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Fall 2020


Akudama Drive

Following a devastating war, Kansai has become a subordinate region under the government based in Kanto. Elite criminals known as the Akudama have emerged under the authorities' waning control. After a misunderstanding at a food stand, an Ordinary Girl finds herself in the middle of the action when several notorious Akudama attack the police station. In order to save herself, she claims to be one of them by introducing herself as Swindler. As the Akudama reach their goal, the girl who has never been on the wrong side of the law finds her fate entwined with those who will soon shake the very foundations of the city.

akudama's dystopian city courier on his bike meeting an ordinary girl akudama: hacker, doctor and brawler akudama completing a job to rescue cutthroat

1. SE7EN 2020.10.08
2. Reservoir Dogs 2020.10.15
3. Mission:Impossible 2020.10.22
4. Speed 2020.10.29
5. Dead Man Walking 2020.11.05
6. Brother 2020.11.12
7. The City of Lost Children 2020.11.19
8. Black Rain 2020.11.26
9. The Shining 2020.12.03
10. Babel 2020.12.10
11. War Games 2020.12.17
12. Akudama Drive 2020.12.24