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Magical Girl
Fall 2020


Assault Lily Bouquet

Lilies are humanity's last hope against monsters known as the Huge that appeared fifty years ago. Riri is finally achieving her dream of attending Yurigaoka Academy, which specializes in training girls to become Lilies. Her very first day becomes a trial by fire when one of the captive Huge escapes and the students are tasked with its retrieval. Using their powerful Charm weapons, the girls set out to begin the school year with a monster hunt.

riri hitotsuyanagi's first day at Yurigaoka Girl's Academy Lilies Araya and Yuyu about to fight using their Charms Riri encountering a Huge in the city ruins Yuyu defeating a Huge using her Charm

1. Water Lily: Purely of Heart 2020.10.02
2. Lily of the Valley: Return of Happiness 2020.10.09
3. Forget-Me-Not: True Love, Memories 2020.10.16
4. Fragrant Olive: A Person of Eminence 2020.10.23
5. Jade Vine: Forget Me Not 2020.10.30
6. Violet: Daydreaming, You Occupy My Thoughts 2020.11.06
7. Freesia: Innocence 2020.11.20
8. Camellia: You're Flame in My Heart 2020.11.27
9. Cosmos: The Joys that Love Life can Bring 2020.12.04
10. Anemone: Believe in You and Wait 2020.12.11
11. Lily: Purity 2020.12.18
12. Bouquet: Flower Language 2020.12.25