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Spring 2020



In Meiji era Japan, Appare Sorano is a troublemaking inventor who spends his days creating fantastic new devices. Escaping from authorities after a simple misunderstanding, he and fellow expatriot Kosame Isshiki find themselves on a boat bound for America. As they struggle to make ends meet, Appare learns of the upcoming Trans America Wild Race and decides to stake his pride as an inventor by entering for the grand prize of 1.51 million dollars.

1. Sunny with Occasional Showers 2020.04.10
trans america wild race starting line appare's race team appare's laboratory appare coming to america
2. In the Dark 2020.04.17
appare looking at a car kosame's swordsmanship demonstration raceway xianlian at the raceway
3. Duel 2020.04.24
appare and hototo at the warehouse appare suggesting to sell kosame's katana al lyon appare racing al lyon
4. Let It Go 2020.07.24
al's segway from appare xianlian in her race car xianlian racing david watching the race
5. The Eve, and... 2020.07.31
appare and crazy tj gil of the thousand three mr miller at the racer's banquet announcer girl at the pole position race
6. I Am Gil! 2020.08.07
appare taking a mountain shortcut in the race appare ran off road dylan winning the race hototo held captive in gil's camp
7. FAKE 2020.08.14
appare beginning the race gil's thugs blasting the pass dylan racing crazy tj the bad brothers
8. HEAVY RAIN 2020.08.21
gil's gang of gunmen kosame's mother being assassinated saloon barkeep appare and the others about to be hanged by gil's gang
9. Short Break 2020.08.28
bad brothers with hototo outside of town sofia drinking contest kosame sparring with xialian kosame unfamiliar with western customs in the bath house
10. The Bridge to Hell 2020.09.04
racing through an old western town dylan in a shootout with gil gil stopping the race at the train bridge gil destroying the race cars
11. Rain in the Dark Night 2020.09.11
appare walking through crowded streets claudia with dylan and tj appare sitting on a dock in the rain seth rich carter
12. We Will Stop You!! 2020.09.18
Gil T. Cigar in an old church gil holding sofia hostage appare and the others ready to attack gil t cigar shootout with gil's henchmen
13. Over the Moon 2020.09.25
showdown with gil t cigar appare races against the train trans america wild race finish line appare and kosame