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Summer 2020


Super HxEros
Dokyuu Hentai HxEros

This seemingly normal world has been plagued by the recently emerged Kiseishuu, alien invaders who feed off humans desire for one another. Their consumption of this "H-Energy" has put humanity in danger of being extinct as all desire is extinguished once it is extracted. Retto and his childhood friend Kirara were attacked years ago and she has been cold to him ever since. Now a teenager, Retto has joined the secret ExEros team to fight the Kiseishuu, aided by their powerful Xero Gear devices.

kirara destroying a perverted magazine retto's xero gear device kirara having her hand held by retto battling a kiseishuu alien

1. In This World Filled With Light 2020.07.04
2. HxEros Forms 2020.07.11
3. Butterfly Effect 2020.07.18
4. Snow White and the Color of the Sky 2020.07.25
5. HxEros Rising 2020.08.08
6. New Roommate (?) 2020.08.15
7. XERO Game 2020.08.22
8. H-energy Monster 2020.08.29
9. Hadakana Beach Season Opening 2020.09.05
10. The Two Kiraras 2020.09.12
11. Bye-bye, HxEros! 2020.09.19
12. HxEros Showdown! 2020.09.26