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Kakushigoto: My Dad's Secret Ambition

Kakushi has a terrible secret. Every day he leaves the house with his daughter Hime as an ordinary salaryman but in reality he is a gag manga artist with his own studio. Determined to keep his real job from her a secret, he has gone through great lengths to give Hime an ordinary upbringing.

1. Secrets / Wishes 2020.04.02
2. Beach Sandals and B4 / Don’t Place, Don’t Draw, Don’t Finish Up 2020.04.09
sensei ichiko's stranger danger sense snaring kakushi hime drill at kakushi's studio manga ripoffs at the festival boxes left for hime from her mother
3. Makeshift Circus / The True State of Manga and Muscles 2020.04.16
kakushi's ambitious new assistant hime's friends housekeeper nadila women kakushi accidently picked up
4. Normale Namae / Komawari Sketch 2020.04.23
kakushi's artistic weaknesses naru senda painting class kakushi and hime drawing at the zoo ichiko's imaginary date with kakushi
5. And Yet Everyone Gets Their Turn in the End / You’re Spending the Night! 2020.04.30
6. School Rucksack 2020.05.07
7. Inuhoshiki: Dog Wanted / The One Who Connects Mother and Child 2020.05.14
8. Our Rough Draft / Unfortunate Memories Club 2020.05.21