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Fall 2020


Ikebukuro West Gate Park

Ikebukuro is a friendly bustling neighborhood in downtown Tokyo. Keeping it nice and friendly are the G Boys. Led by a young delinquent named Takashi, he is better known to the community as King. As Takashi's best friend, Makoto tries to live a low profile life but that proves difficult sometimes. Even though he isn't a member of the G Boys, Makoto often becomes an unwilling participant in their activities helping the inhabitants of IWGP. Remaining as a bystander becomes more difficult when a rival gang called the Black Angels begins to enter the neighborhood and threatening the health and safety of its residents with their brand of organized crime.

takashi, aka king G Boys in IWGP makoto meeting mion majima makoto

1. North Gate Smoke Tower 2020.10.06
2. Nishi Ichibangai Shady Job 2020.10.13
3. ZettaMovier @ Metropolitan Theater 2020.10.20
4. Waltz for Baby 2020.10.27
5. Dragon Tears 2020.11.03
6. G-Boys Winter War Part 1 2020.11.10
7. G-Boys Winter War Part 2 2020.11.17
8. Senkawa Fall Out Mother 2020.11.24
9. Hatred on Parade 2020.12.01
10. Beastly Reunion 2020.12.08
11. Sunshine Street Civil War Part 1 2020.12.15
12. Sunshine Street Civil War Part 2 2020.12.22