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Summer 2020



With the appearance of the mysterious hostile life forms Gadoll, humanity has been driven to the edge of extinction. However, their ingenuity has allowed them to retreat to a massive mobile fortress known as the Deca-Dence. Its denizens are divided into two groups - Gears who defend the fortress against the Gadoll and Tankers who contribute in support roles. Natsume is one such Tanker that dreams of elevating herself to one of the Gears.

1. Ignition 2020.07.08
Having lost her arm years ago in an encounter with a Gadoll that claimed the life of her father, Natsume still holds onto her dream of returning humanity to the world outside of the Deca-dece fortress. Unfortunately her dream of joining the warrior Gears in The Power is dashed when she is assigned to cleaning the fortress walls on Kaburagi's maintenance team. When the fortress is caught in a surprise Gadoll attack, Natsume is thrown overboard and Kaburagi leaps into action with an ability that would impress even a Gear.
deca-dence mobile fortress natsume cleaning the sides of the deca-dence kaburagi fighting the gadoll gear soldiers of the power
2. Sprocket 2020.07.15
In a bizarre twist that Tankers on the Deca-dence are unaware of, their entire fortress is a colossal entertainment arena that allows cyborgs to do battle with Gadoll by using human Gear avatars. As one of these said cyborgs, Kaburagi is working for the Solid Quake Corporation that operates the Deca-dence. He is tasked with locating and retrieving chips in humans who are caught breaking the rules and are therefore deemed as 'bugs'. Digging into Natsume's background, he discovers the system believes she had died as a child, making her one of those bugs. Fascinated by this development, he agrees to train her to see what she is capable of.
cyborg village gear warriors from The Power gear mikey natsume blackmailing kaburagi
3. Steering 2020.07.22
Natsume's training is off to a rough start as she learns to master riding the anti gravity effect created from triggering a Gadoll's "zone" defense. They both realize that while her arm is effective during every day activities, it isn't suited for loading the Needle spears used for draining a Gadoll's blood. Kaburagi calls on a contact of his to create a new arm for Natsume perfectly suited for fighting Gadoll.
natsume at the gadoll training ground natsume faceplant natsume holding pipe, the gadoll pet natsume's new arm needle laincher
4. Transmission 2020.07.29
When a swarm of subterranean Gadoll attack the Deca-dence, Pipe falls into the caverns below. Natsume's first real battle is a trial by fire and she saves Pipe along with Kaburagi. Her actions catch the eye of Lady Kurenai, the strongest Gear and earns Natsume an invitation to fight with them in The Power.
natsume flying in the anti gravity field lady kurenai, the strongest gear kurenai running at kaburagi natsume's room
5. Differential Gear 2020.08.05
natsume's squad giant gadoll deca-dence commander minato deca-dence cannon
6. Radiator 2020.08.12
kaburagi in the bug correction facility kaburagi with the cyborg inmate sarkozy gadoll factory kaburagi vs donatello
7. Driveshaft 2020.08.19
gadoll attacking the tanker living quarters kaburagi's new avatar natsume's friend fei kurenai and the other gears helping to repair the fortress
8. Turbine 2020.08.26
jill detailing the plan for the bug uprising deca dence avatar storage system natsume and kurenai with cheeks pressed together surprised to see kabu bug correction facility uprising
9. Turbo Charger 2020.09.02
kabu and natsume raiding the gadoll breeding facility sarkozy and turkey hugin, commander of the deca-dence natsume learning the truth about the deca-dence
10. Brake System 2020.09.09