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Spring 2020



In sixteenth century Florence, the Renaissance Era is in full swing. Arte is the daughter of an affluent nobleman who spends her days painting. After the sudden death of her father, Arte escapes her home and arranged marriage to pursue her dreams. Her determination eventually brings her to Leo, a young yet talented painter who decides to take her as an apprentice after seeing bit of himself in Arte as she struggles to make a new life for herself.

Arte drawing in her room Arte looking for a master artist Arte cutting her hair Leo taking Arte as an apprentice

1. I Want to Be an Apprentice 2020.04.04
2. A New Life 2020.04.11
3. First Job 2020.04.18
4. Courtesan 2020.04.25
5. Inescapable Bond 2020.05.02
6. Trade Guild 2020.05.09
7. The Venetian Noble 2020.05.16
8. A New Chapter 2020.05.23
9. Naughty Child 2020.05.30
10. Katarina's Dinner 2020.06.06
11. The Faliers' Portrait Painter 2020.06.13
12. Apprentice 2020.06.20