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Spring 2020


BNA: Brand New Animal

In a world where beastkin have emerged alongside humans, their societies and cultures have been kept completely separate. One day the human Michiru Kagemori awakens to find herself completely transformed into a tanuki beastkin. Fleeing to the beastkin's Anima City in search of a cure to return to normal, she meets Shiro Ogami, a wolf beastman. Intrigued by her unheard of transformation, he decides to join in Michiru's investigation.

Michiru being chased by beastkin hunters on her way to Anima City beastkin celebration in Anima City Michiru meeting wolf beastkin Shirou Shirou following the scent trail

1. Runaway Raccoon 2020.04.08
2. Rabbit Town 2020.04.15
3. Rhino Melancholy 2020.04.22
4. Dolphin Daydream 2020.04.29
5. Greedy Bears 2020.05.06
6. Fox Waltz 2020.05.13
7. Easy Albatross 2020.05.20
8. The Mole Rat Speaks 2020.05.27
9. Human Scapegoat 2020.06.03
10. Rabid Wolf 2020.06.10
11. A Beastly Feast 2020.06.17
12. Anima-City 2020.06.24