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Diary of Our Days at the Breakwater

Hinata Tsurugi has moved with her family back to their seaside hometown in Kyushu just in time to start her life as a high school student. Determined to join the handicraft club, she meets Yuki, a third year student who convinces her to join the fishing club. Though she has no experience with fishing or living so close to nature, Hina eventually learns to appreciate both with the new friends she makes along the way.

1. Breakwater Club 2020.04.07
Hinata learning to fish Hinata at the school fishing club Hinata catching her first fish Natsumi eating their caught fish
2. Reels and Casting 2020.04.14
yuki tricking newbies into untangling her reels hina with her new rod natsumi's skirt getting hooked natsumi hiding from hina while casting
3. Flatheads 2020.04.21
the shame of being seen with yuki's sea king pull cart hina catching seaweed catching a flathead fish