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Fall 2020


The Day I Became a God
Kami-sama ni Natta Hi

While on the way to meet his friend, high school student Yota is approached by a girl in a strange costume. Calling herself Odin, she declares herself to be a God and demands that Yota become her guide. Not wanting to leave the apparent elementary school girl alone, he attempts to take her home but Asgard isn't exactly a reachable destination. As they travel through the city, she displays an impressive ability for predicting the future. One prediction is much more grim however - that the world will end in 30 days and she wants to stay with Yota until that time.

self proclaimed god odin wants to play basketball hina making toya embarassed hina predicting the horse racing winners yota confessing to kyoko

1. The Day a God Descended 2020.10.11
2. The Day of the Melody 2020.10.18
3. The Day the Angel Falls 2020.10.25
4. The Day of Battling Tiles 2020.11.01
5. The Day of Grand Magic 2020.11.08
6. The Day of the Festival 2020.11.15
7. The Day of Movie Shooting 2020.11.22
8. The Day of the Trip to the Beach 2020.11.29
9. The Day of the Deicide 2020.12.06
10. Days That Pass By 2020.12.13
11. Days of Play 2020.12.20
12. The Day You Choose 2020.12.27