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Winter 2020



Infinite Dendrogram

Joining the established VR MMORPG Infinite Dendrogram, Reiji Mukudori is eager to experience a unique game that allows feedback to each player's five senses. As his alter ego Ray Sterling, he logs into the capital city Altea in the kingdom of Altar. On his way to meet his brother Shu, a veteran of the game, he inadvertently triggers a high level quest with surprisingly high stakes for the NPCs involved.

ray starling meeting npc liliana shu starling bear costume ray's nemesis sword liliana's sister saved from demi-drag-worms

1. The Beginning of Possibility 2020.01.09
2. Tomb Labyrinth 2020.01.16
3. Superior 2020.01.23
4. Like a Flag Flying the Reversal 2020.01.30
5. La Porte de I'Enfer 2020.02.06
6. Beyond the Radix Point 2020.02.13
7. The Dueling Cities 2020.02.27
8. Clash of the Superiors 2020.03.05
9. The Beginning of Madness 2020.03.12
10. The Movement on the Board 2020.03.19
11. The Right Arm of the Victor 2020.03.26
12. King of Destruction 2020.04.02
13. Those Who Bind the Possibilities 2020.04.16