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Fall 2020


I'm Standing on a Million Lives
100-man no Inochi no Ue ni Ore wa Tatte Iru

Yusuke spends his school days not wanting to do much more than go home and play video games. Everything changes one day when he is pulled into a strange fantasy world and finds two of his classmates awaiting him there. Having been there before, they explain to Yusuke that every time they are called to this world another classmate will join them and another quest must be accomplished before they can return home. Though they are hopelessly outpowered by the monsters they find they have one clear advantage - as long as one of them remains alive, they can return to life as many times as it takes.

yusuke in class before being summoned to another world yusuke being sent to a fantasy world yusuke and iu attempt to fight a goblin yusuke and kusue arrive in the village for their first quest

1. Unqualified Heroes 2020.10.02
2. This City I Hate So Much 2020.10.09
3. Help Me 2020.10.16
4. Kavhel of Cortonel 2020.10.23
5. What a Life Is Worth 2020.10.30
6. The Ancient Ruins of Hosszu Banyazait Alagut 2020.11.06
7. The Warrior of Light and the Stranger of Darkness 2020.11.13
8. Non Player Killer 2020.11.20
9. Heart-Racing Logout 2020.11.27
10. Yotsuya Yuusuke Dies 2020.12.04
11. Majiha Forever 2020.12.11
12. A Murderer's Summer 2020.12.18