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The Rising of the Shield Hero

1. The Shield Hero  
One day while at the library while looking for light novels, Naofumi finds a book titled The Waves of Apocalyptic Catastrophe. Upon opening it, he is surrounded by a shimmering light and finds himself transported to another world. Reminiscent of a virtual online game, Naofumi is joined in this strange new world by three others. Each armed with one of the legendary weapons - the Sword, Spear, Bow and Shield - they are told they have been summoned to save a world in peril from the Waves of Catastrophe.

Not only disappointed with his weapon as the Shield, Naofumi finds himself at another disadvantage. The other three 'Heroes' recognize this world as one similar to a popular online game in their own home world versions of Japan - a game that was never released in Naofumi's world. The Heroes are told to form separate parties the following morning with local adventurers and unsurprisingly no one wants to join the Shield Hero. One adventurer, Myne, decides out of the blue to join Naofumi to help him level up. With their respective parties in tow, the four Heroes set out into the world to begin their quest to restore peace to the land.
Naofumi finding the book titled 'Waves of Catastrophe' the four summoned heroes king in his throne room naofumi viewing the town at night
first party member myne castle town bustling city steet myne's betrayal slaver merchant
2. The Slave Girl  
With his reputation in tatters, Naofumi takes his new ward Raphtalia to the town's blacksmith to get outfitted. Unable to wield any offensive weapons due to his Shield, Naofumi will need to depend entirely on her to make any progress in the world. Despite his words that treat their relationship like that between a master and a slave, Naofumi cares for her in his own way. When they travel to the village of Lute, they are informed the nearby mines have been infested with powerful monsters but contain valuable gems ripe for the taking. A terror deep within however forces Raphtalia to come to terms with her tragic past with the aid of Naofumi.
blacksmith shop raphtalia ball grinding for exp naofumi guarding raphtalia
3. Wave of Catastrophe  
Their training is going well and being a monster class, Raphtalia has aged up with her level. They return to town to upgrade their equipment and Naofumi gets a custom set of Bandit Armor that Raphtalia convinced the blacksmith to craft for him. As the time of the next Wave draws near, the other Heroes continue to alienate Naofumi, leaving Raphtalia confused since she is still in the dark over their falling out. With the wave upon them, the sky opens up to rain undead monsters down on the land below. The three other Heroes rush off to confront the main force but Naofumi remains behind to defend the village as the knights flee from their duty.
game party interface adult raphtalia the first wave of catastrophe heroes celebrating
4. Lullaby at Dawn  
To celebrate their triumph over the previous Wave, the King invites all of the Heroes to a grand banquet - even including Naofumi. Things quickly turn sour however as Myne, who is actually Princess Malty, convinces the Spear Hero Motoyasu that Raphtalia is being held by Naofumi against her will with the use of a binding slave spell. He goads Naofumi into a duel to 'free' Raphtalia but is unable to overcome his immense defensive abilities. Princess Malty intervenes and strikes at Naofumi from behind with a magic spell to tip the scale in Motoyasu's favor. With defeat inevitable, Naofumi prepares to find himself alone in the world once again.
motoyasu the spear hero naofumi and the spear hero's duel princess malty sword and bow heroes
5. Filo  
As thanks for defending Lute Village when no one else would, the villagers present him with gifts as he makes his way around town. One of these gifts from the magic shop is a Grimoire - a powerful tome that will allow its reader to cast magic after extensive study. He also opts to purchase a Fiolial Egg from the slave trader with part of his meager reward from the last Wave. While devoting his time until the next wave to studying the grimoire, the egg hatches and a new Fiolial pops out. She grows quickly and Naofumi gives her the not so creative name of Filo.

One day while departing the village to go out training, they find Princess Malty making a proclamation that the Spear Hero Motoyasu is to be given control of Lute Village by royal decree. After being immediately confronted by robed figures, she angrily challenges Naofumi to another duel against Motoyasu with the winner gaining control over the village.
naofumi studying the grimoire totally not a chocobo malty's proclamation in the village filo kicking motoyasu into the sky
6. A New Comrade  
Since Filo's clothes end up in tatters every time she becomes a fiolial, Naofumi visits a tailor who can craft special clothes that can withstand the transformation. Needing a magic gem to create the magic thread, his errand brings him in contact with a veteran trader. Impressed by Naofumi's shrewdness in dealing with bandits that tried to ambush them on the road, the trader takes him under his wing. Through the trader's grapevine, they learn the location of a magic gem hidden deep in an alchemist's tomb.
filo at the tailor's filo pulling the wagon rounding up bandits party fighting monsters
7. The Savior of the Heavenly Fowl  
The party learns of a village to the south in desperate need of herbicide to quell its infestation of monstrous man-eating plants. Upon arriving in the village, they learn the infestation is the result of the Miracle Seed, a gift given to them by the Spear Hero Motoyasu. Intended to help them recover from a famine, the plants quickly grew out of control and have overrun the entire region. Naofumi offers to destroy the heart of the Miracle Seed for an increased reward. The party then travels to the next town centered around its natural hot springs. Raphtalia and Filo's quest to gain more attention from Naofumi ends up converging on a very strange place - the nest of a gigantic bird monster.
poison disease central poison plant filo bedtime charging boar
8. Curse Shield  
The party's continued travels take them to a village ravaged by plague. They learn the plague is a result of the Sword Hero Ren slaying the dragon who lived on the mountains nearby. With the dragon left there to rot, poison released from its corpse eventually made its way down into the village. They travel into the mountains to dispose of it properly but the dragon's rage has reanimated it as an undead. Naofumi decides to retreat but Filo is unable to since dragons are a fiolial's natural enemy. When things look grim for Filo, a new skill tree opens for Naofumi under the Curse Shield branch.
filo kicking a dragon curse shield raphtalia in bandages naofumi night sky
9. Melty  
With Raphtalia is still suffering the effects of the Curse Shield, Naofumi sees no choice but to return to the capital for treatment. On the way, they meet a strange girl with an affinity for fiolials. Introducing herself as Melty, she was also traveling to the capital but was separated from her companions. Naofumi allows Melty to travel with them but there's definitely more to her than she is letting on.
melty surrounded by fiolials melty and filo in a field spear hero with princess myne melty in the royal capital
10. In the Midst of Turmoil  
Melty's true mission as the princess of Melromarc was to deliver a message to the king on her mother's behalf about the treatment of the Shield Hero. As next Wave draws, Naofumi is approached by several young guards wishing to join his party due to him saving their hometown at Lute Village. Naofumi wants to upgrade the classes of Filo and Raphtalia before the Wave arrives by the church at Melromarc is still uncooperative. As Naofumi surveys nearby towns, he learns that refugees are fleeing from the north. A corrupt lord was put in power by the well-intentioned Bow Hero Itsuki after a revolution deposed its previous and equally corrupt lord.
lute village guard party melromarc world map village refugees ren and itsuki confront naofumi
11. Catastrophe Returns  
As the Wave approaches, Naofumi and his temporarily expanded party of Lute Villagers stand ready next to his cart of potions. A flying ship appears overhead with dual bosses aboard - a skeleton captain and a kraken that need to be defeated in a specific order to reveal the final boss. The other Heroes are unable to work together so Naofumi steps in.and orders Raphtalia to cast a light spell to illuminate the monsters' shadows so they may be defeated properly. Soul eaters suddenly spawn all over the ship, including this wave's boss. Naofumi's defense oriented party will beat it eventually but he knows the village below can't hold out that long. Seeing no other choice, Naofumi unleashes the Rage Shield once again.
ghost ship skeleton captain boss shield prison glass
12. The Raven Invader  
The mysterious woman introduces herself as Glass, and their true opponent of this Wave. Attacks from the other Heroes are easily deflected and not even Naofumi is able to do much damage. Mercifully, the Wave ends and Glass disappears along with it. While Naofumi ponders the nature of the Waves back in the capital, he is interrupted by a summon from King Aultcray. The King demands to know how Naofumi has become so much stronger than the other Heroes. Naofumi demands the King grovel before him before he will divulge that information - and that goes about as well as could be expected. Naofumi decides to travel to Shieldfreeden to get class upgrades for Raphtalia and Filo. Melty's entourage catches up to them and she wants Naofumi to go back to make amends with the King.
glass king aultcray's throne room mysterious woman presents a pendant melty assassination attempt
13. The Devil of the Shield  
Naofumi's party flees along with Melty into the woods after the failed assassination attempt. The attack was recorded by a magic crystal ball and has been edited by sages to make Naofumi appear like the one who attacked Melty. With the other three Heroes fooled over to her side, Myne leads a posse to bring Naofumi to justice. Narrowly escaping their pursuers, the party is approached by a masked woman who says Queen Mirelia has requested an audience with them.
naofumi's party escaping myne's posse teleports behind you masked mystery woman
14. Everlasting Memory  
Security is too tight throughout the region so Naofumi abandons his plan to go to Siltvelt and opts to meet with Queen Mirelia. Their travels take them to a region rules by Reichnott, a noble that Melty knows. Their rest at his estate is interrupted by soldiers sent from another noble, Idol Rabier. They arrest Reichnott and force Melty to return to Idol's own estate to be returned to the capital. Raphtalia recognizes Lord Rabier as the cruel overlord that ruled over her demihuman village and had taken them all into slavery. With the goal of rescuing Melty, Naofumi's party enter Lord Rabier's heavily guarded estate.
demihumans farming lord reichnott raphtalia hiding lord idol rabier's estate
15. Raphtalia  
Their escape takes them through Lord Rabier's underground prison where he had held the demihuman villagers after the first Wave. Raphtalia recognizes it as the place where she was sold from to the slave merchant. Looking around, they find other survivors still living there, including her friend Keel. Wondering if her childhood friend Rifana is still there, Raphtalia thinks back to her peaceful life in the village before the Waves and Lord Rabier.
raphtalia's flashback with rifana raphtalia over lord rabier raphtalia and rifana in their prison cell raphtalia with rifana's remains
16. Fiolial Queen  
Lord Rabier's summoned Rex Dragon continues to rampage and they manage to lure it out of the village due to its fixation on Filo. Their attacks have very little effect on it and they are soon interrupted by a herd of fiolials. The largest steps forward and defeats it with ease. Transforming into her humanoid form, the girl introduces herself as Fitoria, the Fiolial Queen. She reveals to Naofumi that Waves are also attacking other regions of the world and that she has been protecting them all by herself. She is frustrated by the infighting between the Heroes and declares to Naofumi in private that if they cannot learn to work together, she will have no choice but to slay them so that new Heroes may be summoned.
cgi anime t-rex fiolial queen fitoria's fiolial carriage fiolials sleeping
17. A Promise Made  
A peaceful morning is interrupted when Fitoria suddenly casts Liberatio Wind Prison on Melty. Holding her hostage, she repeats her demand that Naofumi work together with the other Heroes. He refuses once again and Fitoria demands that his party show that they are capable of handling the waves alone. She already knows how strong Naofumi is to she wants a duel with Filo. Even restricted to her human form, Filo is no match for Fitoria. During the duel, Naofumi's encouragement reminds her of her previous master, the last Shield Hero. Filo's attack manages to land slightly and Fitoria believes she has displayed enough potential and crowns her as the new Fiolial Queen.
fiolial ruins filo's duel with fitoria filo's crown fitoria's flashback with the last shield hero
18. A Conspiracy Linked  
Nearing a checkpoint, Naofumi decides to approach and extend an olive branch, knowing Fitoria sensed another Hero in the area. Unfortunately the Hero they find is the Spear Hero Motoyasu, the most stubborn of them all. He is immediately hostile and intends to get revenge over the deaths of the Sword Hero and Bow Hero. Myne traps them all within a lightning prison so escape is not an option and Motoyasu isn't willing to listen to Naofumi's confusion over Ren and Itsuki. Though they overwhelm the Spear Hero easily, a new opponent appears that will force former enemies to work together to survive.
motoyasu waiting at the gate spear hero's duel with the shield hero crater pope balmus
19. The Four Cardinal Heroes  
Pope Balmus congratulates them for surviving the high level ritual spell Judgment. Armed with a powerful weapon, it is a replication of all four Cardinal Weapons forged into one. Powered by life energy from his army of followers, he prepares to finish them all off but is interrupted by the sudden appearance of the Sword Hero and Bow Hero. They now know that Naofumi was framed by figures working behind the shadows to sew discord among them. Though Naofumi still holds a grudge, he decides to honor his promise to Fitoria and work together with the other Heroes.
down in the crater pope balmus and the cardinal weapon fitoria at the ruins four cardinal heroes
20. Battle of Good and Evil  
With the entire crater sealed with the powerful Cathedral spell, they are all forced to work together if they are going to get out alive. Pope Balmus begins to power up an obvious finishing blow and Naofumi sees no choice but to use the Curse Shield. The other Heroes attack the priest but he is able to survive by protective magics generated by his followers' mana. As Balmus's attack nears completion, Naofumi unleashes his Blood Sacrifice attack which causes great damage to the use and target alike.
queen mirelia's army crater cathedral prison spell blood sacrifice sheild skill
21. Naofumi's Triumphant Return  
Naofumi wakes up three days later and learns that Queen Mirelia has been busy normalizing relations with the other kingdoms. It was decided that each kingdom would summon one Hero to fight the Waves but Princess Malty and King Aultcray had summoned all four in Melromarc. Though he plans on leaving Melromarc, Queen Mirelia requests that he come to the castle the following day so that she may clear his name. When the four heroes arrive at the throne room, they are surprised to find themselves at a trial for Princess Malty and King Aultcray.
queen mirelia with naofumi on a balcony overlooking the city princess malty slave crest myne and aultcray in guillotine naofumi gloat
22. Four Heroes Council  
Queen Mirelia announces that an event will happen at Cal Miro Archipelago soon. All monsters there will be given a huge experience bonus, making it the perfect place to gain levels quickly. Queen Mirelia suggests the heroes pool their knowledge together to make the most out of the opportunity. On the road to the ship's harbor, they meet a pair of travelers named L'arc and Therese.
queen mirelia melty and filo sleeping raphtalia at rifana's grave ship in harbor
23. Cal Mira Archipelago  
Naofumi's party teams up with L'arc and Therese and begin power leveling against the easy enemies they find near town. Experience unfortunately drops to nothing once the other Heroes show up so Naofumi decides to travel to another island where they can find stronger monsters. The next day, Naofumi completes a magic artifact he promised to make for Therese. Their levels are now over 70, there the experience curve intensifies. Another following day, Filo finds some underwater ruins while playing around at the beach. Further exploration of the ruins unveils the discovery of another Hourglass with a Wave scheduled to arrive in just two days.
power leveling l'arc and therese feasting at cal miro archipelago raphralia in her swimsuit
24. Guardians of Another World  
Naofumi uses his newfound teleport skill to quickly return to the capital to inform Queen Mirelia. She deploys her army to help fight the Wave and they meet it at sea with her fleet of ships. Naofumi holds the attention of the Wave's boss but the other Heroes have difficulty damaging it. L'arc is effectively able to slay it, and in a strange twist turn on the four Heroes. They reveal they are also Heroes from another world being attacked by Waves and believe the only way to save it is to kill the four Heroes of this world. Their situation is once again worsened when Glass makes another appearance.
spear hero and malty with the fleet wave's fish boss queen mirelia's fleet lecia
25. The Rising of the Shield Hero  
Naofumi sees Glass react cautiously for the first time when he uses an ability that can drain his target's SP. The enemy party is able to use a combo attack and are surprised Naofumi's party was able to survive it. Naofumi tells Raphtalia and Filo to hold L'arc and Therese off so he can take Glass on alone. As he expected, his Soul Eater ability is devastatingly effective and is actually draining her health along with her SP. Preparing to use Blood Sacrifice once again, he is interrupted by Lecia from the Bow Hero's party ferrying alcohol barrel bombs. Taking advantage of the situation, he detonates them as they launch to distract Glass long enough for the Wave to time out and force their retreat.

Back at the capital, Naofumi takes Lecia into her party since she was kicked out of the Bow Hero's party after a false accusation. He is also granted a reward from Queen Mirelia for deposing Pope Balmus of the Three Heroes Church - governance over Seyaette's demihuman region, which also includes Raphtalia's old village. Arriving at the village being reconstructed, Raphtalia is distraught believing Naofumi is preparing them for a live without him. Naofumi says it will be a home for all of them together, and a new starting point in this world.
glass hero parties seyaette village ending