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Fall 2020


Adachi and Shimamura

Adachi and Shimamura are two high school girls who meet on the second floor of the gymnasium and become fast friends. While skipping class together they feel like they can talk about anything like their favorite television shows and foods. As their friendship develops, Adachi feels like it may become something more and agonizes over the way she begins to feel about Shimamura.

adachi blushing looking at shimamura adachi and shimamura skipping class together shimamura's friends from school adachi and shimamura walking home from school together

1. Playing Ping-Pong in Our Uniforms 2020.10.09
2. Adachi Question 2020.10.16
3. Isosceles Triangle 2020.10.23
4. High School Girls on Holiday 2020.10.30
5. Adachi's Question 2020.11.06
6. White Album 2020.11.13
7. Please Choose the Best Chocolate for Me 2020.11.20
8. The Briar That Weaves the Past: Old Rose 2020.11.27
9. Love That Embraces the Holy Mother: Marigold 2020.12.04
10. Cherry Blossoms and Spring and Spring and the Moon 2020.12.11
11. The Moon and Determination, Determination and Friends 2020.12.18
12. Friends and Love, Love and Cherry Blossoms 2020.12.25