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Fall 2020


Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai
Dragon Quest: Dai no Daibouken

As a baby, Dai washed ashore on Delmurin Island - a place settled only by monsters. Raised by his adoptive grandfather Brass, Dai knows the surrounding monsters as friends. One day a Hero and his party arrive to the island and an excited Dai calls all of the monsters together to meet them. The Hero's party suddenly attacks and abducts their true target: Dai's friend Gome-chan, a golden metal slime. Grandpa Brass presents Dai with several artifacts to stop the false Hero, including powerful capsules that can store and retrieve people and monsters on command. With these in tow, Dai and his monster friends take their first step in a new adventure.

Dai and Gome-chan Dai with the false hero party on Delmurin Island grandpa brass Dai's monster friends

1. Dai, the Little Hero 2020.10.03
2. Dai and Princess Leona 2020.10.10
3. The Hero's Tutor 2020.10.17
4. The Dark Lord Hadlar's Return 2020.10.24
5. The Insignia of Avan 2020.10.31
6. Crocodine, the Beast King 2020.11.07
7. Maam's Turmoil 2020.11.14
8. Furfang Full Assault 2020.11.21
9. A Single Shard of Courage 2020.11.28
10. Onto Papnica Kingdom 2020.12.05
11. Hyunckel, the Dark Swordsman 2020.12.12
12. The Collaborative Zapple 2020.12.19
13. The Deciding Moment 2020.12.26