for swimsuits
9. Enjoy! Field Trip 2019.06.04
girls playing beach volleyball darkness punishing herself with pushups blindfolded water melon smash beach game test of courage
10. Join In! Rivals 2019.06.11
appearance of class 2 subaru eaten by a hamster kazuma being uncooperative tanya deciding kazuma needs training
11. Work Together! Field Day 2019.06.18
yunyun and the mysterious class 3 field day jump rope contest field day tug of war cavalry battle team
12. Band Together! Quartet 2019.06.25
cavalry battle destroyer summoned from konosuba teachers team in the cavalry battle isekai quartet class

Season 2

1. Join the Fight! Transfer Student 2020.01.14
naofumi arrives to class darkness playing baseball raphtalia arrives in the school halls filo arrives in the pet pen
2. Sneak In! The Principal's Office 2020.01.21
aqua grabbing the bottle of red stuff trap triggered aqua facing a giant toad kazuma busted by roswaal
3. Uh-Oh! Detention! 2020.01.28
aqua and kazuma exhausted after serving in detention tanya in the science lab megumin lighting a bunsen burner school halls flooded
4. Pinch! Test of Learning 2020.02.04
aqua competing with ains subaru's study group aqua taking advantage of ains's time stop spell test from pandora's actor
5. Work Hard! Valentine's Day 2020.02.11
betelgeuse's smiling face betelgeuse with albedo making chocolate for valentine's day weiss asking for chocolate albedo making chocolate for ainz
6. Clash! Dodgeball! 2020.02.18
class split between preference in chicken wings darkness tanking dodgeballs aqua taking the dodgeball from kazuma naofumi blocking the ball with his shield
7. Excitement! Physicals Day 2020.02.25
8. Challenge! Part Time Job 2020.03.03
9. Investigate! First Errand 2020.03.10
10. Rise Up! School Festival 2020.03.17
11. It Begins! School Festival 2020.03.24
isekai quartet seiya and ristarte cameo from cautious hero: the hero is overpowered but overly cautious
12. The Show Begins! Showtime 2020.03.31