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Fall 2020


By the Grace of the Gods
Kami-tachi ni Hirowareta Otoko

Appearing as a typical 11 year old boy, one may be surprised to find Ryoma has been living alone for the past 3 years in the forest. Accompanied only by his slimes trained to do various chores, his solitude is disrupted when he helps a band of traveling adventurers care for one of their wounded members. As they bid him farewell and promise to visit again, Ryoma hides a shocking secret from his new friends - he was once an adult from our world.

ryoma and eliaria by the forest stream with slimes miya cat girl ryoma at home with his slime familiars Duke Reinhart

1. Ryoma, With the Slimes 2020.10.04
2. Departure, with the Slimes 2020.10.11
3. First Time in Town, with the Slimes 2020.10.18
4. Clean-Up Duty, with the Slimes 2020.10.25
5. The Lady's Training Session, with the Slimes 2020.11.01
6. Monster Hunting, with the Slimes 2020.11.08
7. Starting the Business, with the Slimes 2020.11.15
8. Laundry Shop Business, with the Slimes 2020.11.22
9. The New Coworkers, with the Slimes 2020.11.29
10. The New Slimes, with the Slimes 2020.12.06
11. Taming Magic Training, with the Slimes 2020.12.13
12. The Beginning of a New Era, with the Slimes 2020.12.20