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Fall 2020


King's Raid: Successors of the Will
King's Raid: Ishi o Tsugu Mono-tachi

Though King Lyle had defeated the Dark Lord over one hundred years ago, demons have been begun appearing once again in the King's Forest. As defenders of the realm, the Guardian Knights were sent to investigate but fell victim to a deadly ambush by undead monsters. As a rookie knight, Kasel had been left behind at the castle where the terrible news soon reaches him. Along with the priestess Frey, they set out to search for their childhood friend Clause, who was presumed lost in the attack. As their adventure unfolds, they will soon stumble upon a plot that threatens to destroy the entire Kingdom of Orvelia.

kasel training to be a guardian knight priestess frey guardian knights ambushed by undead king's raid dark elf

1. The Demons that Lurk in the Moonlight 2020.10.03
2. The Truth, Revealed 2020.10.10
3. What the Predecessors Left Behind 2020.10.17
4. The Forest and the Elves 2020.10.24
5. The Power of the Holy Sword 2020.10.31
6. Maven of Fire 2020.11.07
7. The Target of Hatred 2020.11.14
8. Memories in the Eyes 2020.11.21
9. Scars of the Dead 2020.11.28
10. Individual Motives 2020.12.05
11. Orcish Pride 2020.12.12
12. The Time for Trial 2020.12.19
13. To My Dear Friend 2020.12.26
14. The Entrance to the Abyss 2020.12.26
15. Battle in the Badlands 2021.01.08