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Slice of Life
Spring 2020


Diary of Our Days at the Breakwater

Hinata Tsurugi has moved with her family back to their seaside hometown in Kyushu just in time to start her life as a high school student. Determined to join the handicraft club, she meets Yuki, a third year student who convinces her to join the fishing club. Though she has no experience with fishing or living so close to nature, Hina eventually learns to appreciate both with the new friends she makes along the way.

1. Breakwater Club 2020.04.07
Attending her first day at Umino High School back in her father's home town, Hina is set on joining the handicraft club. While reminiscing at the breakwater, she meets Yuki and helps her to untangle her jumbled up fishing line. Impressed by Hina's ability, Yuki teaches her how to fish. When Hina ends up catching an octopus that she is terrified of, Yuki seizes the opportunity to recruit a new member for the Breakwater Club.
Hinata learning to fish Hinata at the school fishing club Hinata catching her first fish Natsumi eating their caught fish
2. Reels and Casting 2020.04.14
Yuki tricks Hina into untangling all of the club's reels but as thanks rewards her with her very own rod. The club takes the opportunity to teach Hina how to cast but Natsumi ends up as more of a target than the water.
yuki tricking newbies into untangling her reels hina with her new rod natsumi's skirt getting hooked natsumi hiding from hina while casting
3. Flatheads 2020.04.21
The Breakwater Club sets out to catch flatheads at the sandy beach with their trusty Sea King pull cart. Yuki explains Hina will have to learn how to move her bait convincingly like a real fish but the elusive flathead is no easy target.
the shame of being seen with yuki's sea king pull cart hina catching seaweed catching a flathead fish
4. Eging 2020.07.28
Yuki is surprised Hina doesn't have a hat or jacket yet so the club goes to a fishing supply store. Hina finds a hat she really likes but only has enough money to buy the jacket for now. On the train ride back home, Yuki and the others reveal they chipped in to buy Hina her new hat also. With Hina's new attire, the Breakwater Club decides to go fishing for squid.
yuki's fishing jacket hina's new hat natsumi posing in the fishing shop breakwater fishing club
5. Clamming and an Advisor 2020.08.04
Yuki takes the club out to dig for clams in the low tide. Hina quickly gets over her fear of getting dirty as Natsumi chases her around in the sticky mud. After getting stuck further out, they must cooperate in their own strange way to get free. With their haul of clams back at the club house, they are interrupted by the arrival of school nurse Kotani-sensei. Not knowing her vice as Yuki attempts to shoo her away, Hina and Natsumi invite Kotani to share the meal with them.
hina and natsumi stuck in the mud digging for clams in the mud kotani sense drinking baking clams
6. Li'l Horsies 2020.08.11
Kotani-sensei barges into the club room saying she wants to eat deep fried li'l horsies and Yuki agrees to fish for them as long as she promises not to drink any beer. The fishing rig seems intricate at first but Hina and the others quickly catch a huge haul of horse mackerel. To avoid being traumatized having to gut them all by hand, the squeamish Hina is able to pretend she is merely taking apart a stuffed plushie.
hina shopping for bait using chum bait hina catching horse mackerels hina exhausted back home
7. Light Rock Fishing 2020.08.18
Hina finds an odd lure in her grandpa's stuff and Ohno reveals it's used for catching fish living between rocks. It sounds fun and Yuki wants to eat scorpionfish so the club sets out to catch rockfish right off the breakwater. Ohno is concerned Hina may get caught in the moment and fall into the water so she has her wear her life jacket.
breakwater fishing spot hina breakwater fishing with her life jacket hina scared of the rockfish she caught hina's stuffed fish decoration
8. Freshwater Prawns 2020.08.25
Bad weather has suspended club activities all week but after stealing some crab meat from Kotani's fridge, Yuki takes them fishing for some freshwater prawns. Found in the shallows where fresh water meets sea water, Yuki knows the perfect place. Prawns have a small mouth and timid disposition so Hina will have to learn the correct timing as she attempts to lift them from the water.
yuki taking kotani sensei's crab meat as bait prawn fishing under the bridge hina catching her first prawn hina and ohno senpai cooking
9. Preparations and Herons 2020.09.01
ohno senpai afraid of water fishing club's new inflatable life jackets ohno worried about falling in the water heron stealing fish
10. No-reel Fishing 2020.09.08
hina and the club doing no-reel fishing hina catching a puffer fish breakwater club watching the sunset drying fish fillets in the fridge
11. Whiting 2020.09.15
yuki holding worm bait playing in the water at the beach hina afraid of her artificial bait natsumi catching whiting
12. From Now On... 2020.09.22
natsumi beind licked by a dog hina catching a fish hina and natsumi breakwater club