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My Hero Academia
Season 4

1 The Scoop on U.A. Class 1-A 2019.10.12
Freelance journalist Taneo Tokuda enters the Juko News agency with a scoop they just can't resist - the identity of All Might's successor. Under the guise of a simple newspaper story, he enters U.A. to find out which of the students the famous words "Next, it's your turn" was spoken to.
juko news agency freelance journalist taneo tokuda taneo investigating class 1-a taneo's camera quirk whole-body lens
2 Overhaul 2019.10.19
Looking to take advantage of the void created by All Might and All for One leaving the stage, Overhaul proposes a partnership with the League of Villains. Their meeting turns into an attempted hostile takeover when Overhaul reveals they will be assimilated into his Shie Hassaikai group. Back at U.A., Midoriya applies for his work study at Nighteye's hero agency, All Might's old partner.
villain overhaul league of villains vs overhaul teacher toshinori at his desk bubble girl being tortured by nighteye's tickle device
3 Boy Meets ... 2019.10.26
With the odd objective of making Nighteye laugh, Midoriya comes out with his best All Might impression. When that falls flat, Nighteye offers him a different challenge.
midoriya's all might impression all might at the vinegar riverbank incident nighteye's seal stamp midoriya vs nighteye
4 Fighting Fate 2019.11.09
On their first patrol, Izuku and Mirio stumble upon a young girl in distress, and come face to face with Overhaul himself. Keeping his cool, Mirio attempts to leave the area as if they don't recognize him but Izuku isn't able to leave someone who is clearly in trouble.
deku and lemillion on patrol eri clings to midoriya all might after nighteye's foresight toshinori talking to midoriya in the sunset
5 Let's Go, Gutsy Red Riot 2019.11.16
At their own work study under Fat Gum, Red Riot and Suneater encounter a villain with a new kind of weapon. When struck by the gun-fired dart, Suneater's quirk is entirely neutralized. The fleeing villain injects himself with a vial that powers up his own Quirk and Red Riot is forced to unveil his new special move - Unbreakable.
aftermath of a villain vs villain fight fat gum's team on patrol special quirk stealing gun red riot's unbreakable special move
6 An Unpleasant Talk 2019.11.23
The four work studies students from class 1-A are surprised to find each other going to the same place - an assembly of heroes headed by Nighteye to find the location of Overhaul's base, in an effort to rescue Eri. Still racked by guilt for letting Overhaul escape with her, Izuku and Mirio are more determined than ever to set things right.
my hero academia abbey road nighteye's hero meeting to locate overhaul's base hero class work study students meeting eri's room at overhaul's base
7 GO!! 2019.11.30
Nighteye discovers where Overhaul's base is located when he uses his Foresight quirk on a suspicious person buying a little girl's toy. Their surprise raid is met with immediate resistance and Overhaul plans to sacrifice the Eight Bullets of the Hassaikai to allow his escape with Eri through an underground passage.
midoriya getting a call in his dorm room nighteye with a girl's toy nighteye's foresight quirk police raid on overhaul's yakuza base
8 Suneater of the Big Three 2019.12.07
Nighteye locates a secret passageway he recognized from his earlier Foresight that leads them to the underground portion of the compound. Overhaul's underling Irinaka uses their Quirk enhancing drug to power up his Mimic ability to twist the narrow hallways into an untraversable passage. Knowing time is short, Mirio uses his Quirk to simply phase through the obstacles to continue on alone. Making a similar sacrifice, Suneater faces off against three of the Eight Bullets so the rest of the heroes can resume their chase of Overhaul.
police raid on hassaikai yakuza base hallways twisted by villain irinaka suneater using his manifest quirk overhaul's underlings defeated by suneater
9 Red Riot 2019.12.14
The hero group is split once again when Fat Gum and Red Riot are dropped into a lower chamber. Encountering two more of the Eight Bullets, Rappa and Tengai, their work is cut out for them as the villains combine their offensive and defensive Quirks to devastating effect. Fat Gum has a few tricks up his sleeve however and isn't as much of a punching bag as he appears to be.
red riot's arms damaged fat gum vs rappa flashback to kirishima's middle school
10 Temp Squad 2019.12.21
Things get worse for the hero group as Twice and Toga from the League of Villains make their appearance. As a show of good faith, Tomura lent them to Overhaul but they both have a special mission to accomplish.
nighteye and the police group red riot and fat gum heal up rappa slammed past twice toga and twice
11 Lemillion 2019.12.28
Twice and Toga reveal their true intentions by taunting Irinaka so he reveals his location to the nearby heroes. Mirio finally catches up with Overhaul and faces him alone. Though he is struck with a Quirk-destroying dart, he is undeterred from delivering Eri to safety.
overhaul escaping with eri eraser head's quirk lemillion rescuing eri lemillion fighting overhaul
12 Unforeseen Hope 2020.01.04
Midoriya busts into the room just in time for Eraser Head to cancel out Overhaul's Quirk. Assisted by his underling Chrono, Eraser Head is forced to blink and Overhaul seizes the opportunity to assimilate Nemoto into himself to gain a massive power-up. Seeing the situation, Nighteye faces Overhaul alone so the others can escape with Eri but is no match for his enhanced abilities. Just as things appear hopeless, the heroes above the compound bust into the room from the ceiling under a humorous plan devised by Toga and Twice.
toga and twice plan nighteye with lemillion and eri overhaul absorbs nemoto ryuku's hero team busts through the ceiling
13 Infinite 100% 2020.01.11
Realizing the heroes aren't going to abandon their plan to rescue her, Eri uses her Quirk to 'rewind' Overhaul's assimilation of Nemoto. Undaunted, he absorbs Rikiya of the Eight Bullets and chases after Izuku and Eri. As Eri clings to him, Izuku realizes her Quirk is running out of control and will soon rewind him to nothing. Seeing a unique opportunity, he activates One For All at 100% to continually suffer damage and counteract it. As the battle with Overhaul ends, Nighteye is astonished to see someone change their fate as seen by his own Foresignt.
eri rewinding overhaul deku vs overhaulmidoiya using one for all at 100%nighteye seeing midoriya change his future
14 Bright Future 2020.01.18
Overhaul's scheme to sell the Quirk destroying bullets to villains and the repair serum to heroes alike ends in his defeat. Tomura gets the last laugh over Overhaul as the League of Villains ambushes his police transport and seizes his Quirk destroying bullets for themselves. Nighteye finally succumbs to his wounds but not before he uses his Foresight one final time to reveal that in time Mirio will still become a great hero.
hassaihai yakuza boss overhaul captured by tomura nighteye mortally wounded mirio with nighteye in the hospital
15 Smoldering Flames 2020.01.25
Gran Torino and detective Tsukauchi investigate sightings of the villain Kurogiri but end up encountering Gigantomachia, one of All for One's most dangerous henchmen. Back at U.A., Bakugo and Todoroki prepare to re-take their provisional license exam.
gran torino and tsukauchi capture kurogiri gigantomachia mirio after losing his quirk bakugo and todoroki doing the retake exam
16 Win Those Kids' Hearts 2020.02.01
Katsuki and Shoto meet Shiketsu students Inasa and Camie who are also there for the exam. In a surprising challenge, their combat abilities aren't going to be tested but instead they need to win the hearts of an unruly elementary school class. Up in the stands, Endeavor asks All Might what it means to be the Symbol of Peace.
kids at the hero license exam school teacher with mera and present mic student ringleader kids attack the hero class
17 Relief for License Trainees 2020.02.08
Combining their Quirks, the heroes create an ice slide for the children to enjoy. Katsuki locates their ringleader and tells him that if he spends his entire life looking down on others, he will never realize his own weaknesses. Meanwhile at the dorms, Aoyama leaves Midoriya a cryptic message in the middle of the night.
shoto sparkling todoroki making an ice slide nighteye's funeral aoyama lurking around midoriya
18 School Festival 2020.02.15
The upcoming school festival continues as planned - being as important to the other students as the Sports Festival was to the hero students. Class 1-A is given the task of deciding on their class activity before the next morning and Shoto gets an idea from Mina's dancing. Visiting Eri in the hospital, Izuku still sees the shadow of Overhaul over her and realizes she hasn't been completely saved yet. Along with Mirio, he decides to take her to their school festival so she might smile for the first time. Meanwhile Gentle Criminal, a villain seeking notoriety, continues to release online videos and sets his sights on his next target that will put him in front of the eyes of the world.
mina's dance midoriya and mirio with eri in the hospital gentle criminal making a video la brava filming
19 Prepping for the School Festival Is the Funnest Part 2020.02.22
Katsuki knows how to play the drums and the class wants him to perform in the band. He refuses, understanding more than the others that their class is the main cause of the stress at the school that the festival is intended to relieve. He agrees to participate but only if the others agree to really blow away the audience with their performance instead of condescending to the other students to make them feel better. As the class's roles in the festival are decided, Izuku begins special training with Toshinori to develop a new move that exploits the nature of One for All.
gentle criminal's sidekick la brava bakugo playing the drums jiro and the hero class band midoriya training with all might
20 Gold Tips Imperial 2020.02.29
Izuku and Mirio give Eri a tour around the school, seeing what the other classes are preparing. Principal Nezu has his faculty on high alert patrolling the grounds and is prepared to cancel the festival and evacuate the school if an alarm is sounded. That night, Izuku stumbles upon a video uploaded by Gentle Criminal exclaiming his love of his favorite tea .
mirio and izuku with eri at the school festival nejire preparing for the beauty pageant mei hatsune in the workshop midoriya watching gentle criminal's video
21 Deku vs. Gentle Criminal 2020.03.07
Izuku is given a special set of gloves he requested from Mei that will really power up his new air bullet move. Making a last minute purchase at a convenience store, he recognizes Gentle Criminal when he begins to monologue about his favorite tea, just like in the video. Knowing that the festival will be cancelled over just the slightest disturbance, Izuku faces off against him alone to prevent Gentle from reaching U.A.
deku's gloves encountering gentle criminal outside the convenience store deku vs gentle criminal deku fighting gentle criminal in the air
22 School Festival Start!! 2020.03.14
la brava crying la brava love quirk flashback to gentle's past as a hero student gentle powered up with la brava's love quirk
23 Let It Flow! School Festival! 2020.03.21
hero class 1-a's dance jiro and the class 1-a band eri smiling for the first time izuku, mirio and eri at the school festival
24 Japanese Hero Billboard Chart 2020.03.28