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Spring 2020



High school student Shuichi Kagaya has gained the ability to transform into a monster with the appearance of a dog-like stuffed anmal. With a zipper down its back, another human can climb within Shuichi and meld together into a single powerful entity. After saving a girl named Claire from a fire, she decides to make use of Shuichi to avenge the death of her sister at the hands of another monster.

1. Something Inside of Me 2020.04.05
2. What It Means to Be Empty 2020.04.12
3. Elena 2020.04.19
4. I Wish I was Someone Else 2020.04.26
5. Crazy Enemies 2020.05.03
6. Gatherers 2020.05.10
7. Metamorphosis 2020.05.17
8. Shadows in Memory 2020.05.24
9. Staked Claims 2020.05.31
10. Beautiful Flower 2020.06.07
11. The Price of Resolve 2020.06.14
12. Where the Promise was Made 2020.06.21
13. We Two Are One 2020.06.28