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Fall 2020


The Gymnastics Samurai
Taisou Zamurai

Jotaro Aragaki is a former gymnast who was a member of Japan's national team. Though he continues to train, Jotaro knows that an injury he suffered will keep him from ever competing again. On the verge of permanently retiring, a chance meeting changes the course of his life when a strange man dressed like a ninja literally falls into it.

jotaro aragaki with his daighter rei mysterious gymnast leonardo dressed like a ninja leonardo hiding in the aragaki's bathtub breathing through a reed jotaro's coach noriyuni in the gymnasium

1. Retiring Samurai 2020.10.11
2. Rock-Bottom Samurai 2020.10.18
3. Dueling Samurai 2020.10.25
4. Samurai Daughter. 2020.11.01
5. Battling Samurai 2020.11.08
6. Samurai Father and Daughter 2020.11.15
7. Training Camp Samurai 2020.11.22
8. Special Training Samurai 2020.11.29
9. Ninja & Samurai 2020.12.06
10. Samurai's Decisive Battle 2020.12.13
11. Gymnastics Samurai 2020.12.20