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Fall 2020


Iwa Kakeru! Climbing Girls

Konomi is a first year student and is undecided on what club she wants to join. When she spots the climbing wall, she is drawn to it and is challenged by Climbing Club member Jun to challenge it. Konomi soon discovers that climbing is the art of solving the wall as if it were a puzzle and quickly adapts to even the intermediate course. With their sights set on officially competing as a team, Jun is unwilling to let anyone join the club simply for fun. In order to enter the Climbing Club as their fourth member, Konomi will have to beat Jun to the top of the wall on her very first day.

konomi climbing the wall school climbing club climbing wall climbing club out camping

1. Rocky Puzzle 2020.10.04
2. Believe in Yourself 2020.10.11
3. The Anti-Monkey Rock 2020.10.18
4. Powerhouse Climbers 2020.10.25
5. Hard Work and Talent 2020.11.01
6. Unbelievable Ability 2020.11.08
7. Failure of a Climber 2020.11.15
8. Tears of Disappointment 2020.11.22
9. Climing Princess 2020.11.29
10. Restart! 2020.12.05
11. The 15 Second Wall 2020.12.13
12. The Road to Best in Japan 2020.12.20