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Fall 2020


Dropout Idol Fruit Tart
Ochikobore Fruit Tart

Ino Sakura has just arrived in Tokyo to follow her dream of becoming an idol. Met by her manager Hoho from the talent agency Rat Productions, she is brought to one of their smaller dorms affectionately called the Mouse House. There she meets the other struggling talent: Roko the child actor, Hayu the musician and Nina the model. Manager Hoho announces that Mouse House is on the chopping block by the talent agency but she has a plan to save the house along with their careers. To repay the debt owed to the company, they will be forming the idol group Fruit Tart in order to produce a weekly variety show.

the girls of mouse house ino arriving in tokyo to become an idol fruit tart idol group handing out flyers as an idol group

1. We're off to Higako! 2020.10.12
2. A Rocking New Semester! 2020.10.19
3. Our First Concert! 2020.10.26
4. A New Face! 2020.11.02
5. Could Be a Stalker? 2020.11.09
6. The Pervert Appears! 2020.11.16
7. I Need to Go... Record? 2020.11.23
8. Super Awesome Curry! 2020.11.30
9. Diuretic Effect! 2020.12.07
10. Dance and Shine! 2020.12.14
11. Look at Us! 2020.12.21
12. Dropout Graduation? 2020.12.28