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Vinland Saga

1. Somewhere Not Here  
viking ship battle sea serpent over longship halfdan thors with his family in iceland
2. Sword  
leif erickson's boat thors in his village thorfinn fighting with other kids thors chest of equipment
3. Troll  
askeladd and his viking mercenaries helga and ylva thorfinn on a viking ship hostile viking longships
4. A True Warrior  
thors fist fighting askeladd duel with thors thors hit with an arrow thorfinn's glare
5. The Troll's Son  
thorfinn scavenging for food village captured by vikings thorfinn beaten by askeladd thorfinn's dagger
6. The Journey Begins  
english soldier thorfinn growing up english women washing at the river signal fire for the viking raid
7. Normanni  
attacking a fort by bridge seige of the fort vikings carrying longship over land askeladd and bjorn with loot
8. Beyond The Edge of The Sea  
uncle gorm duel between askeladd and thorfinn viking feast hall in gorm's village thorfinn with slave horda
9. The Battle of London Bridge  
london bridge battle thorkell king sweyn thorfinn vs askeladd
10. Ragnarok  
thorfinn flashback viking camp askeladd in roman ruins viking battle
11. A Gamble  
thorkell funny face prince canute with his helmet danish viking ambush thorfinn
12. The Land on The Far Bank  
the ear viking travel convoy gratianus's ships prince canute
13. Child of a Hero  
askeladd's mother welsh commander asser askeladd's army viking warband marching
14. The Light of Dawn  
village stolen ring vikings arrive in a peaceful village lone survivor of a massacred village
15. After Yule  
16. History of Beasts  
ragnar's corpse battlefield in village atli destroying the bridge thorkell
17. Servant  
mutiny in askeladd's band bjorn destroyed bridge thorkell
18. Out of The Cradle  
ragnar's spirit canute's newfound resolve thorfinn's duel canute and bjorn
19. United Front  
thorkell's army thorkell kicked thorkell taken down in the snow canute's band
20. Crown  
canute's band floki king sweyn atli departs from askeladd's band
21. Reunion  
canute's longship leif reunited with thorfinn woman decoy assassinated in canute's place bjorn and askeladd duel
22. Lone Wolf  
bjorn and askeladd duel askeladd's mother chief olaf assassination askeladd duel
23. Miscalculation  
viking longhouse vinland in north america banquet in king sweyn's longhouse king sweyn face off
24. End of the Prologue  
sweyn assassinated askeladd vs floki thorfinn screaming over askeladd king canute takes the throne