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Summer 2020



From the Edo period, samurai Sensui and ninja Kenroku encounter a time slip and are transported to the year 2030. In this era, Japan has been devastated by the Gibiate virus that transforms its victims into dangerous monsters. Disoriented from their arrival, the pair are rescued by Kathleen, a researcher of the virus. With nowhere else to turn in a strange world of ruin, they decide to accompany her as she searches for a cure.

tokyo 2030 after the gibiate virus kanzaki and sanada time slip into the future gibiate mosnter kathleen rescuing kanzaki and sanada

1. Spirited Away 2020.07.15
2. Beyond the Maelstrom 2020.07.22
3. The Third Man 2020.07.29
4. Danger Zone 2020.08.05
5. Evil vs. Bushido 2020.08.12
6. Desperate Situation 2020.08.19
7. Dream Road to Death 2020.08.26
8. Letter of Farewell 2020.09.02
9. Until It All Burns Away 2020.09.09
10. New Allies 2020.09.16
11. Illusory Love 2020.09.23
12. A Life's End 2020.09.30