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The Rising of the Shield Hero

1. The Shield Hero  
One day while at the library while looking for light novels, Naofumi finds a book titled The Waves of Apocalyptic Catastrophe. Upon opening it, he is surrounded by a shimmering light and finds himself transported to another world. Reminiscent of a virtual online game, Naofumi is joined in this strange new world by three others. Each armed with one of the legendary weapons - the Sword, Spear, Bow and Shield - they are told they have been summoned to save a world in peril from the Waves of Catastrophe.

Not only disappointed with his weapon as the Shield, Naofumi finds himself at another disadvantage. The other three 'Heroes' recognize this world as one similar to a popular online game in their own home world versions of Japan - a game that was never released in Naofumi's world. The Heroes are told to form separate parties the following morning with local adventurers and unsurprisingly no one wants to join the Shield Hero. One adventurer, Myne, decides out of the blue to join Naofumi to help him level up. With their respective parties in tow, the four Heroes set out into the world to begin their quest to restore peace to the land.
Naofumi finding the book titled 'Waves of Catastrophe' the four summoned heroes king in his throne room naofumi viewing the town at night
first party member myne castle town bustling city steet myne's betrayal slaver merchant
2. The Slave Girl  
With his reputation in tatters, Naofumi takes his new ward Raphtalia to the town's blacksmith to get outfitted. Unable to wield any offensive weapons due to his Shield, Naofumi will need to depend entirely on her to make any progress in the world. Despite his words that treat their relationship like that between a master and a slave, Naofumi cares for her in his own way. When they travel to the village of Lute, they are informed the nearby mines have been infested with powerful monsters but contain valuable gems ripe for the taking. A terror deep within however forces Raphtalia to come to terms with her tragic past with the aid of Naofumi.
blacksmith shop raphtalia ball grinding for exp naofumi guarding raphtalia
3. Wave of Catastrophe  
Their training is going well and being a monster class, Raphtalia has aged up with her level. They return to town to upgrade their equipment and Naofumi gets a custom set of Bandit Armor that Raphtalia convinced the blacksmith to craft for him. As the time of the next Wave draws near, the other Heroes continue to alienate Naofumi, leaving Raphtalia confused since she is still in the dark over their falling out. With the wave upon them, the sky opens up to rain undead monsters down on the land below. The three other Heroes rush off to confront the main force but Naofumi remains behind to defend the village as the knights flee from their duty.
game party interface adult raphtalia the first wave of catastrophe heroes celebrating
4. Lullaby at Dawn  
To celebrate their triumph over the previous Wave, the King invites all of the Heroes to a grand banquet - even including Naofumi. Things quickly turn sour however as Myne, who is actually Princess Malty, convinces the Spear Hero Motoyasu that Raphtalia is being held by Naofumi against her will with the use of a binding slave spell. He goads Naofumi into a duel to 'free' Raphtalia but is unable to overcome his immense defensive abilities. Princess Malty intervenes and strikes at Naofumi from behind with a magic spell to tip the scale in Motoyasu's favor. With defeat inevitable, Naofumi prepares to find himself alone in the world once again.
motoyasu the spear hero naofumi and the spear hero's duel princess malty sword and bow heroes
5. Filo  
As thanks for defending Lute Village when no one else would, the villagers present him with gifts as he makes his way around town. One of these gifts from the magic shop is a Grimoire - a powerful tome that will allow its reader to cast magic after extensive study. He also opts to purchase a Fiolial Egg from the slave trader with part of his meager reward from the last Wave. While devoting his time until the next wave to studying the grimoire, the egg hatches and a new Fiolial pops out. She grows quickly and Naofumi gives her the not so creative name of Filo.

One day while departing the village to go out training, they find Princess Malty making a proclamation that the Spear Hero Motoyasu is to be given control of Lute Village by royal decree. After being immediately confronted by robed figures, she angrily challenges Naofumi to another duel against Motoyasu with the winner gaining control over the village.
naofumi studying the grimoire totally not a chocobo malty's proclamation in the village filo kicking motoyasu into the sky
6. A New Comrade  
filo at the tailor's filo pulling the wagon rounding up bandits party fighting monsters
7. The Savior of the Heavenly Fowl  
poison disease central poison plant filo bedtime charging boar
8. Curse Shield  
filo kicking a dragon curse shield raphtalia in bandages naofumi night sky
9. Melty  
melty surrounded by fiolials melty and filo in a field spear hero with princess myne melty in the royal capital
10. In the Midst of Turmoil  
11. Catastrophe Returns  
12. The Raven Invader  
13. The Devil of the Shield  
14. Everlasting Memory  
15. Raphtalia  
16. Fiolial Queen  
17. A Promise Made  
18. A Conspiracy Linked  
19. The Four Cardinal Heroes  
20. Battle of Good and Evil  
21. Naofumi's Triumphant Return  
queen mirelia with naofumi on a balcony overlooking the city princess malty slave crest myne and aultcray in guillotine naofumi gloat
22. Four Heroes Council  
23. Cal Mira Archipelago  
24. Guardians of Another World  
25. The Rising of the Shield Hero